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Denso U-Groove Traditional Spark Plugs Stock Heat Range 3381



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Denso U-Groove Traditional Spark Plugs Stock Heat Range 3381 ( Part Number: K20HR-U11-GRP)
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Denso spark plugs 2 months ago
These plugs are very good. I always used to use NGK Iridiums but decided to try these out and I am happy I changed. Not too hard to change but is a very tight spot indeed. You’ll need spark plug socket ofcorse, 12mm wrench or socket for the coils, 10mm socket for the air pump to move out of the way, a swivel and extension, and most of all, patience. Also, do not forget to gap these suckers. I recommend 0.028, smaller the gap = less chance of weak spark causing misfires and unburned fuel leading to predetination... which can lead to the big ol ring land failure! Don’t over tighten them either fellas. Hand tight and quarter turn or 12-15 ft/lbs. thanks RSD.
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These are easy to do, don't listen to people lol 11 months ago
I would always hear people harp on about how hard it's to do spark plugs on F4 engines when in reality it's incredibly easy. If you're already modified with a CAI or short ram it will then be even easier. Also copper core plugs will perform better than your iridium/platinum if you weren't already aware. Copper=performance iridium/platnium=longevity And keep in stock heat range if all you have is an exhaust and intake lol you only need to go steps colder if you're pushing about 100whp over stock.
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Better then NGK 1 year ago
Changed my plugs after 20k and noticed right after installing the amazing difference, I've ran with the stock NGK Subaru spark plugs before and these spark plugs are far better. Throttle just feels all around better
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Denso OEM Spec Spark Plugs for 08 OBXT 1 year ago
Got these plugs for some routine maintenance. Installation is a little time consuming but not hard with the right tools. They seem to work great, but it should be said that they MUST be gapped prior to installation. One of the plugs came with a gap of 0.06!!
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Simple and Great 4 years ago
Just installed these one my modified WRX these look great and perform well, gas mileage on my wrx is up to about 28 on highway at 75mph
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Very good Product 4 years ago
These are perfect for a slightly tuned car. My WRX has a couple STI Mods and I put these in and completely smoothed out my idle. The spark points are very big and solid, easy to put in, can't wait to put them to a hard test in the canyons.
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As always set your gaps 4 years ago
You should never expect a spark plug to be gapped properly, but just a heads up, these definitely are not, I set mine to .029, and they started at what looked like double that. GAP YOUR PLUGS
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Denso U-Groove Traditional Spark Plugs Stock Heat Range 3381 (Part Number: )