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Cusco Smart Cross Lug Wrench

MODEL # CUS 00B 060 A


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Cusco Smart Cross Lug Wrench ( Part Number: 00B 060 A)
Sweet, Sleek, & Smart 4 years ago
Great neat lug wrench tool that not only looks sweet and works great but also feels strong when being used, confidence by CUSCO. Must have for tool lovers!
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Great Wrench 4 years ago
Much better than the supplied lug wrench on the car. Just put it in the trunk for piece of mind.
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Awesome! 5 years ago
This looks Cusco great, and it works well also! 3 different sizes and very heavy duty!
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Awesome tool 5 years ago
Very convenient and easy to use. Fits pretty much anywhere in the car with ease and quick to assemble. Great tool!!
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Great wrench 6 years ago
I'm loving this wrench. It's a lot easier to use than the stock wrench for my vehicle, plus it stores very compactly in my trunk.
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Subtle and Worth it! 6 years ago
This thing is great for quick and easy access to most wheel removal jobs. It was a bit tough to get most lugs loose but that could've been me being a bit cautious as i doubted the reliability of this product. This thing is small, strong, and gets the job done!
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great product 6 years ago
great product provides enough leverage to break torque and even works with my aftermarket project kicks lug nuts
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Awesome 7 years ago
For a standard tool this is pretty cool. I bought one specifically because it collapses and fits in my trunk without rolling around (11 WRX). I just put it in where the spare tire sits. Also since I have aftermarket wheels (Enkei RPF1) and Aftermarket lug nuts (Work), This low profile wrench is perfect for fitting on the nuts and clears the wheels.
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already bent it 4 years ago
I removed my friends lug nuts on his car using my cusco crossbar. the blue part is so thin that the chrome piece that you insert twisted it from the torque applied by my arm. His lug nuts were a little hard to get off but i still thought this should have been able to handle it being made for lug nuts. I bought two, one for my sister then myself. I don't regret buying it but do still feel it was a waste. Would not recommend this product for the fact it won't hold up over time....even being cusco brand.
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