Racecomp Engineering Sway Bar Kit Front Adjustable 25.5mm / Rear Adjustable 25.5mm ( Part Number:RCO SWH-08-GR)

Racecomp Engineering Sway Bar Kit Front Adjustable 25.5mm / Rear Adjustable 25.5mm

Manufacturer Part # SWH-08-GR


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RaceComp’s new GR Impreza STI fitment front and rear swaybars provide a dramatic improvement in handling to your 2008-2012 Impreza STI. These front and rear 25.5mm hollow 2 position adjustable swaybars are a must have for your 2008-2012 Impreza STI. Featuring carefully chosen swaybar rates and a tubular design, these swaybars weigh less than other solid bars with a similar stiffness.

There is a chance of the rear bar to hit on the SPT exhaust on the STI.
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Brand: Racecomp Engineering
Adjustable Front: Yes
Adjustable Rear: Yes
Bushings Included: Yes
Mounts Included: No
Sway Bar Diameter Front: 25.5mm
Sway Bar Diameter Rear: 25.5mm
Sway Bar Type: Tubular

Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Txs exhaust fitment
gogojonny947339 2 days ago
Sold product, no question I would buy this product again. The only thing I would change; purchasing the endlinks before hand. As others have said the rear sway bar is like a famers puzzle . Had to drop my turbo xs exhaust to get it into place. Not hard just frustrating.

Should be a factory available option
raszaron37797 2 years ago
Perfect fitment, no installation issues, and great quality. The ride with the rear bar set to the firm setting, in combination with the RCE front sway bar set to the softer setting has really improved the handling of my STI. The body roll has been reduced to almost none. The car handles they way it should from the factory and the ride isn't that harsh due to this product either! I also used the Kartboy front endlinks and Whiteline adjustable rear endlinks. No other suspension modifications have been made yet, but I am planning on using the RCE Yellow Springs next!

Worth the upgrade
My car is 2011 wrx stage 2. I do some HPDE while i was on stock suspension. I will be bringing this to the track this weekend so hopefully i will have a better review. I installed the rear can definitely feel the difference in the rear being stiffer. I still felt there was a little roll in the front. Of course after putting in the front. The car felt more stabilized. You can enter corners with confidence and the steering responds much more that you expect it to be. The front sway is the same as Eibach. Just branded as RCE. It even says Eibach on it.

Uber! Get them!
Demonik 2 years ago
Just bought and installed these with a set of KB end links. I bought them after the RCE yellows. Fantastic addition to the car. Plants the wheels on the ground very well. Much lighter than others being hollow. A must have!

Worth the price!
jinroh0016778 2 years ago
I ordered these bars while they were out of stock and it was worth the 2 month wait! RSD kept me informed about the ETA of my order, a plus for customer service! I bought these sway bars over a set of Whiteline as I got the chance to autocross with a friend's WRX with these installed and fell in love with how well they felt. The sway bars kept the car flat through the corners and helped reduce much of the understeer from the stock setup. When I installed these to my own STI, I felt the same composure as my friend's car. Flat cornering and minimal understeer. I have it set to have a soft front/hard rear. The setup made the car more oversteer with the stock strut/RCE black springs. I enjoy driving my car again! I highly recommend these sway bars!

  • Q: 2011-2014 WRX SPT Exhaust Clarification  KHP 11 months ago


    It was mentioned that there's a clearance problem with the STi SPT exhaust. Does the rear sway bar also have a clearance issue with the 2011-14 WRX SPT exhaust? It seems like the 2011-14 WRX have the same exhaust system as the STi SPT quad exit exhaust.

    • A: The fitment issue would likely carry over to the WRX as well. The SPT exhausts for both cars should be the same.

      Josh P. 11 months ago
  • Q: 2010 WRX Sedan Compatible?  waidhoyt37835 12 months ago


    Site says no but I was informed these fit the 2010 Sedan WRX? Thanks!

    • A: These are only confirmed to fit the 2011-2014 WRX and 2008-2014 STI by the manufacturer at this time.

      Evan M. 12 months ago
  • Q: Equivalency of hollow to solid?  JonnyMuck 1 year ago


    What is a straight comparison of a solid bar vs. the 25.5 mm hollow bar? I am looking to compare this against other 22mm solid sway bars on my 2013 WRX STI Hatch. Thanks!

    • A: Unfortunately there is no exact equivalent between the two, a hollow bar is considered to be a couple sizes softer than a similar solid bar, so something like a 25.5mm is likely to be close to a 23.5mm in feel but this is a very loose rule of thumb.

      Nick S. 1 year ago
  • Q: will this clear   DJHR 2 years ago


    the tomei Ti cat back?

    • A: They should clear that exhaust just fine, but we are not able to guarantee it since we have not tested fitment between the two parts.

      guest56ad69792a8d256e198b66b5 2 years ago
    • A: Unfortunately we have never tested this on a Tomei catback. - Larry

      Racecomp Engineering 2 years ago
  • Q: Settings   410scooter 2 years ago


    Which adjustments on the front sway bar are for the hard setting and soft setting? Thanks.

    • A: The stiffer setting is closer to the bend near where the swaybar mounts to the vehicle.

      Nick S. 2 years ago
    • A: As Nick stated, the hole closer to the bend is the stiffer setting. -Larry

      Racecomp Engineering 2 years ago
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