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Competition Clutch Stage 2 Steelback Brass Plus Clutch Kit

MODEL # CCI1 15029-2100


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I love this clutch 1 year ago
I bought this with the light flywheel and I am glad I made this choice, the car accelerates a little faster. After these parts where installed the clutch was really stiff and I kept stalling the car. After about a week the clutch started to feel like normal. Would recommend this to anyone that wants an upgrade from stock.
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Clutch and flywheel combo 2 years ago
Just had this and the Competition Clutch Lightweight Flywheel installed on my car. The clutch feels grabby and I love it! Just have to get used to the new pedal feel.
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still going STRONG! 3 years ago
Just to give an update on this product. Had this installed two years ago with no problems. My car is tuned at 310whp and 370wtq on a 2005 sti. I believe in this product and you can't go wrong with it. Thank you Competition clutch for a GREAT CLUTCH and RSD for helping build my dream car.
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Very grippy 4 years ago
I have had the clutch in my 04 wrx for about 30 miles now, and my first impressions are good. The clutch is very grabby, so make sure you leave some room between you and the car in front of you at the red light. When i did the clutch I also put in a light weight flywheel and a SS clutch line. It all feels very crisp and responsive with very good pedal feel. Once I hit the 500 mile mark and start to break it in a little more I'll post another review and tell y'all how its going.
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Excellent choice! 4 years ago
I've had my clutch in for about 5,000 mi. now and it's still as stiff as day 1! I've had exedy before this and the Subaru stage 2 before that and they definitely didn't compare to the durability of the competition clutch! Awesome clutch for the low cost and very reliable!
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Great Clutch for great price 5 years ago
This clutch is perfect for my Stage 2 2003 WRX. It holds power very well, & had not clutch chatter during break-in like some more aggressive clutches out there. I paired this with a ACT Streetlite Flywheel and they work very well together. The clutch feeling is very close to OEM, with it just being a little stiffer than the OEM clutch.
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good stuff! 5 years ago
I just had this clutch installed yesterday along with there light weight flywheel and it's great. It grabs right off the floor just like it should and is pretty smooth. I was expecting it to feel a lot different driving but it feels close to oem. Super excited to get past 500 mile break in period :)
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Doesn't hold power 5 years ago
Just bought this clutch and my car has over 100ft/lbs of torque less than what this clutch is rated for and even after the proper break in, the clutch will not hold the power. Either I have bad luck and got a faulty clutch or the torque capacity is wrong. If anyone is condsidering this product with anywhere near 300ft/lbs at the wheels, I would think about going one step better to be safe.
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Competition stage two clutch  2 years ago
Installed this in my Subaru wrx I also bought the competition flywheel car revs quicker clutch feels great. Doesn't push your foot back at you hahha. I'd recommend this Clutch. It's not too pricey as well. Would have been even better if it was on sale hahah. Have a good one guys keep building them cars .
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