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STI Transmission Mount

MODEL # STI D1010FE020


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Tranny Mount 6 months ago
Matthew N.
This tranny mount is way better than mounting a tranny you didn't know was a tranny. Gear engagement and throttle response feel much more solid. I installed TiC crossmember bushings at the same time. The combo has been very favorable. Bushing upgrades all over the 2004 WRX make significant improvements that you can feel.
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Should of been my 1st mod 10 months ago
Jorge Padilla
Let me put it this way, this trans mount and any pitch stop mount should of been my 1st mod, way before a cold air intake, mofflers or the AP. With the pitch mount (from any brand) and the STI group n trans mount the car feels like a total bran new car. Banging through gears feels like playing a game council at high or low rpm, specially downshifting from 2nd to 1st. Car feels natural. Acelereration is a lot kore responsive. And make sure to grab the Whiteline Gearbox Positive Shift Kit is $48 worth the spand.
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Great bang for the buck 11 months ago
Was going back and forth between this and the Perrin but decided that I didn't want to spend $240 on a mount. Was very pleased with the price and ease of the install. the packaging and everything was perfect just like everything else I've ordered from RSD. First drive was nice. As others have said before, the mount does add some NVH. Nothing unbearable. I notice more gear whining in first and second gear mostly though. The car does shift smoother now under harder acceleration too. For $82 and change, it's a nice sturdy upgrade over the oem mount. Recommend getting one if the old mount is becoming worn.
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Awesome product!! 2 years ago
I bought this off CL and had it sitting around the garage and decided to install it yesterday. Took it for a test drive after words and was surprised to find out that almost all of the shock load disappeared, it created smoother shifts all the way around, high and low speeds. Just made the Subaru platform(GD) feel way more solid. IMO this is a product that should come factory bc right away it seemed like my trans shifted wayy better. It use to grind a little into 4th gear under heavy load and now it seems to just have disappeared and works great. I believe if these did come stock, the wrx trans would have a greater longevity internally bc of the direct feeling it created. When I buy another Subaru this is probably gonna be my first upgrade. My car is already loud so NVH wasn't an issue.... I DEFINTELY recommend this part for any Subaru enthusiast!
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Fits 2015+ WRX 3 years ago
Being that the stock mount's part number matches every previous 5MT Impreza, I ordered this to install on my 2015 WRX. And this part is 100% compatible. Bolts up and fits as it should. Improves shift feel and makes the car feel more solid. Very worthwhile upgrade.
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Huge Difference  3 years ago
It's amazing how soft the stock mount is. This makes shifting easier, and it didn't add any considerable NVH, but I did notice a little bit. Install is simple too. Definitely recommend this product to anyone that is unhappy with the way shifting feels. I installed these in conjunction with the Positive Shift Kit.
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Excellent Upgrade 3 years ago
Excellent Quality. I installed this on a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i MT. I installed this in conjunction with STI Group N crossmember brushings. Improved shifting and removed a lot of driveline slop.
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Great Product!! 3 years ago
Great upgrade with the wl bushings and beatrush shifter bushings & pitch stop; great shifter feel; shifts much smoother; shifter movement eliminated..
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Install with shifter bushings 3 years ago
I installed these along with the whiteline cross-member bushings, group n left/right engine mounts, and Kartboy pitch stop. As others have said, shifting appeared to be smoother but I still had a little slop trying to get into 1st and 2nd gears at times. Few weeks later, I installed the Kartboy front and rear shifter bushings and that addition really completed the whole package and made the shifting even better. I highly recommend installing upgraded shifter bushings with this mount (also should install upgraded transmission cross-member bushings since you will need to drop the cross-member anyway).
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Awesome and super easy to install 3 years ago
great product went stage one and running 18psi and noticed the tranny was sloppy and almost like it was bouncing the rubber on the stock one all broken where it was supposed to support everything this new one stiffened everything up cleans up shifts the car feels like one piece now and super easy install especially if done on a hoist took me no longer than 5 minutes! id highly recommend it this should of been the first thing I ordered hands down
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This is a necessity.  3 years ago
I was tired of fighting with my Subi to get it to go into 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, but now it goes in smoothly and easily. So worth it!
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Should have done it long ago  3 years ago
I change the tranny mount along with the engine and pitch to group N. Noticeable increase in NVH in cabin. But in a good way. There's no longer slop or shakey gear shifts under heavy torque. Just make sure you get the right parts.looks exactly like stock. My first change was mistakenly changed to stock by my workshop. Unconvinced that's what a real group n mount is suppose to be I ordered my own via RSD. Difference is as clear as day. Like some say there's the finger nail test you can conduct on the rubber bits. Stock will be.... Well rubbery. the group Ns are much much stiffer
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tightens up everything 4 years ago
no more slop or shaky transmission. great feel
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Worth it, No question. 4 years ago
Awesome product, installed this mount with the whiteline positive shift kit bushings & the car feels way smoother when shifting. I timed myself & it took only 55min.
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Tranny mount on 00 rs  4 years ago
Put this on along with group n engine mounts, the improvement is insane! I put the tranny mount on first and test drive it, this mount alone changed how the car drives, so much smoother between shifts, gives a solid feel for how the car drives, recommend this to anyone who hasn't already installed it, great product!
