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Kartboy Rear Diff Crossmember Bushings Standard Set



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Slight Difference 3 years ago
Michael N.
Some people don't notice the difference in these, but it is there. through corner acceleration there was less rear end drive train movement and vibration. If you know what you are doing and what these are really meant for, get them now!
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Good product  4 years ago
i don't drive my car hard enough to notice a difference but they are better than the oem ones
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upgraded! 6 years ago
Any time doing something towards the rear diff or swapping drive shaft, why not change these. Better safe than sorry.
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Easy install 7 years ago
I installed these when I did the rear diff, tranny mount and lateral link/control arm bushings... I can't be 100% sure of how much difference it made but with that being said I think it's part of the stuff you should do if you are trying to tighen up the rear end. It's not expensive and should take you no more than 30 mins to do. -Nigel
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Great addition 8 years ago
Definetley noticed a difference in the car. A lil more vibration but well worth the planted feeling when your bangin thru the gears
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Great 8 years ago
Very easy to install. The car just feels more solid, No more clunking with shifts. Also installed the TIC rear diff bushings
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 9 years ago
RSD Customer
totaly got rid of the the cluck for good. on up shifts and hard down shift way more plant well spent money!
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 12 years ago
Aaron H.
Super easy install. I used these on my 1996 GF real improvement. Makes the shift into second much more positive no more hard jolt when you get on it. I just noticed very little vibration at highway speed. I would recommend for every Subaru owner.
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 12 years ago
RSD Customer
The final clunk killer. No more noise. Rear end feels more planted to the body and there is much less movement. NVH is increased but is not obnoxious. Parts easily unbolt and reinstall. Took me less than 15minutes to do both sides. Lube is your friend.
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Kartboy again comes threw. 7 years ago
This helped eliminate alot of the clunk I felt shifting threw the first few gears. This is one product I highly, HIGHLY recommend when making enhancements on your drivetrain but remember its only one part but its definitely a must have! The only downside is there are a few different installation instructions online best thing to do is mix and match and find the one that gives you the best result.
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These instructions are garbage 3 years ago
heres how you get instructions for this: WHAT KIND OF CAR IS THAT? seriously print out some instructions and put them in the bag next time that tell your customers which bushings are used for each chassis type and in what location.
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thanks for nothing 4 years ago
just to start things off i wish i could give these a 0 star review. well first off wheres the installation instructions,oh on a crappy forum, thanks. second i know these are universal but guess what? my 05 sti look nothing like a legacy, so you just caused me a ton of confusion. third do these go to the diff support bracket at the rear, the front of the rear diff? where? i love crawling under my car and trying to compare my drivetrain to a legacy(pictures provided). all in all, just buy the perrin lockdown kit. instructions and only the parts you need. ill never buy kart boy again.
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I think it stupid  7 years ago
These are just insterts I wish I was the complete bushing cause you still use the same bushings just add these. The installed was easy but was hard to know which one to use where. I didn't notice much improvement
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