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APR GTC-300 Rear Wing w/ Trunk Edge Mounts

MODEL # APRAS-106765


  • Q: 2019 STI to apr wing?  brockmant4 months ago

    I’m looking for a carbon fiber s209/ apr wing to replace my 2019 STi wing. Will this wing fit, or what options do I have? I love the s209 look but am not looking for a trunk swap. I just want to replace my STi wing with a s209 style wing.
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      A:  This wing is for the 2015-Up WRX only. These are cars that don’t have the STI factory wing / Spoiler. The correct wing for customer who have an STI is part number AS-106766 or AS-106166. This wing mounts to the factory spoiler location. You will need to drill one additional hole on each side, but that hole will be covered is the customer decides to reinstall the factory wing/spoiler in the future.

      Johnny M. @ RallySport Direct 4 months ago  
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  • Q: WING FITMENT  Eddie F.11 months ago

    Is this wing interchangeable with STI bases? As far as the placement of the stands?
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      A:  I do not believe that these bases are interchangeable.

      Tylo R @ RallySport Direct
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  • Q: Fitment on a 2011 wrx sedan   Mike.C1 year ago

    Will this be able to fit a 2011 wrx sedan if I drill holes ?
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      A:  This will not fit. Drilling can be done, but we recommend APR AS-106763 is for the STI and should fit with little to no modification to the trunk holes.

      Michael N.
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  • Q: Apr trunk edge mounts   Car guy3 years ago

    Is their anyway I can just order the apr trunk edge mounts? Just by there selves