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Beatrush Rear Diff Mount Support Bar



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rear diff mount 11 months ago
installed on STOCK 05 STI very easy to install. word of CAUTION: if you are installing a " Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar Part#: CUS 673 487 A"... put the rear diff mount on FIRST before you put this rear lower subframe brace, because it sucks to put on if that subframe brace is in the way. ask me how i know. other than that, i think i can slam shift gears really fast right.. this definitely removed any drive train hesitation from banging gears off a launch, but i only have stock horse power so if you got like 500WHP i dunno what to tell u. this thing also removed that loud bang if you can slam shift 1-2 real fast. i also think this thing causes diff whine noise in the cabin, not too sure though, i installed the Cusco engine and trans mount at the same time sooo cant be too sure.
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Beatrush support bar 1 year ago

Great product! Bolted right up with no issues at all. My rear diff is pretty much solid mounted now. It definitely gave the support I was looking for.
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Pretty simple 4 years ago
Took about 20 mins to install. Makes a difference, You can feel it when you sift
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Yes. 4 years ago
Sti Novitiate907
Thank you. I like this item. Makes the rear end feel better.
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Typical Beatrush quality 7 years ago
the quality of this piece is top notch, as is typical of everything Beatrush makes. I had to beat on the underside of the spare tire well to get this to go in a little bit, but other than that, the install was straightforward. I haven't tracked my car since installing this, but around town, throttle response is noticeably improved and it got rid of the clunk I was getting when shifting. I think the NVH is increased as well, but I have no interior in my car, so it's hard to say how noticeable it would be in a street car.
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Good piece. Install more involved than the picture may suggest. 4 years ago
Just installed this last night on my 07 STI. Be prepared to lower the subframe slightly when installing this since the underside of the spare tire area does not allow you to slip the brace over the bolts. I don't think I need a re-alignment since my subframe lock bolts held the subframe in position as I lowered it and tightened it back up. The part looks like a quality piece. Throttle response is improved around town but I haven't had a chance to take it to the track yet. There is slightly more NVH while driving. The most noticeable part of it is a clunk I get during some of the shifts, usually up-shifts that are a bit abrupt, sounds like metal to metal contact. This is the reason I'm dropping one star. Overall I like this piece as it compliments the stiffer trans mount and further reigns in unwanted movement in the drivetrain.
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These welds look like ass. 1 year ago
Bought this fancy japanese dif support for not cheap. Opened it and these welds look horrible. Overall, not the quality i expected for the price. I'm sure it'll do what it's meant to do, but the craftsmanship is quite lackluster. At least it's gold. Good service from rallysport though.
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I am sorry I spent all this money. 6 years ago
my clunk its a lot louder now, it feels like something its going to break.
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Beatrush Rear Diff Mount Support Bar (Part Number: )
Beatrush Rear Diff Mount Support Bar (Part Number: )
Beatrush Rear Diff Mount Support Bar (Part Number: )
Beatrush Rear Diff Mount Support Bar (Part Number: )
Beatrush Rear Diff Mount Support Bar (Part Number: )