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Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers



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Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers ( Part Number: KB-017WLS)
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers ( Part Number: KB-017WLS)
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers ( Part Number: KB-017WLS)
2011/2014 wrx with stock sway bar 13 days ago
Buys these if you are upgrading to kartboy front endlinks on a stock sway bar. They are necessary!!! On an aftermarket sway bar they might not be necessary.
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Things get rough at Wimbelton. 2 years ago
Jeff W.
As I was leaving the local country club I had just finished a very passionate tennis match. I played against my nemesis in the country club and when we were leaving, he couldn't let the match go. He had some very strong choice of words that I couldn't let go, and I engaged him. Instead of having good sportsmanship we ended up insulting eachothers mothers. Before i new it he hit me across the face with his tennis racket and I had to defend myself. A brawl ensued and it was on. I pulled his sweatband over his eyes then round-housed his face. He tries pulling my shirt over my head but is unsuccessful as my shirt was made from slick polymers. The local police pulled us apart. As I was handcuffed and slammed to the police car. I noticed something strange. My end-links appeared to be bending. And as the cops were reading me my miranda rights, I realized that I needed some whiteline sway bar spacers. I'm so happy.
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Not a fix all, but helpful 2 years ago
Used these to make avoid rubbing with kartboy rear endlinks and 25mm adj rear perrin swaybar, gives some preload as well. Well made, but did not allow kartboy front endlinks to work with Perrin 25mm adj Front swaybar.
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They work great 5 years ago
These spacers do the job. Don't forget these if you buying the Kartboy front endlinks with Whiteline sways for 2010-2014. They work great and always remember to tighten the heck out of the bolts, or you will get small clunks.
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KB spacers perfect fit 5 years ago
I ordered these as extras to assure some flexibility in installing KB endlinks with various sway bars on a 2012 Outback and WRX and they worked great. Perfect ID/OD and thickness to get everything aligned.
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A must have with any aftermarket swaybar and KartBoy Endlinks! 5 years ago
These are nice and easy to install, they really should just be sold with the endlinks though because you need them with most aftermarket sway bars. I am running the STi 21mm front bar and needed them.
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'13 WRX 5 years ago
These are a must when replacing the front endlinks with the Kartboy endlinks. The Kartboy rear endlinks come with these spacers. Once again, you will need these for the Kartboy front endlinks. Glad I bought these with the endlinks to make it a complete installation.
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Work fine with whiteline 24mm front and 22mm rear swaybars 5 years ago
Might be easier to find the ideal endlink position with these spacers. Not something fancy but critical for endlink geometry setup
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Simple spacers 5 years ago
Simple aluminum spacers. A bit expensive for what they are but possibly worth the convenience. Used one on each corner when installing Eibach sways with Kartboy endlinks on my '13 WRX hatch. Everything lined up perfectly.
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Used with WL 24mm front bar 5 years ago
Had to purchase these to use Whiteline bar. WLs seemed the best way to go and was not happy I had to buy the extra hardware but you could def replace these with some washers. They serve their purpose, but test fit your sway bar and endlink to see what works!
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Perrin 25mm Front 5 years ago
Used these to straighten out my kartboy endlinks with a Perrin 25mm sway bar. It helped align my endlinks since the angle was really bad on the endlinks without them. It's worth your money when ordering your endlinks to throw these in just in case
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Perfect 6 years ago
Install on the 2011 STi and they are perfect for the whiteline kartboy setup! No pops or noises and perfect fitment. Big thanks to RSD and all their great customer service!
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A must have for Whiteline sways + Kartboy endlinks 6 years ago
Don't start going cheap now. These aluminum spacers are of excellent quality and tie the whole install together nicely. If you aren't sure how to use these go here.
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Installed perfectly 6 years ago
Used these spacers with the rear eibach sway bar install and everything installed just how I wanted. Must if you have 08 to 12 WRX. And I used two more for the front which is included in the front and rear eibach sway combo kit.
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Great product! 6 years ago
Fits great and works well!
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2005 STI 7 years ago
Worked perfectly on my STI with a whiteline front sway bar.
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They do what they need to do 7 years ago
Have them on my Saab 9-2x Areo (Saabaru) and are great with Kartboy endlinks. Have them with Whiteline '22 adj. sways.
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great as hood spacers 5 years ago
I didn't need these for my sway bars but they ended up being great as hood spacers to vent the engine compartment.
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Doesn't work with GC8 4 years ago
Père Foura
I got a GC8 with STI Aluminium LCA. Try to use them with the Whitline WHI KLC32 enlink kit, and the bushing of the endlink had a pretty bad angle. I had to buy some OEM replacement endlink with pillow ball bearing instead...
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Not for a 2009 hatch apparently. 7 years ago
So I was told I might need these spacers because I have Whitline swaybars and Kartboy endlinks. Well I tried to install them and actually, the washers that came with the endlinks made better spacers, these wouldn't fit. So I used them as big washers on the nut side of the hardware to take up some slack on the bolts. That worked great.
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Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )
Kartboy Whiteline Front Swaybar Spacers (Part Number: )