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Competition Clutch Stage 2 Steelback Brass Plus Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel

MODEL # CCI1 15026-2100


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Competition Clutch Stage 2 Steelback Brass Plus Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel ( Part Number: 15026-2100)
Competition Clutch Stage 2 Steelback Brass Plus Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel ( Part Number: 15026-2100)
Pretty good 9 months ago
Really great clutch kit haven’t ran into any issues other than receiving the wrong parts at first but it’s been over a month. I have some squeaking but i think that’s just because the pivot point needs some grease. So even though it say light grease the the clutch kit parts don’t forget about the other parts you have to install back they should be greased generously
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Excellent High-Torque DD Clutch! 1 year ago
After 20K miles on an Exedy Stage 1, the clutch release bearing started chirping pretty bad and induced a vibration into my drive train. I started shopping for clutches, and wanted a very streetable single disk clutch for my DD, but needed it to withstand around 400 ft/lbs of torque. I perused a whole bunch of clutch reviews and whittled the list down to the CC Stage 2 on the advice of my tuner. I also bought an OEM clutch release bearing (new revised part # 30502AA160) for $50 and a new OEM release fork for $25. When I picked up the car after my tuner installed the clutch, I anticipating shudder, abrupt engagement, and a stiffer pedal. What I got was a very predictable engagement and a really mellow clutch pedal (almost soft). I think the noise level is also a bit quieter than the previous clutch. Full engagement is much more direct—you don’t want to try to slip this clutch much, just feather the throttle and find the engagement ‘sweet spot’. The car is so much easier to shift and drive compared to the Exedy Stage 1: smoother engagement, less noise and chatter, and a softer pedal (WTF?). I couldn’t believe this clutch is rated to 450 ft/lbs of torque – it’s a complete pussycat, very DD-friendly. I’m assuming this is because they can use weaker pressure plate springs due to the larger gripping surface between their pressure plate, disk, and non-stepped steel flywheel? Another reservation I had was running a lightweight flywheel (this clutch can only be used with their flywheel). I read numerous accounts of guys having a hard time engaging from a stop and stalling their cars due to the reduced mass of a lighter flywheel. No problems here. At 13.7 lbs., the flywheel included in this kit isn’t in the ‘stupid light’ category. I could hardly tell any difference engaging from a stop as far as engine rpms required for a smooth start. But I did notice that throttle response was a bit crisper and the engine felt peppier and freer to rev. Very nice! I’ve had a Kartboy lightweight crank pulley on the car for a couple years, and have not yet encountered any ECU faults from the combination of the lightweight flywheel and crank pulley combo (crank sensor ‘over rev’ condition when the ECU thinks the engine is revving too quickly). But I have been taking it easy since I’m breaking in the clutch. Clif notes: Great street clutch – feels like the stocker, a bit more abrupt on engagement, but can handle much more torque. Highly recommended for a DD! Lightweight flywheel suits my driving style really well – allows me to squirt through openings in traffic a bit more easily. Suggestions: Use a new OEM clutch release bearing and replace the clutch fork while you’re in there. They’re cheap insurance.
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Clutch 2 years ago
Great clutch for under 400 foot pounds.
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Great product  2 years ago
Great product, easy to install. I am still in the breakin period. So I haven't tested it, but I can feel that the car i mush more aggressive. The only thing that I miss here is that you have to reuse the flywheel bolts.
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2 years/35k+ 05 legacy gt 290whp 2 years ago
go fast...
Its been a good clutch. Its a little stiff if you're not used to it. I bought it when I was only making 207whp relatively stock. I only broke it in for 250 miles before doing a back to back rallyx and then drag racing next day. I drove it another 10k with a few races along the way. The car sat around only drive once every 2 weeks or so when I was away for 9 months. Then I put about 500mi on it after I got back till I spun #3 rod bearing haha. It then sat for another 2 months but this time not moving. I built a ej257 with full bolt ons and a tune. Made about 290whp stock turbo. I then put alot of miles on it and a few more races. Its finally on its way out now at 35k and 2 years. If i properly broke it in and "used" my car less and just drove it to work an what not. Probably could have gotten ALOT more out of it. Great clutch overall. I drive HARD this puts up with it. Really revvy flywheel, its my favorite part. NO CEL. Any questions pm me on instagram and follow me while youre at it! @coffintom
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Competition clutch stage2 w/ lightweight flywheel  2 years ago
I purchased the clutch kit with lightweight flywheel for my 06 Subaru WRX, installed it, took it the 500 break in miles and then some. At the beginning the clutch pedal was alittle stiff, but with the miles climbing up the pedal began to decrease in stiffness. The lightweight flywheel although it doesnt add any HP it does give you the feeling that it has. You will notice a deference in your shift points also. This is my second stage 2 clutch in different cars. I would def. recommend this clutch to anyone That has a WRX.