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Excellent Upgrade 4 years ago
A shop installed this mount along with Whiteline positive shift kit, cobb Short shifter and bushings, let me tell you it is worth every dime. NVH is minimal, and only hear the ACT streetlite flywheel and clutch. Tranny sounds amazing as you can hear it whine, All gears are crisp and no play on the shifter.
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Just Do IT! 4 years ago
Robot Doctor
So I did a major upgrade to my 2008 Legacy GT. I put both the STI Group N Transmission mount, and STI Group N Engine Mounts in. Left (RSD Part #: STI D1010FE120) Right (RSD Part #: STI D1010FE110) These were a HUGE upgrade from stock.. There is a little more NVH, but so much less movement that it is amazing. Do yourself a favor and order a handful of the Subaru OEM Downpipe to Turbo Exhaust Nut Subaru Turbo Models (RSD Part# SUB 902370029).. you will need 2 for the transmission mount, and 3 per side for the engine mounts, for a total of 6 for the Engine mounts. I personally think that doing Engine and Transmission mounts together is the best way to go, as the stock units are so gummy that it's not even funny. (Alignment concerns?)
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Awesome! 4 years ago
What can I say that hasn't been said here already.... if your replacing your clutch, replace this! makes a huge difference.. great upgrade.
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Perfect!  4 years ago
Definitely stiffens up the drivetrain. I get a little tranny wine in gear 1-3 but it's nothing too obnoxious. Couldn't believe the difference in this mount over stock. Highly recommended upgrade.
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no question! 4 years ago
Did this upgrade along with the Group N engine mounts and Perrin pitch stop and boy what a difference!! The entire car feels tighter and more planted! The NVH increase is minimal, doesn't bother me at all and this is my daily driver. This (along with the engine mounts and pitch stop) is one of the 'no brainer' upgrades. JUST DO IT!
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Totally worth it. 4 years ago
This mount is WAY stiffer than stock and makes a pretty substantial difference in shifting feel. Highly recommended.
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Amazing 4 years ago
I did this mount along with the Group N Engine mounts, Kartboy cross members and shifter bushings on my 06 wrx wagon. It's worth it trust me. If you had to get a new clutch like i did or have the drop the transmission for any reason, just save money and do it. It's 100% worth it and cheap upgrade to make the car feel better.
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Excellent 4 years ago
I agree with everything that the other reviewers are saying. The old mount is pretty much a flimsy piece of trash. The new one in MUCH stiffer and really gives me more response and feel when driving. Barely any NVH increase. Buy it.
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2003 wrx Trasmission mount 4 years ago
I needed to change my clutch and flyhweel so this was a perfect time to change the mount. Upon inspection of the old one which had 126,000 miles on was trashed. I now no longer get that thump when disengaging the clutch and everything feels buttery smooth! Thanks
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Must have. 06 Impreza Wagon non turbo. 4 years ago
I purchased and installed the Kartboy shifter bushing, rear shifter bushings first. Not bad. A bit crisper shifting. But after a couple months I installed the STi dog bone and this transmission mount and holy crap! Exponentially better in shift contact. As far as NVH... im not sure it added any more because I had already installed a Perrin SLS kit which significantly added NVH. The gear noise is a nice sound too. This mount really is a must have and one of the first/simple upgrades you should make.
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Excellent Upgrade 4 years ago
I have a 02 wrx with 140k miles. Before the install I had quite a bit of clutch chatter both accelerating and decelerating, downshifting was a PITA unless you perfectly rev matched, and over all the driveline seemed unresponsive and mushy. I installed the mount and Kartboy mount bushings first. I could take the old mount in my hands and wobble it back and forth, the bushings were like someone cut up an old pair of running shoes and used them as bushings. After the install the two eliminated all the of clutch chatter and made quite a difference in clutch engagement, downshifting was easier as well. About 3 weeks later I installed the Group N engine mounts. They helped out a ton, clutch engagement was solid, downshifts were a breeze and it's actually fun to drive the car again. It's worth a note that these did increase NVH quite a bit for me. I'm experiencing a loud drone/gear noise when engine braking or any throttle off with the clutch engaged. Which is a turn off, especially for the GF :(
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Should come stock 4 years ago
No idea why this isn't standard on all models. It hardly adds any NVH and feels much nicer overall. I installed it on a 93 Legacy Turbo and it fit perfectly.
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A must have product for anyone modding a 08+ wrx 4 years ago
The stock 08+ mount is very soft. 60k on my pre-owned wrx stock mount was toast. Popped in the group N in under an hour with a 3ton jack and a one ton jack to support the tranny. Shifts like a whole new car. Shipping estimate was exact to canada as well no extra charges.
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Buy it 4 years ago
Out of all the mods I've done to my car, this has been my favorite. Night and day difference in shifting.
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Great Buy 4 years ago
Install was very straight forward. Ramps and the factory tire jack helped a lot. Great results! Minimal NVH, slight gearbox whine in G1-2. Smoothed out much of the squish the factory mount gives when adding power.
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STI Transmission Mount (Part Number: )
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