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Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type OS

MODEL # CUS 6A1 540 A


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Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type OS ( Part Number: 6A1 540 A)
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New Zealand new 2015 WRX  2 years ago
I was concerned that this strut brace would fit my car as they can differ in little ways between countries,but I shouldn't have.It fits perfect and looks great and I can definitely feel the difference!
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Awesome addition 3 years ago
I installed this strut bar in about 15 minutes. It made a HUGE difference in the handling of my car. Eliminated a ton of the understeer issues and made the handling more crisp.
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Fast easy upgrade 4 years ago
Nice snug fit and look
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Removed an Annoying Dash Rattle 1 year ago
A pretty standard strut tower bar, but this one happened to eliminate an annoying 4000 RPM dash rattle that had existed since buying the car new two years ago. For that alone I'd say it was worth it. As for improvements to the handling, I can't really tell if it's made much of a difference. I did pair it with the Cusco rear strut tower bar as well - and had aftermarket front and rear sway bars on the car before this install.
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Starting my suspension build 3 years ago
This took me longer than any direct bolt on should to install. What should have taken 5 minutes took almost 20-30 min due too a poorly drilled passenger side, it didn't line up very well and was a struggle to get on but once it was on I went out for a drive and could notice very very slight better feel but I do drive a ton so I think it was easier for me to pick up on, I'm sure with more parts working together this piece will really tie it all together plus it makes the engine bay look nice. Worth the money for the most part
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Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type OS (Part Number: )