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Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit
Subaru Models (inc. 2002-2005 WRX)
Read 2 Reviews | 3 Q&As
Part # 15029-1620
msrp: $639.00

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Features & Product Details

This assembly, available with a double spring, six rivet carriage is good for ease of gear transition with higher horsepower. This disc complimented by a performance pressure plate provides up to 250% increase in torque capacity. 300 mile break-in recommended with this set-up.

The 1620 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a six puck high torque sprung disc with Ceramic buttons, all applicable bearings, and the appropriate alignment tool.


Brand: Competition Clutch
Alignment Tool Included: Yes
Clamp Load Increase: Not supplied
Crank Torque Capacity: Not Provided
Disc Material: Ceramic
Disc Style: Sprung Hub
Disc Type: 6-Puck
Flywheel Included: No
Pilot Bearing Included: Yes
Pressure Plate Style: Pull
SFI Approved: Yes
Throwout Bearing Included: Yes
Wheel Torque Capacity: 525 ft/lbs
Mfgr. Warranty: 90 Days
Condition: New Product
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Great clutch 4 years ago
Clutch is very chattery during break in as expected with a 6 puck. After 300 miles it was fine. I launch with 400hp 350tq with it all the time. Zero problems after 2000 miles and many launches. I highly recommend it.
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FXT applied... 5 years ago
Nice clutch!! Peddle pressure only slightly more but the grip is fantastic... I recommend that if you do go with this clucth upgrade your trans mount, engine mounts and pitch stop to group N parts and add the rear subframe 'bump' stops!!!
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  • Q: fitment cross over.   wrx-leprechaun2 years ago

    does this clutch kit and the stage 2 steelback brass plus, the 2100 series, share the same pressure plate? i currently have the stage 2 clutch installed and the disk is slipping, thinking about getting the stage 4 6 puck disk, just want to make sure it is the same pressure plate and will be compatable. would i need to do the 500 mile break in on the clutch if i dont change pressure plate?
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      A:  Both kits (15029-2100 AND 15029-1620) share the same pressure plate (3-671) You will still need to break in the clutch (400 mile/stop and go traffic) since it is a ceramic compound. Failure to do so will cause the friction material to break apart pre-maturely.

      Brady R @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago  
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  • Q: Daily Use/Feel?  blackmagickei162293 years ago

    Is this still within the realm of practicality for a DD? That's been modified of course. Do you have recommendatons besides engine/transmission mounts? I am in the middle of a build that will be putting out 350-400awhp, and my torque results have always been higher than my awhp. I currently have a Competition Clutch Stage 2 but it's max rating is at 400trq, with a lot of reviews saying it's lower than that. I'm not trying to drive on something that will be holding close to its max capacity rating, same as you don't want to be driving your turbo close to its max rating. Any recommendations? I'm looking at this as I did not see the Stage 3 getting the best ratings for those who have bought it, and I'd like something within the realm of 450-500 torque capacity. Would you still recommend the Stage 3, or is the Stage 4 still practical for DD use? Or do you have any other recommendations for other clutches? Thank you.
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      A:  I wouldn't recommend this clutch as a daily driver as the 6 puck clutches are very aggressive to drive everyday. I would recommend the stage 3 competition clutch as it will be able to hold a lot of torque and be easier to drive daily.

      Chris W. @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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  • Q: would it work  Lewi Lewi3 years ago

    I have a stock 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX and I was wondering if this clutch would be too much for the stock engine? thanks
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      A:  This is a very aggressive clutch for your vehicle and although it would work, is not recommended.

      Nick S. @ RallySport Direct 3 years ago  
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