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Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gear Oil 1QT

MODEL # MOU 105777


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Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gear Oil 1QT ( Part Number: 105777)
Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gear Oil 1QT ( Part Number: 105777)
Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gear Oil 1QT ( Part Number: 105777)
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Best gear oil! 4 months ago
Changed my fluid out with Subaru oem fluid and after hard driving, when the temperatures were up I would get grinds in 4th gear. Decided to try motul gear 300 and the problem went away. Also shifting was much smother. This is the only fluid I will use in my trans and rear diff from now on.
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Perfect 1 year ago
Changed my trans and diff fluid being that I have no idea if these fluids have been changed before and I bought the car used at 64k miles, now has 71k. Shifting feels very smooth and the trans is a bit more quiet. I will be buying this again
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Gear oil 1 year ago
I have tried mobil 1, shaeffers gear oil, and oem fluid. Neither make a noticable difference like motul300. Daily driving is much better and i noticed a big improvement on 1st and reverse. The only downside is its pricey, but you cant cheap out on these cars.
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Best oil I've had in my transmission 2 years ago
Had problems with my Trans ever since the factory service at the 30 or 45k mile mark when they changed fluid. Had notchy feeling shifts and had to double clutch into 5th anytime over 3000 rpm. The Red line 75w90 I put in after that change was an improvement but never got rid of the problem. Have 150k on the car now and went with this oil after I read some reviews. Changed the oil and after about 20-30 miles a noticed a huge difference in shifts. Moves through gears like butter and no problems into 5th. It's spendy but I won't put any other oil in my gearbox now that I've tried this.
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Liquid of the gods 2 years ago
Stephen G
So I bought my WRX with 30k (2012) miles on it a few years ago. Shifting was always notchy and weird. They said they put new fluid in it so i just thought the previous owner beat into the transmission a little. So once I got to 50k I was tired of the way it was shifting and figured they put crap in there and decided to throw this in there because of the reviews. Drained old fluid looked clear and healthy still. Filled my car up took it out for a drive and holy *****
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Great product 07 Sti 2 years ago
Second go round for me on this oil and it never disappoints. Smooths out the shifts nicely but still maintains that notchy feel when going through the gates. Going into first and reverse is also significantly better over the oem fluid. Worth the higher price in my opinion
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Amazing 3 years ago
I'm not sure what gear oil came in my trans, but I've hated the way shifting felt ever since I got the car ('13 wrx, 50k miles). I suspected the gear oil had never been changed. Drained the old fluid which came out very clean (I guess it had been recently changed), filled the trans with motul, and holy crap it made all the difference in the world. Gear changes are now much more crisp and precise, trans is less noisy, and the car goes right into gear without any notchiness compared to before. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with this gear oil.
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Front and Rear Differentials - 2013 WRX Wagon 3 years ago
Used for my first oil change on front and rear differentials (@30K miles). Was surprised by how much metal filings and sludge was captured by the drain plugs (see photos). Manual transmission seems smoother now.
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instantly noticed a differance 4 years ago
i have an 04 sti with 70,000 miles. the shifting always seemed fine but after i switched to the motul holly @*%*! what a differance now shifts are so smooth n require almost no effort it just slides in like butter....definitely recommend it!
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Gear oil 4 years ago
Great replacement gear oil!
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I'm a believer!! 4 years ago
NYC Subie
Change the gear fluid in the transmission & the differential... the difference was IMMEDIATE! No more notchy feeling when shifting into first and reverse became smooth too. Great stuff.
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No Prblems 4 years ago
Used it on my 04 sTI. Did not get the ease of shifting everyone seems to have but it seems to be working just fine. Will use it again.
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Amazing! 05 STI 4 years ago
Bought 5 qts of this stuff, 4 for the tranny and 1 qt for the rear diff and it worked wonders feels like I have a brand new transmission. I highly recommend this product!
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2012 Subaru WRX Sti + Motul Gear 300 4 years ago
Put this in the rear diff. No problems at all. Live in a warm climate and so far works great. Keep in mind we race our Subi in the dirt and beat it hard. So this stuff is the right stuff. I was looking at other options but the Motul Gear 300 is perfecto!
