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Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type OS

MODEL # CUS 667 540 ALHD


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Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type OS ( Part Number: 667 540 ALHD)
Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type OS ( Part Number: 667 540 ALHD)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
front strut tower bar 05 sti 1 year ago
installed this on 05 stock sti only difference i can tell you is my "butt dyno" says that there is less chassis roll/body sway when maneuvering at freeway speeds and preloading chassis weight before turns only issue to having this installed is that every time the intercooler comes off, you need to remove the upper strut section, and loosen one of the strut mounts cause it bends when you tighten it down i didn't used the A/C line padding that came with it, wrapped the area that rubs with felt tape
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legit 4 years ago
Good quality fits right on. Great job rsd
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Fantastic 5 years ago
Excellent product , great look , noticeable improvement of handling and steering response.Cusco is a warranty.Thank you RSD for sending me this bar to Creece. TIP : I have this bar fitted on my 2004 Forester 2.5XT with a Process West Top Mount Intercooler!
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quality! 5 years ago
It doesn't get any better than Cusco..... don't waste money on sum eBay crap.
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Damn that's purty 5 years ago
Looks good! Can definitely tell a difference in handling and torsional rigidity. Install kinda was a pain. Not too bad though, I had to take it apart and put the brackets on the strut tower bolts then bolt the bar in. Easy peasy
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Looks great 5 years ago
Looks great under the hood. performs even better than I thought it would.. definitely ties up the front end a bit more than without this strut bar. recommended to others
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good dice 6 years ago
install was easy, just move the ac line bracket down one bolt hole (above brake booster) then remove horn and bracket on the other side of car above turbo. Remove bolts and replace with bar on car. Noticeable difference with turn ins and stability. plus cusco includes sleeves for the ac line plus new brackets for the ac line if you want to use them. I would have but my rubber grommet for mounting wouldn't come off so I just went with the option I described above. Worth every dollar, and the hour of time it took.
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Great bar 6 years ago
Really stiffens the front up, fairly easy to install, looks great! Thank you rsd
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Great product 6 years ago
No complains about Cusco products ever. Fitment is always perfect and there is always improvment felt after install. Recommend buying the rear along with this for the most noticeable difference, your car will feel like it's on rails. Fitment on a 2006 STi was a perfect 20 minute install. Thanks RSD
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Type OS bar 6 years ago
Great product, Cusco never disapoints. Top of the line.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Cusco Front Strut Bar OS 6 years ago
First off: do NOT use USPS as a shipping method. They had set my package arrival date on the 5th, and it finally came on the 9th. I only used them because of the free shipping code I had (last time making that mistake). None the less, thanks a lot to RallySportDirect for easy to use purchasing and no problems when I opened the box. Moving to the item itself. The bar is made of quality aluminum and looks gorgeous right out of the box. It came with a protective film over the bar to protect the finish from scratches during shipping, which it always a plus. It also came with the necessary components to relocate the AC line and the alarm horn as well as simple instructions in English; even though the install is pretty straight forward. After reading through forums and doing a bit of research, I decided to go ahead and mount the bar while my car was lifted off the ground so there was zero tension on the struts itself. Relocating the AC hose was the most time consuming/annoying part of the install. Removing the cushioning rubber from the OEM bracket was a pain in the a**! After spending almost half an hour trying to unscrew it and get it onto the new bracket, the rest was a piece of cake. As for my car ('02), I had to bend the metal part of the AC line downwards so I could fit the bar over it. Once all that was done, I relocated the alarm horn and proceeded to bolt on the strut tower mounts. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone - especially those who take corners rather quickly. Quick Tip: unbolting the bar from the strut bar mounts make the install WAY easier since you can bolt on both mounts and just screw in the bar afterwards.
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Very satisfied 7 years ago
I made the install much harder than it needed to beef, but all in all I am very satisfied with this product! Obvious 5 star rating!
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Good part 7 years ago
Nice product. I just installed it on an 05 wrx with a TurboXS tmic. The intercooler clears it fine, but gets in the way when you try to relocate the AC line with the supplied bracket. I ended up flipping the bracket and going all crazy with it but that seemed to work. You just have to get a little creative.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Amazing 7 years ago
first, I just want to thank the RSD team for being so great. We emailed back and forth for close to two weeks due to what I'm about say. Second, I had a heck of a time installing this bar on my 02 WRX. followed the directions and all but it just wouldn't fit like they said it would. So I contacted RSD and helped me out with it (manyyyy emails back and forth). Third, in my 02, I needed to bend the ac line like in the directions for the STi. I also needed to remove the bar from the strut tower mounts. I then proceeded to loosly bolt the mounts to the strut tower. Followed by wiggling the bar under the overhang and then bolting it onto the mounts. Fourth, you really don't know just how much the chassis flexes. This bar has made my steering input more precise, significantly reduced body roll, and just looks plain awesome. Fifth, the BEST $180 I have spent on my car. I highly recommend this bar!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
 9 years ago
Ross P.
Very very pleased with this product. I have a 2006 sti so you know the issue about the ac lines. They prevent you from runing a front strut tower bar. The good folks at Cusco supply you with a new ac clamp mounts to move your ac line. Once you do that the strut tower bar goes in just fine. Great instructions even for less mechanically inclined individuals. I got this with the rear type os and this is one of the best bang for buck products you can get for your subaru. Your car will feel more aggresive and body role is almost fully eliminated. Highly recomended and i would definatly buy this product again.
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 11 years ago
RSD Customer
just installed on my MY06 wrx along with my APS TMIC !!!! very snug getting it in behind the TMIC but do able and no rubbing once it is in.
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Great 6 years ago
Arrived in a timely manner along with the rear. Boxes though may have seen better days. Installation, with the right tools made it a quick, easy, and fitted nicely. After having already installed both bars at different times a lot came out of the front struts. Overall a great experience and purchase.
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Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type OS (Part Number: )
Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar Type OS (Part Number: )