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Cusco Front and Rear Touring-A Shock Absorbers



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Cusco Front and Rear Touring-A Shock Absorbers ( Part Number: 692 65T FRN)
Cusco Front and Rear Touring-A Shock Absorbers ( Part Number: 692 65T FRN)
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One and done 1 year ago
Bought these for my 2008 STI Hatchback. I have been cruising with these for little more than a week now. I am very happy with this upgrade. Very easy to adjust stiffness settings, just count the clicks. Had no issues with shipping they came in a very sturdy box. I would recommend these struts for someone who uses there car as daily driver but also races on the weekend. Lightest setting during the week hardest for the weekend race. Have fun these are great struts.
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just buy stock 10 months ago
40% stiffer is an understatement, it seriously felt like someone installed lowering springs on my car. The ride for a daily driver is horrendous, even when dampeners are full soft, for glass smooth roads they are fine but places like Wi you will need a very strong stomach if you don't want to throw up all over your windshield. The instructions are all in Japanese so if you don't go out of YOUR way and something goes wrong on install, like what happened to me, your screwed as this company WILL NOT warranty their product. Rallysport was able to help me out but I will never buy Cusco products ever again. Stock torque specs for front strut to strut mount is 40-41 ft/lbs these apparently are 18.5 ft/lbs. Regardless of spec one of the struts snapped no where near 40 ft/lbs, so I was stuck with another $180 replacement. What would've happened to my car if this POS strut installed fine and then snapped under hard cornering...dont risk it if you need strut replacements and want to stay stock just buy OEM all 4 cost $1100. Hopefully you can see in the photo the metal was never properly heat treated, the metal looks like small grains of sand. I've watched enough Forged in Fire to understand what happens when heat treatments are bad.
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Cusco Front and Rear Touring-A Shock Absorbers (Part Number: )
Cusco Front and Rear Touring-A Shock Absorbers (Part Number: )