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Great packaging and smooth shifts  4 years ago
2007 WRX periodic maintenance. Previously had some Royal Purple in the trans and rear diff, which seemed to work pretty well over its time. Decided to try the Motul and was not disappointed. I noticed an immediate and positive change to the gear change feel. It eliminated a little grinding as well. The extendable spout on the bottle is really convenient for filling the rear differential... no extra tools, spouts, or funnels required.
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Great Gear Oil 5 years ago
Did the 30k service on my '12 WRX and this stuff is great. I wish they had used this stuff from the factory. Don't forget to get the t70 torx bit for the transmission plug.
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Love it! 5 years ago
This is how the transmission should feel from the factory. Shifting into every gear has improved. Only regret is that I waited 2 years to put it in my WRX. As always super fast shipping from RSD!
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AMAZING!!! 5 years ago
OK, let me first start off by thanking RSD for their amazing service! They never ever disappoint! Every time I order something it's always amazing service and quality parts.. Now to the product. Absolutely amazing!! I recommend this to anyone who is doing an oil change in the TRANS and DIFF..I have 130K on my STI, yes you read it right, and my tranny feels amazing! Makes the shifting a lot smoother and easier to go between gears. Just love it! Thank you once again RSD!
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Transmission feels 30,000 miles newer 5 years ago
I think this is a case where more money spent actually nets real results. I decided to buy this stuff instead of the Subaru Extra-s for my 60,000 mile fluid change and I think it was worth it. The 5 speed shifts smoother and it's generally easier to get into first and reverse. It's worth it to pay for this stuff. This was on an 06 9-2x (the bastard child of Subaru and Saab).
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Expensive, but it works 5 years ago
Smoothed out the transmission on my 2005 Sti. Previous owner had royal purple in the gearbox which shifted horribly. Motul mixed with redline lightweight shockproof made things amazingly smooth.
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great 5 years ago
Great piece and price!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2011 WRX Sedan 5 years ago
After reviewing different products I choose this for my 60k flush. I used for both my trans & rear diff. 4qts for the trans and 1qt for the rear diff. Immediate improvement I could feel during the first drive and shifting was smoother for sure. The filler tips that come on these containers made it super easy to connect a flexible filler tube to the bottle and fill up my rear diff. Would highly recommend.
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Ooopsie 5 years ago
The item itself seems to be great so far. The built in filler thingamajig is great and as far as I can tell so is the oil. I did have an issue however. During shipment, one of the 5 bottles I ordered began to leak. This likely happened as a result of poor handling methods during shipping. Luckily in classic fashion it was taken care of immediately. I sent an email and the first reply told me there was another bottle on its way with another order I had placed. AWESOME!
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Awesome 5 years ago
Decided to go with the spendy fluid after working on my tranny. Definitely don't regret it, every gear is incredibly smooth
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Like Butter 5 years ago
I was up for (overdue for) my 30k maintenance and I drive a lot for work. I found I had issues with hard shifts, and getting into reverse. After flushing the tranny and the diffs and putting this fluid in, it's slick as butter. No more hard shifts, grinds, or issues with reverse. You get what you pay for is definitely an accurate statement. This is the best, get it in there!
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Worth it! 5 years ago
I hesitated about the price of this product but have no regrets on ordering it. A very good product that makes shifting a breeze. Excellent Product!
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No more grinding. 5 years ago
I replaced the stock fluid in my 05 impreza a few weeks ago. (car only has 30k on it) and it feels much better. Havent grinded a gear since i've put this stuff in. I can actually engage reverse without having to try multiple times... even on chilly canadian mornings.
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Motul Gear 300 5 years ago
Love this oil! Tranny is real quiet, gone is the whine of gears rubbing. The shift is like butter, very smooth. This should be the oil Subaru adds to every STI.
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Works Great! 5 years ago
Within 15 miles it fixed my bad grind into 4th gear. Now the transmission shifts like butter. Reverse is much easier to get into and made driving a little more quiet.
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Great Stuff 5 years ago
Bought 5qts of this for my '05 sti transmission. Only took 4qts, so I got one extra now. Works great. Center diff locks up nicely. After doing lots of research to figure out what kind of gear oil I should use I finally decided Motul was the only way to go.
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Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gear Oil 1QT (Part Number: )
Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gear Oil 1QT (Part Number: )
Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gear Oil 1QT (Part Number: )