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Company23 STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool



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Company23 STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool ( Part Number: 500)
Company23 STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool ( Part Number: 500)
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Worked Perfectly 4 years ago
I was able to remove one side without this tool but it became impossible to remove the last one. Ordered the tool and tested it the day it arrived. Took less than a minute and made me extremely upset that I didn't have it from the beginning. Works like a charm!
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Tool great. Cam bolts bad. 4 years ago
The tool was very helpful in assisting to hold the cam sprockets for removal. I was able to remove 2 cam bolts with the tool, then the other 2 were stubborn. So stubborn that I actually rounded the hex nut hole, on both. The tool held up the sprockets perfectly, but the bolts didn't hold up. Ended drilling them out. It wasn't the tools fault, but other than that I recommend this tool for any motor rebuild work.
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AWESOME 4 years ago
Held so great I stripped my hex bolt
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A must have tool 4 years ago
First to all, I didn't realiza how large this tool is. It gives you lots of leverage to remove those stubborn cam gear bolts. It made the job very easy.
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must have for a do it yourself 4 years ago
Great tool, saved us load of time taking off the exhaust cam sprockets. If you have an 06-07 STi get the intake cam tool too.... yes two different tools for each type of Cam sprocket... thanks Subaru. I bought the cam lock tool but didnt need it since we were rebuilding the engine.. anyway great quality tools will keep them forever.
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Great tool and also fits SOHC engines with plastic cam sprocket! 4 years ago
Hello everyone, I’m putting together my 2003 Forester 2.5X and this tool is the trick to not messing up the plastic cam sprocket that came in my model year car with an impact wrench. The pics posted here show that the tool fits the plastic cam sprocket that are usually found in the prior year model vehicles (non-turbo pre-2002 I believe) as well as the star shaped plastic ones that come in the post-2002 DOHC turbo engines. I have contacted Rallysportdirect and sent them these pics in the hopes that both they and Company23 get to update their fitment guide to help those that have these type of cam sprockets. Hope this review helps out anyone putting together one of these engines.
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Company23 02-07 Cam Tool - Works Great, Even Single Handed 4 years ago
I used this to quickly and easily undo the cam bolts on a 04 WRX EJ205. It's possible, if you are careful, do this single handed. On the driver side, you can 'stop' the tool against the crank pulley, and on the passenger side, you can temporarily refit the a/c idler loosely and you'll get enough to brace the tool against. It's important that you ensure the tool is fully located onto the cam gears and be very gentle in loading up your breaker bar and hex socket to undo the bolts. If you do it right, nothing will slip, break or crack. This is a really nice tool, does exactly what it needs to do, and is easy to use even single-handed. It repays the cost spent in helping safely undo these notoriously tight bolts without damaging the cam pulleys, valves, belt, cams or bolts themselves.
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funtional 5 years ago
nice packaged and fast delivery. The tool works just like i wanted it to! i had the engine out so i had no clearance issues with the A/C and could line up the pulleys like they're supposed to and very easy to torque down the pulley like it should!
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Excellent!! 5 years ago
The only way to do it right!!, I tried everything and nothing worked, I bought this tool ant took me less than a minute to loose the bolt.
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The right tool for the right job! 5 years ago
Bought this after trying to go the hold the timing belt routine. It's one of those decisions that you realize you should have done a long time ago. I ended up drilling my original bolts out and decided to buy the tool for installation. Took about 10 minutes to torque all the bolts by myself. Great tool, thanks Company23!
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Another must have in the tool box 5 years ago
this was an amazing help in getting my cam pulleys off. I have seen too many posts of people using the belt and vise grip method (seems like a bad idea from my POV). my exhaust cam pulley bolt was on so tight that i did have to add a length of pipe to the tool for added leverage. as a previous poster stated, you do have to be careful, especially if your doing this without help, if tension is not kept on this tool it will slip (i have a fat lip from a breaker bar to prove it) but i was able to do this alone. i can unequivocally say that my cam pulleys would not have come off without the two cam tools from Company23
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Another Comp 23 must have. 5 years ago
The plastic gears on the 2.5L are hell to deal with with out this tool. Issues with the tool slipping off are have more to do with the gear design than the tools. Having used the Subaru special tool I'll take Comp 23's over it any day. Use the buddy system with these cam gears and constant pressure or you will slip off and bust a knuckle or worse brake the plastic gear.
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Great 5 years ago
Great tool but just a heads up u need to heat the 2 bottom bolts to get them out without damaging the cams
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Awesome tool! 5 years ago
That Mechanical Dude
This tool works great, I was able to align the tool in such a way I used the frame of the car to hold in place and use the breaker bar to loosen the cam nut. Super easy to remove with this tool, Thanks company23 for a great well machined product.
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Did the trick/05 outback 5 years ago
worth the money
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Best tools ever 5 years ago
Stop trying to think of alternate ways to do the job, just buy the tool and do it right the first time. Worth every penny...
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Worth it 5 years ago
This tool is worth it and IMO all company 23 tools are worth their weight in gold. You can't beat the price and quality.
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Bought it so independent Saab shop would work on my 92x 6 years ago
Tool worked well according to my mechanic(s). Guess it took 2 To get the bolts off. Easy for me. All I had to do was provide the $$
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Does what it says. 6 years ago
The tool stood up to the abuse needed to remove the cam bolt. Bring three or more of your friends. Your going to need them to remove an engine tightened cam bolt.
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It's not cheap; it's inexpensive. 6 years ago
I wish I had bought this tool a lon time ago. It is great. Keep in mind, I've always used it with two people; one holding the wrench while one works the bolts. This piece is quality built. One side of it works for two of the cam gears, and the other works for the other two. It's impressive. Besides, if it doesn't work for your cam gears, you could always use it as a blunt object for beatings. It's a beast.
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Not a cheap tool, and saves Plenty of time and headache  6 years ago
Have you tried, breaker bars to impact wrenches? Breaking bits and sockets? Thought perhaps it's time to drill the bolts out...? How much time to you want to spend? Well took me about five (5) minutes to break the bolts loose with this tool, in conjunction with a breaker bar. Yeah, should have started with this tool first, so mistakes are for learning, and this tool is for saving you TIME and HEADACHE. Enjoy~_*
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Ideal herramienta 6 years ago
Me fue de gran ayuda para desmontar las poleas, de construccion fuerte y muy facil de uitlizar
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Can't go wrong 6 years ago
This wrench in conjunction with the intake sprocket wrench saved me a huge headache. It simply works, what more can I say?
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Really a waste of money... 5 years ago
I can't give this 1 star as it is a poor design by Subaru, however, I can say that this tool did grab on and take a couple of chunks out of my plastic gear and now I will be replacing it. In the end, I used my old timing belt and some clamps and will be reinstalling my cam gear the same way.
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Company23 STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool (Part Number: )
Company23 STD Intake/Exhaust Cam Sprocket Tool (Part Number: )