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Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit



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Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit ( Part Number: BILSGR)
Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit ( Part Number: BILSGR)
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08 STI with 152k Perfect Struts for Daily Driver 3 years ago
5out of 5stars

I'm the original owner of an 08 STI with 152k miles on the factory struts and RCE Blacks Springs since 5k miles. Shopped a strut upgrade versus coilovers and decided a strut upgrade is a better option for my daily driver that doesn't hit the track very often anymore. Talked to Myles at RCE and felt the Blacks after 6+ years are still ok, so I proceeded with the install. These struts have made driving a joy again. You forget over time what struts do, but what a difference! Handling, braking and overall driving is so much nicer now, feels new again. This is an awesome upgrade, and I would recommend these to other daily drivers. I'm sure it handles well at the track, but if that's your focus, there is no replacement for serious coilovers. The only downside, after installing new struts, my ride height is pretty high. It actually feels higher than when it was stock, but I'm sure that's my mind playing tricks on me. Discussed the increased ride height with Myles and will be upgrading to RCE Yellows to offset. This appears to be an 08/09 issue only. Overall very pleased with the quality of the struts, the straight forward install and the awesome ride quality. Only wished I had done this sooner... Thanks to RSD for shipping it fast, I was impressed with my first time shopping experience here.
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Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit (Part Number: )
Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit (Part Number: )