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PERRIN Wing Riser



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PERRIN Wing Riser ( Part Number: PSP-BDY-105)
PERRIN Wing Riser ( Part Number: PSP-BDY-105)
PERRIN Wing Riser ( Part Number: PSP-BDY-105)
Wing riser kit 4 years ago
I really like the Perrin wing riser kit it was easier to install than I thought It would be. I had to buy a flat plastic body rivet from a hardware store to cover up the hole that was left from the stock mounting location about in the middle of the hatch right. Gotten a lot of positive feedback from friends also.
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Looks great 4 years ago
Love the look of the wing after installing the wing riser will caution though subaru at least on the 13's put blue locktite on the 2 inner bolts holding the wing to the car long story short snapped both of them even with using pb blast was able to still make it work but be very careful with those 2 bolts
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Looks great, pain to put on 5 years ago
I really wanted to get the WRC wing that you see on most of the high end rally cars, but I didn't think that was legal here in CA. So I got the wing riser kit as a second choice. Initially I didn't think would be as much of pain to install as the video/instructions made it seem. Mostly I didn't know what to do with the wood looking screws. But after some trial and error, I was able to put it together. It does help having a second set of hands but use some old towels to save the roof from getting scratched if you want to install it yourself (about 3 to 3 1/2 hours altogether). It looks awesome. Don't hesitate, buy it.
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more stable at speed than expected 5 years ago
living in germany with nurburgring 40 minutes away this has gotten some autobahn time, through my runs on the ring and driving the autobahn... sometimes 150mph+ i have yet to see any issues with the stability of the wing. i have felt as others have said it feeling a little loose on the backend at high speed braking but nothing that has worried me. the install was a bit of a pain but i think i took more off than i was required to and the video from perrin helps immensely. im short so the lack of lift height on the hatch hasnt been an annoyance yet. if you are on the fence about getting this id say do it. if you dont like it then just buy a wrc replica :D
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returned 5 years ago
Ok the looks and the quality are great, make sure you watch Perrins youtube video on the install and see if you still want the practicality of your hatch. If i didn't care about that i would totally GET it.
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Excellent new style for same old body. 5 years ago
The kick these risers give the hatchback serves as an awesome body modification to really give it an aggressive stance in the rear especially if you are low. Love it.
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Excellent product 5 years ago
This makes the car look very aggressive. Great product!
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So Close to being Perfect 5 years ago
This product lets you have a much more aggressive look for your rear hatch spoiler but the cost might be too much for some. I am 6FT and now i have to lower my head to get in close to the trunk as it now hangs at eye level. Second is the change in Fuel economy. Expect to see a slight reduction you dont set up the spoiler perfectly.
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PERRIN Wing Riser (Part Number: )
PERRIN Wing Riser (Part Number: )
PERRIN Wing Riser (Part Number: )