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Competition Clutch Stage 3 Full Face Dual Friction Clutch Kit ( Part Number:CCI1 15026-2250)

Competition Clutch Stage 3 Full Face Dual Friction Clutch Kit

Part #: CCI1 15026-2250
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.



Brand: Competition Clutch
Alignment Tool Included: Yes
Clamp Load Increase: Not supplied
Disc Material: Ceramic / Brass Plus
Disc Style: Sprung Hub
Disc Type: Solid
Flywheel Included: Yes
Pilot Bearing Included: Yes
Pressure Plate Style: Push
SFI Approved: Yes
Throwout Bearing Included: Yes
Torque Capacity: 450 ft/lbs at the wheels

Mfgr. Warranty: 90 Days
Condition: New Product
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The CCI 2250 Brass Plus / Cerametallic performance kit is engineered to deliver up to 65-70% increase in Torque capacity for heavy duty street use. This unit is designed for the cost sensitive enthusiast who still enjoys the benefit of the dissimilar materials. This combination allows superb holding power with great clutch life in moderately enthusiastic conditions.
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  • Q: Flywheel Weight  OsirisGage 2 years ago


    Hello! I am curious what the included weight of the flywheel is in this package? I see above you mentioned it is just below the weight of the OEM one, but what weight specifically? If needed, is there any possible way to order a lighter flywheel with this package with an adjusted proce? Thank you.

    • A: The flywheel included in this clutch kit is a lightweight flywheel and weighs 13.47 pounds.

      Chris W. 2 years ago
  • Q: Stage 2 vs 3  baldmasterflex 3 years ago


    From the description of the Comp Clutch stage 2 it says that it has an 80% increase in torque capacity over stock, but the stage 3 says only a 65-70% increase. Is this correct? Also is the flywheel included in this kit a lightweight flywheel vs stock? I currently have a 2010 WRX 327hp/357tq on a dynojet and I'm trying to weigh my clutch options as well as leave myself room to grow (possibly larger turbo and internals down the road). My car is a daily with 46000 miles, and I drive only a few miles a day, but I can be pretty aggressive. I just want to know that I can launch it once in a while without having to worry about the clutch. Any advice on clutch/ flywheel combos would be appreciated

    • A: The numbers listed are correct, this is a great daily driver / autocross clutch. This clutch will also provide you with the room to grow in power as you mentioned. Also includes the flywheel just below oem weight that wont trigger CEL lights. The Stage 2 is also a good option, and can hold more torque due to the differences in disk material. Both kits include the flywheel and would be good for holding down the power! As far as launching goes we cant guarantee how they will hold up since everyone launches differently, and is considered mis-use of the clutch. I hope this helped you for deciding your purchase, have a great day.

      guest566b370c2a8d25ff038ca65d 3 years ago
  • Q: Daily Driving  Marseth 4 years ago


    How is this clutch for daily driving? I plan on getting up to 400ft/lab at the wheels.

    • A: Power wise you will be just fine, but this clutch will have a stiffer pedal over factory. But it won't kill your leg during traffic.

      Kyle A. 4 years ago