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Great clutch kit 3 years ago
I see everyone posting this clutch is awful, slips, and smells. This has NOT been the case in my car. I went through break in period, and yes reverse and hill stop an go will smell a tad along with rocky starts getting out of first, but after about 100 miles more or less I never experienced that again. The chatter went away for me by 1k miles and I have 6.5k miles on it now zero smell, zero chatter, zero problems...Yes I have launched it, yes I drive spirited sometimes, this clutch can def. handle the power and I am only TP stage 2. This clutch grabs HARD and FAST but a little focus and practice and I couldn't be happier with its performance. My guess is most people are treating it like the original stock clutch where you have a lot of room to slip it and feather it without the clutch acting up. This clutch has a stock feel as far as depressing it but its grab point is MUCH sooner and its grab strength is MUCH stronger so just be aware and you will be fine. Again a little practice goes a longgg way. Couple side notes: 1) Called around some local shops here in Austin,TX cheapest to install it was $2100 so I did it myself about an 10-12 hour job and bring another person with you. 2) The dust cover will rub on your clutch so either bend it like i did with a crow bar or shave it and clean the area after, i would not suggest removing it completely though, it is there for a reason.
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Great Clutch kit!! 3 years ago
Until you break the clutch in, take off will be rocky and you will have to rev the engine up a lil more to take off. Clutch engages just about 2 inches of pressing the clutch pedal down. I have over 10k miles on this clutch and flywheel combo and it is awesome. No slippage!
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Grips Hard! 4 years ago
Strong feeling clutch! The light wheel fly wheel is a added bonus, No DTC'S withe the flywheel and can notice slightly better Revs. All in all its a nice combo.
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Stock feel, great performance 4 years ago
I don't know how, but the pedal feel is nearly unchanged after having the stage two Competition Clutch professionally installed in my 2006 Subaru Legacy GT. The pedal is ever-so-slightly heavier. (Wife didn't even notice.) Engine is noticeably more responsive, quicker revving, making it easier to upshift and especially downshift. Still running stock power, so no comment on the claims of increased torque-holding capacity. I have 1100 miles on the clutch now, and occasionally still smell that clutch smell. Especially in reverse. Perhaps this has more to do with my driving style than the clutch? I kept the engine under 3500 RPM for the first 400 miles, as recommended, and was really easy on the clutch during that period. Now I can launch and there's no slippage whatsoever.
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2012 WRX 4 years ago
Just had this clutch installed by the guys at Cobb in Plano. Only about 100 miles so far and it is still a little chattery and stiff, but overall not much more than when the stock clutch was new. Can't wait to try some launches once it's broken in.
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2006 WRX 4 years ago
Sonny Alloway
I have a 06' wrx, I replaced my previous clutch ( ACT heavy duty stage 1) with this stage 2 Competition clutch and its amazing. Love it.
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Don't be afraid of this Clutch. 4 years ago
I was worried this stage two clutch would be really hard to shift and kill my leg since I daily drive my Subaru... to my surprise this clutch takes less effort than stock and really pops through the gears with ease. I do some autocross events every year, currently Cobb stage 2 with plans to go stage 3. This clutch is PERFECT for what I want. The lightweight fly-wheel is really a nice benefit. Stock flywheel is stepped and weighs around 22 lbs. not worth keeping in there. It cost a lot to get resurfaced and or replace... Flywheel comes with the kit for a great price anyway. Flywheel is 13.7 lbs in this kit which I think is a perfect fit and still has good kinetic energy for low end torque. Really makes driving feel lighter and accelerating just comes more naturally and faster. In addition to this kit I bought the crankshaft rear seal and had Solid Autoworks in SLC do the work. I recommend them if your in town. $380 for Subaru Clutch work +tax etc. I'm still breaking in the clutch, so first gear is kind of jerky but I can feel the potential and I am so happy I replaced the stock clutch with this one.
