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Company23 Cam Lock Tool



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Company23 Cam Lock Tool ( Part Number: 506)
Company23 Cam Lock Tool ( Part Number: 506)
Company23 Cam Lock Tool ( Part Number: 506)
Company23 Cam Lock Tool ( Part Number: 506)
Company23 Cam Lock Tool ( Part Number: 506)
Company23 Cam Lock Tool ( Part Number: 506)
made the job easy  6 months ago
did what it was supposed to, locked the cams in and made the timing belt replacement a lot easier
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Works as it should. MUST HAVE when replacing timing belt.
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2003 wrx JDM EJ205 1 year ago
I had to re-seal my leaking oil pump, and remembered that I had bought this tool months ago for a timing belt job. Extremely grateful to have it, no issues when locking the driver side cams (I think the intake cam moved a millimeter). If you are not familiar with what this tool does, it basically holds the cams in place and prevents them from spinning when the belt is removed. These cams are under valve tension, and spin out out of timing easily. The Passenger side cams are not under any tension. I would highly recommend picking one of these up if you are doing a timing belt job, or anything that requires removing the belt.
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Company 23 Cam Lock 2 years ago
The Cam Gear lock is a very well constructed part. It worked better than expected.
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Took the hassle out 2 years ago
Great tool. You dont have to tighten it down very hard which leave some movement to turn pulleys to create slack or align if you are off a tooth(like this guy)
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You need this tool!!! 2 years ago
A must have if you're thinking of doing your timing belt on your own. Made the change very easy and worry free that your driver's side will not slip out of timing. I simply put this tool on the cam gears, made sure the bolts are tight and simply removed the timing belt (following procedure of course). Don't cheap out, do the job properly with the right tools.
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it helps 2 years ago
might have to play with the pieces that insert the cam gear bolts to ensure your cams are lined up EXACTLY. I give it a 5.
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Perfect fit, held cams securely 3 years ago
Picked this up during a Company23 sale and glad I did. You can change a DOHC timing belt without this tool, but this makes it faster and more idiot-proof.
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Cam lock 3 years ago
This tool works great. Made the timing belt change so easy.
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Great Tool 3 years ago
Perfect fit between the cams. The tool speeds up the timing belt process significantly compared to the c-clamp or block method. Great tool if you plan to work on several Subaru timing belt changes (yours, your neighbors, best friend ...etc) in a short amount of time.
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WRX timing belt change 3 years ago
Worked great. The instructions were helpful and contained all torque specs.
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Works great 3 years ago
Does the job its intended to well and if you're creative enough it can assist in other areas becoming a multi tool.
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Buy it! 3 years ago
If your thinking about changing a timing belt on your subaru this is a must. I just finished and this tool made the job so much easier. The driver side cams are going to rotate when u remove the belt, this allows you to keep the cams in place so you can align the passenger side cams which aren't under load. Thanks rallysport!
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Another gem of a tool for your arsenal 3 years ago
Makes securing the LH cams easy while having your hands free fitting on the new timing belt. Great detailed instructions on the Company 23 website. Follow that and you'll be golden!
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Like having another set of hands 4 years ago
Had it not been for this tool I would have been fighting with the LH sprockets constantly. It made lining up the markings and putting on the timing belt such an easy job.
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Wish I would have had this years ago 4 years ago
I have done several timing belt jobs and this helps a huge amount. WELL worth the money! This will even help correctly line up the cams it the timing is off from the last job and do so easily. This is a very sturdy design as well :)
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great tool if you are doing the timing belt only. 4 years ago
Great quality tool, but didnt help me since I was rebuilding my EJ25 Block. If you are doing the timing and waterpump only this would be perfect.... but if you are replacing the cam seals or anything in the heads this tool wont help you. The sprocket tools are heavy enough to hold the cams in place while sliding on the timing belt. 06 STi
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Worked Great! 4 years ago
Made life easy!
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useful tool for 02 wrx 4 years ago
Had no problems with the install of the tool great to have, also great service from RSD they just gained a new customer. Thanks
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Quality. 4 years ago
Very high quality tool. A must buy tool for subaru wrx and sti owner. Ease up my future timing belt change. ;)
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Excellent 5 years ago
Well made tool. Works great for timing belt changes. I highly recommend them.
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company23  5 years ago
this tool served excellent in a timing belt replacement. was used on 02 wrx. a must have. i spoke with RSD customer service on this one and they were very helpful & courteous.
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Worked perfectly 5 years ago
Worked perfectly on my 03 wrx wagon.
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Worked Great!!!! 5 years ago
Just recently did my timing belt and this tool is a must!! I cant imagine doing it without it. And on my 05 WRX i didnt have to use the provided spacer.
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awesome tool! 5 years ago
you may only use this tool once every 100,000 miles, but it is absolutely worth the price! super easy to install - and they are magnetized, so the tool will not randomly drop out of the cam gears! tiny adjustments are possible, if needed, to make sure the driver's side cams are lined up correctly. the biggest thing is to be PATIENT. take extra care when lining up the cam marks and triple check everything! shipping from RSD was very fast!
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Thank you so much 5 years ago
I purchased this after doing my first timing belt job on a Subaru. I barely had finger tips left from trying to keep the driver side cam lined up. This time I purchased the Company 23 tool. It cut the install time by a couple hours and a multitude of swear words. Even if you are only doing your cars belt and never plan on doing a timing belt again it is still worth its weight in gold. On a side note, I installed mine upside down (intentionally) so the belt would go on easier, worked just fine.
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works great 5 years ago
Tool is a must have if you are diy timing belt.
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Smooth as silk 5 years ago
Worked perfectly as expected. It's a great tool to have in my arsenal. A must have for any DIY Subaru owners. I'm a huge fan of the built in magnets.
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Its nice 5 years ago
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breezy timing belt install 5 years ago
I bought this for my 02 wrx wagon and it works awesome! I work in a shop and have used it twice since my belt. Saves time and head banging.
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Company23 Cam Lock Tool (Part Number: )
Company23 Cam Lock Tool (Part Number: )
Company23 Cam Lock Tool (Part Number: )
Company23 Cam Lock Tool (Part Number: )
Company23 Cam Lock Tool (Part Number: )
Company23 Cam Lock Tool (Part Number: )