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Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit

MODEL # CCI1 15030-2600


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Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit ( Part Number: 15030-2600)
Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit ( Part Number: 15030-2600)
Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit ( Part Number: 15030-2600)
very good clutch 3 years ago
e chavez
holds up my 400whp to the wheels with no problem, its a little bit hard to drive on a daily basis but nothing too bad, you will get used to it after a couple of weeks. I highly recommend this clutch. I will def will buy again if I have to.
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Awesome Clutch 3 years ago
I haven't quite gotten 100% used to this clutch yet, but I like it so far. It grabs quick and it grabs hard. Pedal effort is greater than stock, and it tends to chatter a little on slow starts, but these are tradeoffs I am willing to make. Hill starts will also take some getting used to.
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Solid clutch for a split between DD and track  3 years ago
Probably one of the best options for anyone planning on making 400-500 whp. I've had this clutch for the past 10k miles and it has been phenomenal. Just enough slip for me to drive it as my DD. Clutch pedal is heavy, but linear. It can handle quite a lot of abuse and It's cheaper compared to other options too. It has a tendency to chatter on engagement at some points so you have to change your driving habits a bit. However, that comes with the territory of any aggressive clutch.
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Stock Feel Performance!!! 3 years ago
This clutch kit is amazing. The pedal feel once installed and broken into is as close to stock as it would be from the factory...but it grabs a hold and doesn't let go of that aftermarket torque. It is with out a doubt a great clutch for anyone whose car is a daily driver and a track beast.
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best of both worlds 3 years ago
I've had this clutch for about 42000 km now it's amazing. It does take a bit of getting use to with the heavier clutch action. It allows you to slip just enough in stop and go traffic but it's agressive enough and strong enough to take some serious abuse. There can be some jutter on clutch drops but when it grabs it really grabs. I don't regret getting this clutch one bit. I do suggest getting a monoloc collar with this clutch tho.
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Awesome 4 years ago
Had it for about 500 miles, still getting used to it. Very grippy
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very nice ....  4 years ago
still getting use to it but still getting use to it !!
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I like it. 4 years ago
When I first installed the clutch, the clutch would grab pretty close to the floor. Now with almost 1500 miles on it, it's back to where the stock clutch would grab. I did get on the throttle and it felt like it slipped in 3rd gear a little which is weird considering I only have ~340whp. Overall it drives like stock, it has a little shutter when you first start going but that's no biggy to me.
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Good! 4 years ago
Just about 1000 miles on it and pedal is just as stock in my opinion! Does take some miles to get use to it! Great option for daily driven car with some hp! +400
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So far so good 5 years ago
After day one with this clutch, I'm very impressed. Pedal pressure is slightly increased and the engagement point is sharper, but overall comfortable for an accurate left foot. I have no hesitation recommending this clutch for a daily driver
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04 Subaru STi Competition Stage 3 Seggy Clutch Kit 2 months ago
So I have had this part on my car since early 2015. I have put on 30k miles with this clutch installed in harsh racing and light highway. It started slipping Nov of 2017 on my 2nd ever track day (but i did a lot of hard street launches/racing leading up to all this. I got this clutch because my previous one was starting to slip from increased power levels from stock. I currently make 470awhp/440awtq on a mustang dyno. I still currently have it on but i can't get into my peak boost/power/torque area without it slipping in 3rd at 20psi, 4th at 15psi and 5 at 10psi (haven't got on it in 6th) and me hitting rev line. 1st and second i can pull full throttle with no issues still. I believe the pressure plate is the cause of this issue. I am soon to order a new clutch but will most likely upgrade to the stage 4 sprung 6 puck very soon for more power. But overall this clutch has lasted and is still going for a daily driver that i'm currently using it for. And overall excellent as always customer satisfaction from RSD.
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Arturo Campos 2 years ago
Artuto O'conner
Thank you for all! I LIKE MY CLUTCH NOW!
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Great clutch for the money. 5 years ago
Currently have 1,700 miles on it with no issues. This particular clutch requires no break in period, however I still have it quite a few hundred miles before really testing it. Felt really stiff at first as to be expected, after a while it did break in to where it wasn't as grabby and releases were much smoother. My car is currently on 19lbs 386whp 392wtq
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Doesn't appear to hold the rated 500wtq 2 years ago
Clutch was fine on my stage 2 setup making 350 whp. After 18 months and 10000 miles on the clutch I upgraded to Blouch Dom 2.5 XTR with 400whp and shortly afterwards it started slipping. My guess is the pressure plate isn't holding up, sometimes its fine for a couple of pulls and then it will slip erratically.
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Stage 3 - Ceramic Clutch Fail 1 year ago
Unfortunately, this clutch is not very street-able at all. Lasted me only a sad 8,000 miles, 2,000 of which were absolutely brutal combination of learning how to drive it and the clutch breaking in. The clutch didn't feel broken in for 1,500-2,000 miles rather than the advertised 300mi. I have to say if I was given the opportunity again, I certainly wouldn't purchase it. Starting in 1st gear was the most brutal part of it all. Hill starts? Forget it. You'll have to roll down to a flat spot and try there.
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Never again.  2 years ago
First and formost, when this clutch worked properly..... it was decent. At most. It got the job done. Now let's get down to some facts. This clutch only lasted me about 20,000 kilometers, and that's just horrific. Japanese traffic can be a nasty nasty nasty beast, so hey, I'll chalk that up to loads of stop and go traffic. This clutch, for me at least, didn't hold up to my expectations. Yes, it put my slightly over stock power to the ground without slipping, and yes it got me through loads of time on many tracks all over japan, but not without a lot of stress and headache. During install, first time I press the clutch in, pop... T/O bearing dislodges from the pressure plate, awesome. Contact CC and I'm like hey, da fuq? "Sometimes the ring needs to be adjusted, try bending it and installing it again"... wow awesome customer service.... pull the mission and bend the retaining ring, holds it in place. Cool. 2 months later, lap 4 at Tsukuba circuit, it pops out again. Really really not cool. So, again, I take the clutch out and bend the ring and hope it'll do it's job... it kinda does and doesn't completely pop out again. That alone pissed me off a fare bit. Now get this, Few months ago, I start getting this horrible noise appon clutch engagment... grinding screatch kind noise..... comes and goes. Shortly after that the clutch stats slipping... Well crap, guess it's already time for a new clutch. Today, I pull the clutch and see that I've gotten down pretty low on the clutch material. Fine with that. As I have stated, this clutch has seen loads of #racecar hours, but what I'm not fine with is the clutch disk springs coming into contact with the mo' effin' pressure plate arms, and causing loads of noise and not allowing me to get full use out of my clutch disk. Not cool Competition Clutch. Going back to to an OS clutch, because my last one lasted me way longer. Only reason I got this clutch was because I swapped a 6 speed into my car, and wanted something different. I hope people read this and take this life story into consideration before purchasing this clutch. If you're into quality, this product probably isn't for you. SpeedRacer Out. /thread.
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Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit (Part Number: )