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Cusco Front Sway Bar 22mm

MODEL # CUS 667 311 A22


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looks and handles great 2 years ago
Shipping was fast, part is in perfect condition, and the install was a breeze, all in all one great sway for a front sedan track conversion on a wagon, paired with pro sport control arms and whitline endlinks and roll center kit.
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Great performance 6 years ago
Install requires removal of front sub frame which was unexpected but was do-able. Great suspension upgrade, the front feels more planted. The car feels more precise when turning. Great service and really fast shipping.
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Cusco Front Sway Bar  7 years ago
Awesome sway bar and high end quality that you expect from Cusco. Yes the instructions are in Japaneese but the install is straight forward. Highly recommend this upgrade and better quality paint than whiteline products.
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Planted 7 years ago
Kevin R.
I felt like I was playing tetris installing this but with that subframe bracket off and the suspension compressed to the right spot it goes in quite easy. I noticed the difference just turning out of the driveway. steering response is instant and precise. Most of all, body roll is nearly eliminated and slalom is easy and comfortable. The only problem with this mod is I need a better restraint system because the G's this car can pull now is beyond what standard seatbelts and boulsters can deal with. hold on, turn and the car goes there, period
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Best suspension mod hands down 7 years ago
I can tell you the swaybar install is a breeze but the best part is this. Outside of a full coilover setup or nice strut/spring setup the swaybars have to be the best mod for the buck. It stiffens the car up nicely and you get alot less Body roll. 5 stars for sure
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Huge improvement...little trickier install than rear. 7 years ago
This bar (coupled w/ Kartboy endlinks and a Cusco 22mm rear bar) made a huge improvement in my 04 WRX's handling. Car really lays flat and is tight and responsive. The front is a bit more of a project than the rear...but don't be too intimidated. It took about 3 hrs taking my time.
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 12 years ago
RSD Customer
If you are buying a Cusco front swaybar you should just get this 22mm. There are very few people who would benefit from the other optional 21mm. Like all cusco parts the fitment is perfect and the quality is extremely good. Cusco bars include hard rubber self-lubricating bushings instead of inferior polyurethane. The main difference is that you never grease a cusco bushing and it never squeaks.
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 12 years ago
RSD Customer
If you have a proble with corner push/ understeering I highly reccomend these two years later 70000 miles and the bushings are extremely firm still And the blue sets off your undercarriage.
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 10 years ago
Thomas M.
In terms of handeling this sway bar is well worth the price. When paired with Cuscos rear sway bar the turn in and response is increased dramaticly. Your wheels and tires will be your weakest link at this point. The only down side is the lack of english instructions provided with the bar. This made the install far more difficult than it should have been. All in all a good perchace.
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