OLM Spec CR Sequential Tail Lights Smoked Lens / Black Base

MODEL # OLMA.70038.2


  • Q: OLM Spec CR Taillights  abdalla86172 years ago

    Do I need to purchase the hyperblink module in order to run these or do they run as is? Do you also need the plug and play wire harness?
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      A:  These are direct plug and play. I have not installed them myself, but other customers have and said they've had no issues just plugging them in without the need for a hyperblink module.

      Lane H. @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago  
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  • Q: E-sign?  roman3 years ago

    do lights have E-sign? this is important for Europe... thx!
  • Q: warranty  chris4 years ago

    whats the warranty on these? ive heard alot online that the leds tend to burn out. if they burn out and im out of luck?