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Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit



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Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit ( Part Number: BILSGH)
Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit ( Part Number: BILSGH)
Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit ( Part Number: BILSGH)
Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit ( Part Number: BILSGH)
The best. 8 months ago
I have a 2011 WRX, and this suspension paired with the rce yellows is amazing. My only complaint is having to wait for a few months for it to get to me. I also paired it with bigger swaybars/endlinks and group N engine mounts, and the ride is quite firm. On bad roads this thing may be slightly jarring, but on even mediocre roads the ride quality is fine. It drives like you would never know it had a racing suspension, until you hit the gas and the weight transfer feels non-existant! Zero sway, exceptionally composed on curvy roads, and beautiful construction. These are the best. I would recommend getting the rce blacks and the yellows, so that you can have the best of both worlds!
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Improved Handling/Reduced NVH 8 months ago
I bought the RCE Bilstein Front and Rear Strut Kit along with the RCE Yellow Lowering Springs to make the perfect combination for my 2017 STi. RCE and GTWORX have done a phenomenal job with these struts. Ever since the installation, I have noticed a significant improvement in handling, which increased my confidence driving the STi. In addition, there is an added comfort whenever I drive over unavoidable bumps or cracks on the road. The harshness from the OEM struts was reduced and the ~1in. drop from the lowering springs makes my car look a lot more aggressive. Installation took me about 2.5 hours (with no assistance), which includes disassembling the OEM struts in order to re-use top hats and spring perch. If you plan on using your STi as a daily a driver with an occasional spirited driving, then this strut is the perfect choice. No need to purchase expensive coilovers unless you are serious about doing rally or autocross. I've included 2 photos for everyone to get a general idea of how much the RCE Yellow Springs will drop the ride height.
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A massive improvement from factory dampers! 2 years ago
I've accumulated over 5,000 miles on these struts since I've installed them. I've driven down highways from Northern Nevada down to Los Angeles, then up the Pacific Coast to San Francisco and back. I've driven Northern Nevada mountain roads up Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. All I can say is that the WRX should have come from the factory with these dampers (In conjunction with RCE Yellow Springs). The car feels much more planted and takes bumps with no fuzz. The car no longer hits the bump stops going over speed bumps. Make no mistake that these make for a firmer ride compared to stock, but it's not spine shattering at all(No complaints from female passengers). I would even come far to say that this rides more comfortable than stock. One of my concerns were increased rattles from the cheap 2008-2014 WRX/STi interiors due to the firmer ride. To my surprise this setup actually eliminated most of the interior rattles in my car. I would attribute this to dampening quality that these dampers provide. This suspension setup made me fall in love with my 2011 WRX once again. Just as an additional info, I'm also running 24mm Whiteline Front and 22mm Whiteline Rear sways bars, both are adjustable and set to the softest setting. Car is very neutral to slight oversteer at corners with 235/45 R17 Michelin Pilot Super Sports. The front strut allows for approximately 1.2-3.0 degress negative camber adjustment using factory camber bolts. I have mine set to -1.7 camber up front, -1.5 camber rear and 0 toe all around. This setup is a real winner!
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Better for the heavier sti 3 years ago
I have had these on my 2011 WRX for four years. These were designed for the slightly heavier STI. The rebound is way too harsh on Chicago streets. I often find myself bouncing down slightly bumpy streets. My phone often shakes loose from the windshield mount and my old girlfriend HATED the ride. But I found that when I have a heavy load of equipment in the back seat or the trunk, the ride is much much better. I had a 120 lb box in my back seat for about a week and the ride was suddenly tolerable. A year and a half after owning these, I swapped out the yellow springs for "regular guy" springs (insultingly named). This made the ride about 15% better. It took a slight edge off of the harshness. But the rebound is still too harsh. Wish I had bought a different system. Not being adjustable really sucks for the price. After contacting RaceComp a month after the install, they said the ride would take about three months to "settle in". But the ride never improved. I couldn't return them at that point so I had to make the best of it. Again, these were "tuned" for a 2011 STI, which is slightly heavier than a WRX. So I'm thinking that's one of the reasons the ride quality is so bad on a WRX. Also, I think Chicago roads are really terrible. So if you live in Boston, NYC or Chicago or any city, I can't recommend these for a WRX.
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Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit (Part Number: )
Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit (Part Number: )
Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit (Part Number: )
Racecomp Engineering Bilstein Strut Kit (Part Number: )