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Great clutch  4 years ago
Having this clutch kit for over a year now putting over 20k miles on it , and I must say it run perfect .Clamping force is great even when you abuse(street racing / track time ) ,never shows signs off fade . a must buy
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Amazing 4 years ago
This is amazing. The lightweight flywheel is very noticeable, my car accelerates noticeably quicker in the lower gears. Be warned tho, break in is MUST!!! ALMOST stalled it the first time lol after about 200 miles it gets better, I'm at about 500 miles now and it's greatly easier than the first 100. Those of you who have only driven stage 1 clutches, this one will kick your butt, the slip zone is about 1 inch on the peddle
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great clutch!!! 4 years ago
installed this clutch+flywheel combo on my wrx when rebuilding my engine. 300 miles in and chatter is near gone and the thing grabs like a champ. beware your left leg will get a workout in traffic !
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we will see 5 years ago
seems to be working great had to mod the dust cover and a fuw other things but so far so good at about 250mi we will see after it is broke in
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2012 wrx installed  5 years ago
Im at the 200 mile point in the break in process of this clutch and id have to say its doing great. The hardcore chatter initiating into first and between gears has become much smoother through the process already and can be driven normally without rattling the whole car anymore. Clutch pedal is noticeably stiffer but not too aggressive, and combined with the group n tranny mount and motul gear300 doesnt put off to much gear whine. The only problem is that for the time being I am constantly throwing a vehicle speed sensor code and a cylinder 1 misfire code on my accessport because the crank sensor is reading the flywheel's rapid deceleration (due to the light weight and increased responsiveness) as a misfire instead of normal function.
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Detailed Characteristics Review 2 Yrs 18K Miles Later.. 8 days ago
Let me start by saying the quality of this product is excellent and it is very well built including the bearings. In spite of that I immediately disliked this clutch for approximately the first 5k miles and months of driving. Know that it feels very different from stock with an aggressive bite that takes a while to get used to. This clutch is designed to engage quickly and so it does NOT like to "slip" for very long at all. This makes reversing more difficult and will likely result in you producing a smelly clutch for a while until it fully breaks in and you get used to it. If you're the kind of driver that likes slipping the clutch a fair amount, this is not the clutch for you. If you drive in traffic often, this clutch is not for you. Longevity of clutches always depend on driving style so bash this clutch if you dislike it because you lack adequate driver skill to operate this clutch effectively and doesn't last as long as you expected. This clutch is great for the cars that make enough power to warrant the use of it and for drivers that don't mind or want a more racey car feeling than you get with the stock clutch. That being said I wish there were better reviews of this product when I go it so I could put more consideration to other more daily driver friendly options but I enjoy the slight performance enhancements it provides for the price. 2014 WRX
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2005 outback XT, COBB stage 2 9 months ago
I have had this clutch kit installed for just over 600 miles now. It is fantastic, replacing the dual mass flywheel with a single mass light weight flywheel has made the throttle response much more snappy! May be the Placebo affect, I do believe the car accelerates a good bit faster as well. Clutch pedal weight feels about the same as factory, although this clutch grabs much faster. I did not use the throw-out bearing that comes in the kit. I purchased an OEM Subaru bearing, along with the clutch release fork while I was in there. Over all a great kit to replace the factory clutch/flywheel with!
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This clutch amazing 1 year ago
So my 2010 etc was making around 430hp and my old clutch was just not cutting it so I looked for a new clutch and found the act 2 it's a great clutch broke it in and I couldn't b happier I feel it really engaging and I'm not slipping or grinding through gears anymore
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May not be what you wanted 3 years ago
I'm running about 330hp/310tq so I am a long way from the 450tq this can handle. I have 1k on mine so maybe there's still a bit of breaking in left to do. It still stinks with just a bit of feather. It still chatters if you don't RPM match very close. This thing will grab. Stock is like rubbing your hands together with talc, this is like rubbing them together with pine tar. Not built for street comfort, but its got plenty of race car hook. It takes a driver to run it smooth.
