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GrimmSpeed Torch and Caliper Society T-Shirt Black - Universal
GrimmSpeed Torch and Caliper Society T-Shirt Black - Universal

GrimmSpeed Torch and Caliper Society T-Shirt Black



Universal part
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Evan recently moved here from Chicago where he didn't know much of anyone. He was a very soft-spoken individual who really didn't know how to convey any of his emotions. If he was upset, you wouldn't know. If he was crying hysterically, he was doing it inside. When he won the hockey championship alongside his team, his teammates got turnt, while Evan went to bed at 9 pm.

Those who knew Evan could never explain the blank demeanor that was Evan. He was described as a tall glass of lukewarm milk, or a new sheet of drywall. Nothing really phased him. While living in Chicago, Evan often walked through rioting rival gangs, dodging bullets, harpoons, Russian Molotovs, and chainsaws. When interviewing other gang members they expressed fear of Evan. They called him the silent killer because although Evan was always quiet and minding his own business he never let gang violence bother him. But legend has it that Evan once ran the streets in Canada where he was originally from and that he was rumored to be in Chicago to see if he could recruit other members to join his gang. This was also rumored as the backstreet bandits which were a gang of dudes in rollerskates.

Meagan who was one of Evan's co-workers took it upon herself to spy on Evan one day. She showed up at his house really early at like 6 am on a Saturday morning. Even walked outside, with a helmet in one hand, and a dixie cup in the other. He got inside his blue Subaru BRZ and pulled out of the driveway. Meagan followed to what turned out to be a lengthy 3-hour drive into the wilderness. Turns out that Evan drove to some like professional broadcasted dirt rally. Meagan parked a few rows away and just figured that Evan was there to spectate. But no. To her surprise, Evan was actually participating in this even as a driver! How could this be? He was only wearing a helmet, and what appeared to be a Grimmspeed Torch and Caliper Society T-Shirt. Black to be exact. 

Before we knew it, the race had started. Evan was in the back with world champion drivers from all over the country. These were professional race teams with high-horsepower vehicles and there were cameras and choppers everywhere. Evan's BRZ was bone stock and was able to enter the race because he was compliant with those 15-inch baby wheels and his car passed all the safety requirements to enter the race. Crowds watched the footage from their cell phones as the entrants were driving through multiple checkpoints. 

2 hours later, we are coming down the home stretch. Cameras are barely able to zoom in on which vehicle it is. Wait a second...It appears that the vehicle is blue. That's what we have for the moment. As the crowd waits in anticipation, the car grows closer. Wait that can't be...Is that a BRZ? 

IT IS! ISSA blue Subaru BRZ! And it's Evan!! Ladies and gentleman, Evan. Evan Mr. Evan is making his way towards the finish line. We can't believe this! How can a bone stock BRZ win a world championship rally? Turns out that the other vehicles ran out of gas. Evan still had 3/4 of gas left in his tank.

As Evan drove to the winner's circle, confetti was falling, the models were trying to get pictures of Evan. Even stood there with a blank stare as the rally hosts tried to interview him.

"Evan Evan Evan. What are your plans to celebrate are you going to Disney Land? Are you going to an exotic vacation of some sorts?"

"No." Evan replied. 

The hosts stood around for 5 minutes waiting for Evan to say something else. But he didn't say anything else. 

We imagined that he is so happy. 



Brand: GrimmSpeed
Age Group: Adult
Color: Black
Gender: Unisex
Size: Option
Style: Short Sleeve
Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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