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Whiteline Rear Positive Traction Kit



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Easy install. Big bang for your buck. 11 months ago
These only took me about 30 minutes to install on my 2011 STI. Stiffened up the rear quite a bit. Be sure to use a lot of grease inside and out or they will be squeaky.
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Used with White Line DIFF Inserts 1 year ago
I should have greased these up more, you should too. Paired with the Diff inserts, I could feel the rear wheels work. On a 14 wrx, stock suspension, you know its AWD but it tends to feel like FWD or like you are floating in between 4 wheels when pushing it in corners. With the bushings, you know where you are located and can feel the rear wheels actively gripping and providing power.
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2013 Subaru WRX Hatch 2 years ago
OMG these did wonders for the handling of my car. I installed these and then went up the Tail of the Dragon (featured on deadliest roads) and the car performed great around the corners. Such a differnce over stock. There is some added NVH mostly at WOT. But the trade off is definitely worth it. The install is super easy. Make sure you have a 14mm, 19mm and at least a 6inch extension. torque specs are 106.9 ft lbs for the 19mm bolts and 51.6 ft lbs for the 14mm bolts. Its a great buy well worth the money .
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Whiteline Rear Positive Traction Kit 2 years ago
Just installed a couple of days ago, wow! It has given me so much more feel of what the car is doing on the road. it has taken away the rocking bouncy fell the car had before. So far the car still ride comfortable. Also body roll is considerably lessened. This product with an upgraded swaybar makes the car corner much better. I highly recommend this product.
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Great upgrade 3 years ago
Install was fairly easy, results are immediately felt. Don't forget to get an alignment afterwards, since you did disconnect your subframe.
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Solid feel for good price 3 years ago
Install was quick and easy. Feel was noticeable, but not too stiff. I think it was a great investment.
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Great product on 2014 wrx 4 years ago
Took me approx 3 hours to install. Slight increase in NVH. I like it.
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Whiteline rear diff, positive track, and steering bushings 4 years ago
So I purchases all of these and put then all in at the same time. Awesome difference! Car feels tight and predictable with great road feel. No longer slushy in the corners. Easy install and just what I was looking for. You won't be disappointed.
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Good upgrade. 4 years ago
Took me approx 3 hours to install. Slight increase in NVH. I like it.
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Dang, surprising difference 4 years ago
I have nearly every suspension mod for my 2014 WRX except for a new set of coilovers/ struts & springs, and I was suprised how much these bushings really tightened the rear end. less body roll in turns, tighter rear end feel, well worth the price. Glad I had a lift and two of the extendable bars (the ones that one uses to hold up say a transmission when one is working underneath), install took a couple of hours, biggest pain was trying to get the 4 subframe bolts lined up and back in, but well worth the time and effort. Again, still surprised how much a difference these made after all my other suspension modifications.
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Worth It 4 years ago
Gets rid of all the slop in the subframe. Can be installed without having to drop whole subframe. Car feels better grounded in turns.
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Buy these... 4 years ago
Your car will thank you.
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Worth the time and money. 4 years ago
I did this on a lift in conjunction with the whiteline rear diff mount bushings inserts. Install took me the better part of an hour to complete on a lift. Alignment was recommended, but surprisingly the rear was spot on even before the alignment. Better safe than sorry I always say. I noticed the difference with the first few shifts around town. Much more solid feeling in the turns. I would recommend this to anyone looking to stiffen up the rear end after you've already done sway bars.
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Definitely worth it! 4 years ago
The rear feels much more solid and planted to the ground. You'll definitely feel it in your seat. During cornering the car feels much more level and planted. Install isn't too hard, just make sure you have a lift or 4 stands, a jack to use after you lift the car, torque wrench, 14 and 19mm socket, breaker bar, and a friend to help you lift and wiggle the subframe back into place when it's time to bolt everything back up. Pretty good DIY write ups are available online.
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Solid rear end 5 years ago
The rear end has significant improvement in terms of dynamic rigidity and the I do hear more exhaust note from SPT on 2013 Sti. But step the gas out of the corner the rear end feels much more planted and the car rotate actively agile around bend has radius lower than 10-metre
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One of the best drivetrain/chassis mods 5 years ago
I have group n motor mounts,trans mount and pitch stop mount. A beautiful combination when paired with these subframe bushings and the diff inserts. This mod made the most difference of all of them and the rest was not complete as a system until these were in. They take up more slop in the drive than any of them. Would do again and again, second car I've had these on and I'd even pay more, very affordable.
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Whiteline Rear Positive Traction Kit (Part Number: )
Whiteline Rear Positive Traction Kit (Part Number: )
Whiteline Rear Positive Traction Kit (Part Number: )
Whiteline Rear Positive Traction Kit (Part Number: )