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Whiteline Subframe Locking Bolts



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2003 RS needs a tap! 7 years ago
5out of 5stars
the holes on my 03 RS were too small. i believe they were an M10x 1.25. these bolts are m12 x 1.25. didnt even need to drill it just ran a tap through it and torqued them down. driveline feels much more secure to the body! a bit more noise, sounds like the diff, but not too much.
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Tight back end 7 years ago
5out of 5stars
I didn’t expect to feel a huge difference in handling from installing 2 bolts, but the change noticeable. It has been a while since I installed these, but I remember feeling much more confidence and feeling much more connected with the rear. I highly recommend them!
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Noticeable rear-end difference 8 years ago
5out of 5stars
I had these installed by Andrewtech while my car was in getting an exhaust leak fixed up, so I cant comment on the ease of installation. What I can say is that they made a noticeable handling difference, which cost less than a tank of gas. I have them installed on my OBS along with fender cowl stays, a front strut tower brace, and an upgraded rear sway bar. They make the rear end feel very planted and combined with my other items make steering very “point & go”. It was especially noticeable during RallyX.
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Awesome inexpensive upgrade! 10 years ago
5out of 5stars
I picked these up a month or two ago for my 02 WRX because I have heard they make a pretty significant difference. I picked Whiteline's version because I dont like Allen head bolts, and the one piece design means no parts to lose, and it should be more sturdy. Install was easy, I loosened the 4 Subframe bolts and since I couldnt find a thread chaser I decided to use WD40 and a couple round pipe brushes to clean out the threads. I made sure they were nice and clean, and then threaded them in, tightened them down, along with the subframe bolts, took it for a ride around the block (felt WAY different) and then double checked the torque on them before going to have some fun. (dont forget to get aligned, I did the morning after) I think the worse your rear struts are (mine are going out) the bigger the difference. It feels a lot more planted, and due to that its a little easier to get the rear end to slide a little when youre trying to. In my opinion, if you have $40 to spend, just get them. You will enjoy them if you push the car at all. I think even one review noted that lane changes on the highway are more stable which I'd have to agree. I didnt notice any extra NVH after I put these in.
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Tap that! 10 years ago
5out of 5stars
It took me a fair bit of time to chase the threads as there was 7+ years of dirt and rust...take your time and get it cleaned out real well, you dont want to snap the weld on the nut
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good up grade 10 years ago
5out of 5stars
was a good up grade to others who buy this make sure a chase the threads first
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Awesome Product 10 years ago
5out of 5stars
For just a few bucks and 10 min of your time, you make a difference that any driver can feel, I put them in a impreza Sti 2002 (really old) and I can feel the difference righ after I installed them, the rear feel in place, and give me confidence to take the turns faster, without the feeling of the rear end is going to slip in oversteer.
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Great Product 11 years ago
5out of 5stars
I installed these lockbolts on my 03 WRX. The rear subframe on the WRX/STI sit on soft bushings by putting these in you lock the subframe to keep from moving. Now keep it mind whiteline states these are for track use only due to premature ware and tear on the frame but I keep them in all the time. Install is a snap takes 5 minutes by far the cheapest way to tighten up the frame!
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Track focused 6 years ago
4out of 5stars
I bought these primarily to check if there was substantial movement within the sub-frame - i.e. an experiment. While not immediately noticeable they do add a level of harshness to a daily driver that I personally would not accept, it is by no means night/day transformation - but the same also applies to the effect they have. If the car was track-only I can see how they would that last 2% to an already stiff setup and therefore be a benefit. To Whiteline's credit - as with all their products - it 'does exactly what it says on the box'.
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Not for Permanent Use 6 years ago
0out of 5stars
According to the Whiteline insert that came in the package, these are not to be used permanently, and should be removed after every racing event. I found this odd, as the Kartboy ones say they can be installed and left in the car for everyday driving. I ended up selling these and going with the Kartboy Locking Bolts as they specifically state they can be used all the time.
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