Whiteline Gearbox Positive Shift Kit  ( Part Number:WHI W0584)

Whiteline Gearbox Positive Shift Kit

Part #: WHI W0584
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.


Brand: Whiteline
Bushing Location: Transmission Support
Installation Hardware Included: No, reuses OEM
Material: Urethane

Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
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RallySport Guarantee
The Whiteline Transmission Member Bushings replace the soft rubber bushings with stronger Urethane bushings, reducing the amount of flex in the transmission support. They are placed between the lateral and the horizontal support of the transmission, and eliminate the flex that is caused by having the soft rubber units in place. Improvements will be felt in shifting, and throttle input response.


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Verified Purchase

Another Happy Customer!
Bugeye 4 years ago
Yup buy these with group N trans mount!
Verified Purchase

Awesome upgrade!
Rubber_Dubber 4 years ago
I installed these bushings along with the Group N tranny mount. The improvement in starting out in 1st, from 1st to 2nd, and on/off throttle is very noticeable. Shifting is much easier and more smooth, and the car is all around easier to drive. I highly recommend these bushing along with an upgraded tranny mount to anybody that owns a manual Suby! P.S. awesome service from Rallysport Direct along with lightning fast shipping!
Verified Purchase

Easy to install, noticeable improvement.
05CaliWRX 4 years ago
I did the STI group N transmission mount as well as the bushings while I had all the car on jack stands. It was easy to replace the OEM soft rubber bushings with these harder rubber ones. Noticeable driving improvement and feel.
Verified Purchase

Upgrade to stock bushings
SilverUTWagon 5 years ago
I had to remove the transmission to replace my clutch and flywheel and when I saw how worn and flimsy the stock bushings were, I ordered this kit. Definite improvement. Do yourself a favor and replace your old worn transmission mount on your WRX with the STI transmission mount as well.
Verified Purchase

DaveinNorCal 5 years ago
I've eaten gummy bears that were firmer than the stock bushings. I did notice a little more (very minor) NVH, but the pay off for the solid feeling is awesome. Do yourself a favor and do the Group N or similar transmission mount at the same time.

  • Q: Bushings and Trans mount  TinMan1004 4 years ago


    Would you still use these bushings if you bought one of the more solid trans mounts like the Perrin or the Cusco setups? Or do they come with their own?

    • A: Yes these would still work with the Perrin or Cusco mounts.

      Nick S. 4 years ago
  • Q: Difference   Driver23D 5 years ago


    Is this part any different than the Kartboy Transmission Mount Bushings (Part # KB-025)?

    • A: This part installs in the same place as Kartboy KB-025 and they will be very similar in terms of material and quality.

      Zach G. 5 years ago