Company23 STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool ( Part Number:COP 500)

Company23 STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool

Manufacturer Part # 500


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When rebuilding an engine, or performing major service you need the correct tools to help you perform a precise job. This particular Company23 tool allows you to remove both of the intake and exhaust cam sprockets without damaging the cam or the sprocket.

This will be used for cam seal removals, cylinder head removal, and general motor tear downs. 

This is comparable to the factory tools reference #499207400, and #499207400-A.

Please note that this only works with the exhaust cams on 2.5L turbo motors, so please check the confirmed applications list for that information. 

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Brand: Company23
Material: Steel

Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Worked Perfectly
sstennett2 2 years ago
I was able to remove one side without this tool but it became impossible to remove the last one. Ordered the tool and tested it the day it arrived. Took less than a minute and made me extremely upset that I didn't have it from the beginning. Works like a charm!

Tool great. Cam bolts bad.
Thoracing43 2 years ago
The tool was very helpful in assisting to hold the cam sprockets for removal. I was able to remove 2 cam bolts with the tool, then the other 2 were stubborn. So stubborn that I actually rounded the hex nut hole, on both. The tool held up the sprockets perfectly, but the bolts didn't hold up. Ended drilling them out. It wasn't the tools fault, but other than that I recommend this tool for any motor rebuild work.

tac_razgriz 3 years ago
Held so great I stripped my hex bolt
Verified Purchase

A must have tool
edison_GTI 3 years ago
First to all, I didn't realiza how large this tool is. It gives you lots of leverage to remove those stubborn cam gear bolts. It made the job very easy.
Verified Purchase

must have for a do it yourself
abominablescott34874 3 years ago
Great tool, saved us load of time taking off the exhaust cam sprockets. If you have an 06-07 STi get the intake cam tool too.... yes two different tools for each type of Cam sprocket... thanks Subaru. I bought the cam lock tool but didnt need it since we were rebuilding the engine.. anyway great quality tools will keep them forever.

  • Q: jdm exhaust gears  matthew0002996269 1 year ago


    Is this the tool I would need to remove the exhaust cam gears on the ej207 version 8?

    • A: This is confirmed to only work with the exhaust cams on 2.5L turbo motors. Because your car is the JDM version of the 2.0 liter motor, we actually will not be able to confirm exactly which tool you will need.

      Tyler G. 1 year ago
    • A: This tool will work with the exhaust cam gears on a version 8 EJ207. Thanks!

      Company23 1 year ago
  • Q: Head gaskets.   canada318 2 years ago


    I will be replacing my head gaskets soon. Is this tool needed for removing the head gaskets ( I mean the process of replacing head gaskets) on a 2011 wrx. Stock motor. Any other tools needed would be greatly recommended. Thank you very muc

    • A: Yes, the cams would have to be removed to have access to the head bolts so this tool would be helpful in the process. The intake cam tool would also be helpful.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
  • Q: all 4 cams  Jeffreypoluttaii23976 3 years ago


    can this tool remove all four cams or do you need an additional tool?

    • A: This tool works for all four cams on 2002-2005 WRX models. This will also work on the exhaust cams for 2004-2007 STI and 2006+ WRX models.

      Zach G. 3 years ago
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