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so far so good 4 years ago
I have had my clutch now for 1000 miles, the first 100 to 400 miles there was a ridiculous amount of chatter. it eventually started to go away towards 500 miles and now is pretty much gone. i live in philly so its alot of stop and go perfect for break in, engagement is another thing you need to get used to, a little rough at first. with the lighter flywheel you need to give a little more gas to start off, you eventually get used to it. good clutch so far
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Great product! 4 years ago
So I ordered the competition clutch stage 2 and you love it. As they said in the description it is definitely going to be different than when you're driving your stock clutch.. It grabs a lot faster than your stock clutch so get used to that. It will take time to get used to it definitely worth the wait because when you work it in and begin to get used to it you get the feel the true power of the clutch.
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So Far So Good... 4 years ago
Robot Doctor
I only have about 600 miles on so far. I drive mostly on the highway (not freeway) as I live a long ways from work and drive secondary roads about 80 miles one way. The GOOD: RSD service and support! If you are looking for quick revving setup this is the way to go! Clamping force is wicked! I notice only slightly higher pedal effort compared to my wife's 2011 WRX. The not sure part: The lightweight flywheel combined with the Kartboy (KAR KB-050) lightweight pulley is maybe a bit too much compared to stock for my 2008 Legacy GT. The bottom end torque is dramatically less with this combo. Driving in traffic can be a bit of a challenge. Practice makes perfect, LOL! I am not sure that I will stick with the Kartboy pulley, or change back to an OEM pulley.. A little more rotating mass never hurts a daily driver in traffic. Note that you will need a Torx socket for your OEM flywheel bolts, and these will be re-used on the install of the new flywheel.(I seem to recall T-50) All other hardware that you need is included with the kit.
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Competition clutch 8 months ago
Most people who are giving reviews on this product haven't really used the product for 3 years like I have; I am posting this review 40,000 miles and 3 years later. Anything that is new will most likely work well the first few thousand miles but what about after that? I am going to keep this succinct and straight to the point. I went stage 2 cobb tuned and like expected my oem clutch started to slip shortly after. I came across this clutch kit and had it professionally installed by my friend who is a certified transmission specialist at a subaru dealership. I adhered to the 500 mile break in period and babied it. The clutch rattles a little bit but it is not something that is insufferable. Now I am having trouble with this clutch that I only got 40,000 miles out of. I never took my car to the track and I don't abuse my car. It was perfect when it was working and I never had trouble shifting until now. Be wary of buying this profuct. Like I said, it worked great when it was actually working but I dont think 40000 is getting your moneys worth out of a clutch.
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Noise 11 months ago
Install was ok besides cover on the bottom of tranny needed to be bent down just a little. Main thing is the horrible noise this thing generates, and also has a grabbing/studder issues from a dead stop. I wouldn't buy this clutch again.
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The cat is still out of the bag on this one.... 3 years ago
So I just went through a rebuild and decided to do my clutch and flywheel at the same time. I expected this clutch to be difficult in stop and go traffic and it is. There is little to no room for slipping which makes red lights and hill starts a real pain. I DID have a lot of chatter for the first few hundred miles (at 1000 miles so far). Its still chattering but very faintly Ill give it a few hundred more before I start to get concerned. If you end up slipping it you better breath through your mouth because it is pretty rough. Hopefully it can handle the power ratings that it was marketed with!
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noisy and not what you expect or advertised. 3 years ago
When my OEM clutch started to give out i was torn of going stage 2 or keep OEM, future plans of 350whp were close and current setup was pushing 300whp. Had a local shop do it since the setup was cheaper than stock and the labor as well. after about 1,200 the chatter was still horrible! engagement point is so touchy in first that 9/10 the car bogs. I even did a pitch stop change to help. I burn the clutch up going in reverse and can not balance on a Hill either without it smelling. Never launched the car or race just spirited driving. I'm not at 5k miles and my car is sitting in my driveway going to the shop since it now is slipping if I give it more than 50% pushing 8psi. They are thinking it was a bad clutch and warranty will replace it. either way I am going another route, so beware if you think this is a good setup it is not.
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Throw out bearing goes bad  2 years ago
I have had to replace the throwout bearing 2 times! First time I did it greased all parts necessary went out , had a shop do the second time it is sounding like another failed bearing .. pita to do all that work for a bearing ,definitely going another route
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Competition Clutch Stage 2 Steelback Brass Plus Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel (Part Number: )
Competition Clutch Stage 2 Steelback Brass Plus Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel (Part Number: )