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NGK Iridium Spark Plugs One Step Colder 2309



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NGK Iridium Spark Plugs One Step Colder 2309 ( Part Number: LFR7AIX-GRP)
Surprised at the different. Stage 2+ 13' WRX 5 months ago
I'm running an e-tune from torqued performance for stage 2 and I was regularly getting feedback knock (accessport), small numbers that tuner said weren't dangerous but it still bothered me. Tuner recommended the added protection of these and after install I'm getting zero feedback knock. Weird note: My exhaust note changed slightly with these.
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Fast shipping  8 months ago
Ngk plugs are top of the line, one step colder works great with 400whp on my Sti.
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 9 months ago

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Great product 12 months ago
Condor 303
Great product and great performance for my STI.
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Ngk iridium 2309 one step cold spark plugs 1 year ago
If your running a stage 3 plus protune it's worth getting one step colder spark plugs for high boost applications. It's a great product. This is my second pair. I change them out arround 6k. The install process was a little difficult but not impossible.. But the plugs are worth it in the long run.....
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Ngk plugs  1 year ago
Yup, I love it. Everything is perfect, no issues thanks !!!!
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Review 1 year ago
Fit these plugs on my 05 sti, gap was correct when they arrived, packaged well. No spark blowout at 415hp! Fast shipping as always!
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The only plug for my LGT 2 years ago
Scoobi Snack
I have never had an issue even when burning rich, lean, or oil they keep fiering.
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2012 wrx 2 years ago
Nothing really to complain about, install was a little difficult, but there are good forum posts and videos of the installation. For the 2012 you must take off the intake battery and air pump to access the spark plugs. But started up perfect and nothing bad but for the first few miles my throttle response felt different and I almost stalled but got over it in 10 miles
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Great plugs 2 years ago
Work great. Installation note: There's plenty of YouTube videos - but I also found that when you get the coilpack unbolted, rotate it 180 degrees which will then allow you to get it past the unibody or "frame rails" much much easier.
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Good stuff 2 years ago
Great plugs. My 05 LGT was throwing a p0301 (misfire) code. Determined there was a chance it was the plugs, and the cheapest route to go, and sure enough, after receiving these and an hour and a half install, the car ran sooo much better than before.
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Good plugs 3 years ago
I replaced my worn out stock heat range Denso Power plugs with these and am satisfied with the results. Any time you replace worn out plugs your idle will smooth out and these were no exception. My car is making 300whp/360wtq and I see no signs of fouling after 5000 miles.
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Great plugs 4 years ago
Install wasn't too bad, driver side rear was the most difficult. The funny thing is that my car seems to be tad quieter after I installed these plugs. Wierd? But they work great!!
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Great product  4 years ago
Great product by NGK , cant tell much difference , changed them while building up my motor
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NGK is great as always 4 years ago
Great product from NGK, nothing less expected.
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Worked as intended  5 months ago
Jordan Daniels
Pre gapped plugs. Worked as advertised.
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Good plugs 8 months ago
Used on a protuned 06 legacy gt. Helped keep egt in check and fit perfect!
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25k  4 years ago
Went 32k and changed last set on mod'ed REX. TOASTED, not saying they didnt last just if your running above the stock power levels watch your electrodes. I will now be changing every 25k! 290WHP 315 FT-LBS
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Plugs on 2013 wrx tuned. 2 years ago
The only dowside on the plugs are the pregaps. It stated that each one has a gap of .032 but when I measured it, it was .027-.029 same as the oemplugs that i took out from my engine.
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