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Company23 AVCS Intake Cam Sprocket Tool



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Company23 AVCS Intake Cam Sprocket Tool ( Part Number: 501)
Company 23 Cam Wrench  9 months ago
This tool works well, and has a heavy duty construction. It would be great if they offered a 2 in 1 tool vs having to have 2 separate tools to hold the AVCS and non AVCS gears. Just a suggestion. I’d highly recommend the tool. I have the Company 23 Cam tool, both gear hold tools and the AVCS 5 side removal bit tool.
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Company 23 cam sprocket  2 years ago
Cam sprocket
I purchased this item and it really helped. I used it on my 08 sti, you will need a different cam sprocket for two of four cam sprockets.
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A must need tool. 3 years ago
Ali Hassan
Tool Review: This tool is sturdy. Well machine and strong welds put together. A must have tool for Rebuilds. If you ever trying to take off these AVCS Intake Cams. Makes sure you have this tool. Its impossible to remove the 10mm hex bolt with out it. Broke 2, 10mm hex socket trying to take it off. NOTE: There's a cheap way to remove the cams by locking your timing belt around the crank. Dont do it! Didnt work for me whats so ever.
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Worked Perfectly! 4 years ago
I was able to remove one side without this tool but it became impossible to remove the last one. Ordered the tool and tested it the day it arrived. Took less than a minute and made me extremely upset that I didn't have it from the beginning. Works like a charm!
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funtional 5 years ago
nice packaged and fast delivery. The tool works just like i wanted it to! i had the engine out so i had no clearance issues with the A/C and could line up the pulleys like they're supposed to and very easy to torque down the pulley like it should!
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Excellent!! 5 years ago
It will work with every AVCS and perfectly right, and also is the cheapest you can find, I bought the two of them and they worked awesome.
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Absolutely the right tool for the job 5 years ago
I've seen lots of posts online about people leaving the timing belt on and using the compression from the pistons to hold the cam sprockets, or using a chunk of timing belt wrapped around two cam sprockets (and sometimes a third pulley) to me this seemed like a good way to damage something. this tool was a necessity to get off my cam pulleys. they have been on the car for 160,000 mi and did not come off easy. i actually broke a socket getting them off. but this tool did not bend warp or twist at all.
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DIY MUST HAVE 5 years ago
AVCS cam gears are torqued super tight, Comp23 makes removing them easy with this tool. solid build and perfect length to get the job done with no broken knuckles.
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must have 6 years ago
don't even try doing any head work without this tool. Worth the money for sure.
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A must have for motor builds.  6 years ago
Just used it. My god how easy did it make. Not only could I get the bolt out without having to drill it but it made it easier to tighten it again. Absolutely awesome!
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The tool you need 6 years ago
Worked great and stood up to the force needed to remove the cam bolt.
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Saves TIME and HEADACHE 6 years ago
Have you tried, breaker bars to impact wrenches? Breaking bits and sockets? Thought perhaps it's time to drill the bolts out...? How much time to you want to spend? Well took me about five (5) minutes to break the bolts loose with this tool, in conjunction with a breaker bar. Yeah, should have started with this tool first, so mistakes are for learning, and this tool is for saving you TIME and HEADACHE. Enjoy~_*
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Fantastic Design 6 years ago
I bought the AVCS intake sprocket holder for my STi project. The design of this holder,holding the sprocket from the outside of the AVCS Internals vs. the factory specialty cam holder which takes the AVCS cover off and uses the inside, gives you much more leverage. I recommend this tool to anyone in the Subaru field.
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Ideal herramienta 6 years ago
Me fue de maravilla para desmontar el motor y de gran ayuda para la distribucion, herramienta muy util y acabado muy resistente. perfect.
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The right tool for a tricky job 6 years ago
You can't go wrong with this wrench. It only fits one way and makes removing and reinstalling the intake cam sprockets an easy matter.
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