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Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar Type OS

MODEL # CUS 666 541 A


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Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar Type OS ( Part Number: 666 541 A)
Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar Type OS ( Part Number: 666 541 A)
rear strut bar 05 sti 12 months ago
installed this on my stock 05 sti. was real simple to do, removed rear seat bench and backrest. only difference i can tell you is my "butt dyno" says that there is less chassis roll/body sway when maneuvering at freeway speeds and preloading chassis weight before turns
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Great in the turns. 2 years ago
Install is fairly easy. Noticeable difference in high speed turning. Well worth the price.
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doesn't get any better 5 years ago
This piece is probably the best quality bar you can buy
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SUPERB!!! 5 years ago
You cant go wrong with Cusco this product is strait from Japan not made in the US combine with other Cusco pieces for an extreme bracing job!!
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nice 5 years ago
easy install just remove rear seat and the mounting points are right there. noticeable difference, deff worth the money
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Great bar 6 years ago
I'll always recommend Cusco, you can't ever go wrong with their products. Awesome steering improvement especially when combined with the front bar and different, more aggressive springs. Looks great as well!
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whats included 6 years ago
Are the bars going to the trunk included also?
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Brace of hotness 6 years ago
I bought this with the lower brace just like the pic in another review. I almost gave up on the install but one last tray and it dropped right in. Don't look for any instructions as this is a true Japan part. It works well. The lower is still in process as the bottom does not have anything to mount to without some welding, as far as I can tell. The review with the pic does not have that mounted either so it just must be cool looking without it.
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Shiny 7 years ago
Just installed on my 05 wrx wagon and am quite happy. Very easy to install (despite the instructions being completely in Kana), just remove the crossbeam from the brackets, bolt them on, then put the crossbeam back on. The torque for the strut bolts (three per side) was 14.5 ft-lbs or something surprisingly low like that. A little harder to fit the mountain bike in the back but still worth it. And if you're cool and own a wagon then everyone can see it shining when they walk by.
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Awesome 7 years ago
Works wonders and adds bling to your trunk area.
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Cusco rear strut bar 8 years ago
Definitely worth the money. Noticed a difference in the first turn. Installation is pretty easy if you remove the rear driver's side seatbelt. If not, its do able, just be patient. Definitely recommend the part.
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 8 years ago
I love the difference in the body roll that this product gave me! I like to turn hard into corners and I noticed a HUGE difference when I installed this product!
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 9 years ago
Ross P.
First off this is one hell of a product one of the best bang for buck items you can buy for your subaru. I got this and the front type os. The car feels more aggressive i wasn't expecting such a dramatic change. Body role is almost fully eliminated making turning so much easier only downflaw is fittnment you have to be patient instaling it but with a little tlc it will fit fine. Highly recomended and I would buy this again.
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Great 6 years ago
Packaged arrived in a timely manner along with the fronts. The box it was shipped in may have seen better days though. After feeling out the front struts I installed the rear and it definitely sealed the whole package all together. While the change isn't as dramatic as the front the rear sruts surely shine in those hard turns. Installation is straight forward and simple though slightly tedious but simple nevertheless. Overall a great experience and purchase.
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Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar Type OS (Part Number: )
Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar Type OS (Part Number: )