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Competition Clutch Stage 3 Full Face Dual Friction Clutch Kit

MODEL # CCI1 15030-2250


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Excellent clutch kit 4 months ago
This does exactly what I want from my STi with daily driving and autocross performance all in one. Break in is rough but it smooths nicely once broken in and grabs very strong when you're looking for quick acceleration
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Comp stage 3  9 months ago
I’m at 800 miles so far with this. Install was straight forward and easy. May sound dumb but it’d be nice it there was a stick that said “this side flywheel” or something. But break in was kinda a struggle. But once break in + a few miles it’s very nice. Grabs hard every time and without hesitation. I would recommend this. Though I’m only at roughly 320 hp and maybe 350 torque if I’m lucky so she’s good
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great product 3 years ago
Quinton Muzyka
Awesome clutch packaged well fit's perfect. rough 500 mile break in period
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Great Clutch so far 3 years ago
Just have around 500 miles on this and haven't gotten on it but a little bit. The clutch wants to just grip and go. Rush hour traffic isn't bad at all and the pedal pressure is almost exactly like stock. The disc is doing the magic on this clutch and I'm very confident in my purchase.
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2012 STI 4 years ago
Been very rought while break in period. Not that bad after, grabs very hard. Performs extremely well on the track with load and high rpm. On the street you need to rev up a little from stand start in order to engage smoothly. Would not sugest for DD if you like a smooth ride. But it definetly can hold a lot of abuse.
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Great dd and track clutch 4 years ago
I installed this in my 09 sti. During break in it had some rough chatter from stop, which is expected on a performance clutch. Have about 2000 miles on it now and the chatter is very subtle now. Very smooth engagement up and downshifts. Took it to the track and no slips. launched at 4200 grab and go. Overall great clutch for dd and track. Great price and quality product. Pedal feel is so close to stock after its broken in, hard to tell its different. Thanks RSD!
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Huge difference 4 years ago
I am very satisfied with this cluth, a little over 1k miles on it now and im absolutely loving it broke in extremely well. Ive since driven stock STIs and WRXs and cannot stand the stock clutch in comparison. Im currently making around 370whp 365wtq
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Awesome for DD! 5 years ago
So I have a 2013 STi making 341whp/391wtq (mustang dyno #'s) that I knew I needed an upgraded clutch for as I was significantly above stock performance levels. At 14k miles, I put this clutch in my car in addition to the CC lightweight flywheel. All I have to say is - wow. The lightweight flywheel makes an astounding difference between stock. The car is able to rev up/down significantly faster than stock. I am suspecting that the lightened flywheel will take at least a tenth off my quarter mile times because of the difference from stock and how much more fluent shifting is now. Furthermore, this clutch is still fairly easy to slip for daily driving (will be even more so in 500 miles). I have driven about 80 miles with the new clutch now and it feels great. I need to get moving around 1300rpms in first gear although I am confident that this number will drop over time as the clutch breaks in. Sure this setup you will need to get used to and comes with some more NVH (noise/vibration/harshness), but if you are buying a clutch kit for your STi, I think you have gotten over all that by now. Also, the clutch is a little heavier than stock but not to the point where you would consider it a detriment. Overall, I would recommend this clutch for anyone DD'ing their car that still wants performance without having to go to a twin disc setup.
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Amazing clutch! Staff could use some training though...  3 years ago
Ordered this clutch for my car because my old 6-puck was slipping under 380whp abuse. When the kit arrived i was disappointed to discover the pressure plate was assembled wrong and would not fit on the car. I got in contact with CC and they responded in a timely manner, I returned the parts and they sent out the kit again. I was then disappointed yet again to find that they had sent the wrong disc with the pressure plate! Finally they call back and leave a completely incomprehensible message on my answering machine. I called them and after talking to the representative they told me that the clutch I had ordered wasn't even capable of holding 425wtq when on the website it says it holds up to 450. When the correct parts were obtained and put in the car, i will say this clutch is amazing. Holds power amazingly and is relatively streetable, especially compared to my old 6-puck. To conclude, the clutch is a great buy and will hopefully hold the power for quite some time. The STAFF on the other hand I would rate 1 or 2 stars. Everything was dealt with in a very quick manner, however quick does not cut it went the parts are messed up TWO times during boxing and shipping, while my car is sitting on the lift collecting dust.
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Come stage 3 clutch 2 months ago
Very chattery, good driving doesn’t slip at 350 hp, but would not recommend. After 2,000 miles the bearing in the pressure plate literally exploded under normal driving. Cost $100 to get a new “bearing kit” which comes with throw out bearing, pressure plate bearing, and pilot bearing. Can’t order just that singular part. Other than that rallysport direct shipped it quick and everything no complaints on there end. But for the clutch I wouldn’t recommend.
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Competition Clutch Stage 3 Full Face Dual Friction Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 3 Full Face Dual Friction Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 3 Full Face Dual Friction Clutch Kit (Part Number: )