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Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch



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Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch ( Part Number: FJK1000)
Exactly what I wanted 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

I recently bought a action clutch for my 2011 STI, I bought they're stage 1 clutch with a lightweight flywheel. Super happy with it at first but then after just 9,000 miles and only about 5 launches it completely seized up (literally) and actually partially damaged my input shaft. Needless to say I was kinda shopping on a budget but also wanted a good quality clutch, I've had this in my car for about 1,000 miles now and it feels WAY better than the action ever did. Never going to steer away from good ole excedy again.
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Great clutch 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

For being a stock rated clutch it holds power amazingly well if driven responsibly. Sure you can spend a ton on other stages and twin plates but I'm still running this clutch on my modded jdm v7 STI after 135,000kms (85k Miles) Obviously I wouldn't recommend doing launch after launch but my EJ207 with Blouch dom [email protected], 1000cc injectors and 3" catless downpipe is making 350whp and 340lb-ft to the wheels on 91oct (440hp to crankshaft) and it's doesn't so much as even smell when banging gears on track days and releasing the clutch quick. (If you're going to launch this clutch at 5000RPM, give it time to cool down as this is what drastically decreases life) Unlike our German counterparts (BMW/Audi) who's clutches have near zero resistance we get that left leg workout, however this provides great feedback making it easy to prolong the life since you know exactly whats going on. When it does inevitably wear out I will 100% be replacing it with another Exedy product, that is for certain. Recommended for a stock replacement or if your a gentle driver. Gets 4 stars because organic compounds require cooling time but the product and build quality gets hands down 5stars. Once this clutch is worn, which probably wont be anytime soon I'll be going to a higher rated Exedy and recommend that to anyone who likes to launch.
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nice 6 years ago
5out of 5stars

Really great product , im a daily driver so this fits my needs super fast delivery to Monterrey Mexico, many thanks rallysportdirect¡
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A better choice than you may think 8 years ago
5out of 5stars

Although it is just a replacement clutch it feels great just because it's new. I put this in my 04 STi and it's worked wonderfully. I've tried stage 1 clutches before and it's a huge pain in the butt as a daily driver. I'd recommend this for anyone under 300 whp.
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So far so good 3 years ago
4out of 5stars

Great replacement if your mostly stock. Have about 1600 miles and the pedal feel is nice and soft lake the factory. Mated up perfect for my bugeye 6 speed swap.
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