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COBB Tuning Stage 1+ Power Package Black



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COBB Tuning Stage 1+ Power Package Black ( Part Number: 615X01PBK)
COBB Tuning Stage 1+ Power Package Black ( Part Number: 615X01PBK)
Must have! 9 months ago
Bought this a few weeks ago for my 08 wrx and it was for sure worth the money! Haven't dyno'd it but it definitely feels much faster and more responsive. I was able to install the intake and airbox in a parking lot in around 20 minutes by myself. Just the sound of the air rushing into my turbo made the cost worth it to me. After that, the Accessport took no longer than 5 minutes to re-flash the ecu. If you're on the fence about this one, just do yourself a favor and buy it!
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Swoosh  1 year ago
Easy install, great performance, awesome sound.
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Smoothed power out 3 years ago
Tekno Nikko
Bought my first STi this year (used 08)and it came with a magnaflow catback. Noticed the power fell flat on its face nearing 4K RPM. Bought the stage 1 +SF to see what difference it would make and boy did it make big one. Steady power all the way to redline and the intake spool is divine. In sport and sport sharp mode my tires are squealing in 3rd gear when boost hits and all the way to redline. Intelligent mode had the most hesitation prior to the Accessport remap and it definitely smothed out afterwards. I was hesitant at first to spend this much money on an intake an PNP tuner, but I'm really glad that I did.
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power package  3 years ago
Great product really makes your car come to life worth every penny very easy install extremely happy with purchase
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Easiest way to get instant add to performance!! 3 years ago
I love the sound of the turbo sucking air and the shoooo sound when shifting. I love the additional power and I love the new smooth power band after using the preset tune for the stage one upgrade. No more jerky OEM power band while going through the gears. I've had my car for a little over two years after buying it brand new. I have 40,000+ miles on it and I wish I had done this a lot sooner. It's literally like driving a new car in my opinion. Nothing difficult about the install, other than my reading glasses falling off my sweaty face into the engine compartment. Buy it now!!
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Stage 1 power pack 3 years ago
Midlife subie
great addition
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Cobb sf intake  3 years ago
If your thinking about it stop just get it and feel like a kid again the power is there and the sound is amazing I don't have to buy a blow off valve it's like having one and under the hood looks way better
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Fast Shippin & Quality products 4 years ago
Heard nothing but great things about COBB products and decided to test them myself. Got the Stage 1+ for my 08 STi hatchback, and absolutely love it. The intake is quiet but really expresses itself alongside the turbo once it begins to spool up, and has a noticeable release of pressure similar to a BOV during shifts. The accessport goes hand in hand with the CAI by COBB, and smooths out the powerband especially at lower revs. The power is more uniform than before, and much easier to drive all around. Installation was a breeze and would highly recommend anyone who is considering getting the COBB AP to consider no more, it's a promising investment that will make your ride more enjoyable and maintain the longevity of your engine. Thanks RSD for the lightning quick shipping and the quality service provided. 5 stars, definitely will order more items in the near future!
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Good products 4 years ago
Great products. So easy to install. Just took my time.. Only con was that the air box weather striping provided is a POS. If I spend 300 bucks, I'm not really into breaking out my marker, measuring tape, and having to hack this thing up. All in all. Very happy with the product. 5 stars, even with my little bit of trouble.
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It's freaking awesome!  4 years ago
This is a must have! The install was straight forward and the results are incredible. While only Stage 1, it is a huge difference and the noise just adds to the fun.
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Great Product!! 4 years ago
Wow!!! This is what I wanted my 14' STI to be the whole time. Have owned a few high perf cars in my day so was not exactly blown away by my new sti's power. Am now a happy man. Put the nameless axle back muffler delete on, then installed the stage 1 kit. It is a mean little machine now...more torque, and now pulls all the way to redline, was pretty disapointed when it flattend out around 5500 before this mod. RSD was shipping cost and fast customer support. Worth every penny....just do it!!
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Huge Difference 4 years ago
Install was easy ~1 hour getting everything fitted properly and tune uploaded. Intake is noticeably louder and sounds great. Probably the best power upgrade you can get off the shelf. Plug n' Play. I saw my MPG increase about 4 MPG from stock (If you can keep off the throttle) Turbo also spools quicker with Stage 1+SF tune.
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Unexpected 4 years ago
Theo K
Intakes and re-map on non-turbo vehicles is so-so in my few experiences...but only after this package are they. Major improvement. Better torque early on and it keeps pace all the way to the new redline of 7k. And makes a wonderful noise both inside and out, but only one gets on it. Highway mileage increased 2 mpg. There is a noticeable air whooshing when going up hills in highway traffic at 67+ MPH. Also, no boost issues in low cool lands of the pacific NW. Stage 2 is next...
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Awsome 4 years ago
Decided to go with this stage 1 package to get the best of both worlds. Sound from the sf intake is amazing. The accessport should speak for itself. Simple and easy. Smoother power band all the way to redline. Harder pulls in every gear. Should of bought it sooner. Fast shipping in true RSD fashion.
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Definitely faster, but very loud 2 years ago
Maybe I'm getting old, but this intake is incredibly loud. Full throttle pulls have a satisfying scream to them, but it's actually louder -and annoying- at low rpm part-throttle. The AccessPort is good. Quick and easy install and a definite power gain from it alone. I'm not sure why COBB stages their kits with intake before downpipe, except maybe to sell more intakes, but adding the intake after the stock Stage 1 map didn't seem to add much, other than noise. Unfortunately, the louder a car, the slower it feels, to me. All-in-all I'm happy with it, but I feel like I would have preferred an intake with a longer pipe that moves the filter into the fenderwell for less noise.
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New Cobb/Rally Sport customer 3 years ago
I bought the Stage 1+ for a 13' WRX hatch on the Christmas time promo pricing because Cobb is expensive. The tuner is everything that everyone said and then some. I was confused by the SF filter because it is white and the pictures show blue so I assumed that it came w/o oil. Maybe someone will confirm for me because they do sell a cleaner and oil kit, Also if you don't want a very loud sucking noise under any load above 2,500 rpm don't buy it. Overall though I am satisfied and will buy more from Cobb and Rally Sport Direct.
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COBB Tuning Stage 1+ Power Package Black (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Stage 1+ Power Package Black (Part Number: )