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Beatrush Rear Differential Tension Bar



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Beatrush Rear Differential Tension Bar ( Part Number: S76102MTD-FM)
great item fit well 11 months ago
The item fit so well perfect snugg fit! I saw sone review said hard to fit but the trick is u have to adjust the diff to fit. I am super happy with the product! Oem old bushing can be hard to remove.
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Take your time... 4 years ago
Much better than the stock unit in terms of bushing quality. Put the car on four jack stands, then support the rear differential with a jack/block of wood. Remove the two bolts holding the tension bar to the bottom of the rear differential, then remove the two bolts securing the bushings. If the new one is not going on properly, lower the jack slightly to line up the bolts holes. Overall a tighter rear end feel but with not much increase in NVH that i can hear.
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Don;t know what the fitment issues are all about! 5 years ago
It was interesting reading some of the reviews about the fitment of this product. The fitment was spot-on on my 2013 STi, and the support has made a truly noticeable improvement in the response of the rear diff to power. Don't wait, just get this!
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Good 5 years ago
I had a problem wt the brace touching the diff. We had to shim it to make it work. Solid design though no noticeable NVHS happy with product
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not the best fitment 7 years ago
this piece is not anodized like it looks like in the picture. it is painted i think. fitment was not great, the holes do not line up perfectly so i had a hard time installing it. i had to wedge a screwdriver on top of the diff so that the bolts would stay put. then i used a mallot to tap the bar in place. then had to use a screwdriver and mallot to line everything up.
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