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Company23 Valve Spring Compressor Tool



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Company23 Valve Spring Compressor Tool ( Part Number: 512)
Company23 Valve Spring Compressor Tool ( Part Number: 512)
valve spring compressor  8 months ago
if you'll do a valve repair you will need this .. company 23 is well made its like a mini tank lol! cant seem to decide if ill go with oem valve or aftermarket because of this had to use this tool several times but in the end this tool still look and function like new i even was able to resale it for 45 bucks :)
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Perfect 2 years ago
This tool has worked flawlessly with several valve replacements I have done. Not need for the big bulky C-Clamp or 2 people to help pull down and a sketchy bracket style compressor like the Euro cars use. Its a simple design that allows you to compress the valve, take a phone call and continue right where you left off. I have not tried on any aftermarket retainers but i see from other reviews that it is a bit of a different story but Company 23 apparently has a solution for different size retainers.
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Excellent addidion to any toolbox! 5 years ago
I wasn't planning on adding this little gem to my current toolset but when I lost a bearing in my '09 WRX I invested in several Company23 tools. I love this piece in particular! It's well engineered, doesn't take up much space in my already overcrowded toolbox and didn't cost an arm and a leg. All 5 star attributes in my mind!
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Company23 valve spring compressor 5 years ago
Awesome tool! Without this tool,we couldn,t get the job done.
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great peice 6 years ago
I just got my compressor in the mail and I am very impressed with the tool overall. It looks very well made and is easy to use. I happened to have a spare set of heads in my garage so I went out and tried it out, it is very easy to use and effective. I have a craftsman spring compressor as well that I used to use and I must say that the ease of the company 23 part over it is spectacular and the with the large window on the small part that actually sits on the retainer it is much better than the modified o2 socket I was using before. The keepers are very easy to get to and it makes their removal and installation a breeze. Also the fact that this can be used to do a spring change with the heads still bolted to the motor makes it a no brainer to get as the money you will save not having to change your head gaskets will easily pay for the cost of it. So to sum things up, if you plan on doing any head work on your wrx, sti, or older dohc phase 1 motor I would highly reccomend this tool.
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Not for GSC beehives. 4 years ago
WRX driver
Thought this might work better for reassembling heads, rather than the C-clamp style compressor that walks all over the place while taking valves out. The cup barely met the edge of my GSC retainers, but I gave it a shot. Once bolted down there is no wiggle room with the smaller retainers which forced me to use my other compressor.
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Same issue as others 4 years ago
Used this on both factory springs and Kelford behive springs. Even with factory springs (reassembly), tool does not have enough clearance to fit the cup without seriously forcing it in or removing the tool EVERY TIME. The Kelford springs were far more difficult, as they are significantly stiffer. As others noted, the cup is too small for beehive springs, which is ridiculous, considering most of the aftermarket is going to them. Also, as noted, the bearing on top of the cup forces the cup to move around, so you have to keep tightening and loosening or wiggling the tool/spring to get it centered over the valve stem. Unless you absolutely have to remove the springs with the head on, I'd recommend a quality, traditional valve spring compressor that can clear the valve cover sealing edge.
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Company23 Valve Spring Compressor Tool (Part Number: )
Company23 Valve Spring Compressor Tool (Part Number: )