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MODEL # RSD 50100

$10.00 - $500.00

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Whiteline Sway Bars 3 years ago
Installed the rear bar myself in my moms garage with a floor jack and a socket wrench in under an hour. The front requires a little more work. They help the WRX a ton. The car holds the road much better taking sharp corners quickly, and I haven't noticed any under steer. I can get the back end to kick out if I really want, but the car is very balanced now with front and back adjustable 22mm both set at the stiffest setting.
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gift card  3 years ago
It was an awesome gift card.
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Thank you, RSD, for Raffle Gift Card! 4 years ago
Awesome raffle prize! Thanks!
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IT'S A GIFT CARD 4 years ago
Andrew Peng
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it works! 4 years ago
card came in put in code on here and bam discount!
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RSD gift card 4 years ago
Shipping on my $170 order was going to be $25. So I added a $30 gift card and got it shipped for free. So I spent an extra $5 to get $25 worth of product at a later date. Thanks RSD!
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Thank you RSD 4 years ago
I ordered my accessport and two days later it went on sale. Contacted RSD and they sent me a gift card for the difference. Thanks RSD.
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Awesome! 5 years ago
RSD messed up on my Shipping.. Called RSD and corrected the issue and also send me a Gift Card! Thanks for the great customer service! 5 stars for sure
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Thank you RSD! 5 years ago
I got this card as the result of a shipping error on my first order with RSD. I called, and Rick sent one out with my replacement part THAT DAY. That's customer service!
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RSD Gift Card 5 years ago
There's not too much to say on the subject of a gift card - it's a gift card - like money in your account. And who doesn't like money in their account?
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Gift Card 5 years ago
Best gift that I could get my son, loved it he couldn't wait to use it. Best thing to get someone when they love their car.
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RSD Customer Service is Outstanding 5 years ago
I had ordered some parts from RSD and I live in Canada. There was a problem with the delivery of the parts by the Courier service and they refused to provide me with any compensation for their inability to track the delivery and the fact that the parts arrived two days late. I talked to Kyle at RSD and told him what was going on, just so he and RSD would be aware of problems like this. Within 10 min Kyle called back and told me they were sending a $20.00 gift card to me for my trouble, even though it wasn't RSD's fault!!!! That is why I shop here and RSD can count on future purchases for my STi. Nice job guys!!!! This is type of customer service that sets your company apart and sets the bar for the competition. Take care.
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simply the best gift card. 6 years ago
enough said
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Over all 3 years ago
Timely shipping. Came with a nice post card with #subarugoals on it. Now if they could ship an exhaust to an APO I'd be happier. 😓
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RSD Gift Card Review 5 years ago
The Gift Card is a great product in theory, but it is a hassle since you're not able to use more than one gift card when checking out. While Customer Service at RSD is top Notch, I was told on the phone when placing my order that they are not able to input the 10% promotional codes that are typically received with each order. When spending $700.00 on a new exhaust, that 10% code would have came in handy!
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