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Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch



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Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch ( Part Number: KSB03)
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What a difference! 1 year ago
Have about 1500 miles on the new clutch on my 03 wrx mt. I paired it with an OEM flywheel as well. The stiffness of the clutch pedal feels just as it did previously. (everything was OEM) It grabs great, and I'm also running a Cobb stage 2 map. The break in period was pretty smooth and didn't experience any chatter or abnormalities. Maybe I just didn't notice it but everything sounds normal now event after a few wot after the break in.
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Awesome clutch kit! 5 years ago
Thanks again for RSD for offering such good products! This Exedy clutch kit was installed in my 05' WRX in December 2012 and is still working without issues and withstands the 300 whp and 36.5 kgf.m of torque. Great product!!
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Pretty Dang Good 5 years ago
So, I bought this clutch along with the ACT StreetLite Flywheel for my 2004 Subaru WRX. It is definitely a huge difference to what I was driving with, which was basically ash when I took it out and replaced it. For the transmission oil I used the cocktail mixture with a quart of Motul and 2.5 or so quarts of Redline Shockproof; it shifts beautifully and I have absolutely no problem with the transmission or shifting or anything. I would definitely recommend this pairing to anyone who just wants to replace their clutch system with relative OEM specifications. On behalf of RSD, though, they are seriously the best people to do business with. Just stop researching and buy from here, you won't be disappointed and you'll be happy in like 3 days when whatever you get arrives.
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Paired with ACT streetlite flywheel 6 years ago
Replaced the clutch in my 2002 wrx - paired this with the ACT streetlite flywheel. I did the job alone, took about 3 days, but everything went smooth and this kit had everything I needed! Quality parts, and the price is pretty unbeatable. No CEL's either - about ~3000mi in so far.
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very pleased 6 years ago
how ever if your doing the job yourself... be organized i cant tell you how many parts we lost during this week long disaster lol granted we were only working nights
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Crazy Fast Shipping! 6 years ago
Putting the new clutch and flywheel on my new car in a few days. I wanted to mention that im REALLY impressed with the price and shipping. I will def be buying my parts from here whenever I can.
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awsome clutch 6 years ago
i bought this for my 2002 wrx along with the act streetlight flywheel and it is a awsome combo and thanks to rallysportdirect i got in within 3 days! i will buy this product again
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Great clutch for Stg 2 6 years ago
Bought this kit because my throwout bearing was starting to go and making horrible noises at 128K on my 04' Stage 2 WRX. Replaced with this kit and it's been great so far! Also resurfaced my flywheel.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Good up to stage 2, stock trans 6 years ago
Zach B.
If you're looking to replace your stock clutch with another OEM clutch. Obviously you've stumbled across the right page. The kit has everything you need and comes with quality bearings.
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good kit 6 years ago
cody k.
put this in my 05 WRX a few months ago. had a pretty beat up stage 1 organic when i bought it. the kit is great comes with everything you need and fitment is perfect right after install it was amazing unfortunetly my car is pushing a little too much power for OEM spec and i can feel it already starting to go out I'm going to be ordering the stage 1 HD organic with the exedy flywheel:)
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Actual Clutch Performance 7 years ago
This Clutch is really good, i have not had any problems with this aside from the alignment tool being bad. Performs like a champ. Had a little chatter on the first week but other than that it is great. Breaking it in is a pain, almost stalled the car multiple times after getting it installed but when it is all broken in it is a great clutch and is highly recommended!
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Great clutch 7 years ago
Very smooth clutch. Would deffinetly suggest this to anyone looking for a new clutch. Will buy agian!
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excellent  7 years ago
the clutch is very nice fast shipping and incredible price will buy again
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Replacement Clutch 7 years ago
This clutch is nice. I dropped trow and put it in!!!
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get it 7 years ago
typical driver stuck in traffic a lot. clutch pressing feels the same. no more shift stick rattling. purchased this w/flywheel and installed was less than $1300 for OEM install/flywheel resurface cost the shops where asking for.
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Great product 7 years ago
Easy to install, all parts included, great price, and fast shipping. Couldn't be happier!
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OEM WRX Clutch 8 years ago
Had an aftermarket clutch before I decided to go back to OE and I have not been happier. Feels so much smooother, no clutch rattle and the car sounds so much better when down shifting. Exedy makes amazing products! Big thanks to RallySportDirect for their great prices, customer service and fast shipping!
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Great Clutch! 8 years ago
I installed one of these on my 99 STi Type R along with the exedy flywheel and it is so smooth! Car is so much better to drive now, (I had a worn out exedy 6 puck that was in the car when I bought it)
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Awesome!!! 1 year ago
So I bought my Subaru with 125k on it and no issues at all with the clutch. Up until me owning it. it had always been stock, that was short lived. After about a month I bought and accessport and started modifying and that's when the clutch started to after doing alot of research and realizing that I wanted a more normal pedal feel as opposed to the stage 2 on there I went with this clutch. I paired this clutch with a ACT streetlite flywheel and I couldn't be happier, it took about a day to get use to the flywheel and now with 1000 miles on it I absolutely love this set up. Clutch grabs great and to my surprise alot no shudder or chatter and that's what I was worried about. I'm so happy with this set up this is what I'll be going with again in the future and as I'll be upgrading turbo this summer I'll keep you updated on how it does with the increase of power. Car is currently dyno tuned at 241whp and clutch is doing great. Easy install as well I did this on a Saturday morning and the whole job took 6 hours on jack stands. Everything fit as it should and no issues what so ever. The only gripe I had was that the clutch disk and cover didn't come wrapped in plastic. and that seemed weird to me.
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Great kit 6 years ago
This is a great product. Installs really easy. Instructions are funny on the box but could of been a little better and more detailed. I would recommend if you have a tune on your car get a stage 1 clutch cause it will help pull harder then the stock one. Great product!
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Bad Alignment Tool and Iffy Packaging  7 years ago
Ok so i bought this clutch and am going to have my mechanic put it in, not a problem right? Wrong. I'm one that cares about the condition of my products and this was unacceptable. I get the clutch today and open the box to check it out and make sure everything is in there. It was but the packing goes like this. The friction plate on the top nothing covering it but the box cardboard, under it is a cushion thing which is pretty good quality, next is a piece of bubble wrap between layers, did not wrap anything. Under that was the pressure plate with no protection but the bubble wrap and the box, not that bad, shouldn't get bent. Then the Bearings and alignment tool were just free to move about, the throw out bearing was wrapped in plastic. The box had holes in it probably from shipping, not from RSD they packed that sucker away good. Oh and my favorite part was the Alignment tool which was warped on the spline ridges so that's no use. I talked to RSD and they are sending me a new tool, i hope it's one day shipping because i need that and its unacceptable. I gave it three stars because of these issues and as for the clutch itself, lets hope it is a lot better than what I've seen so far from exedy.
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