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ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Clutch Kit



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ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Clutch Kit ( Part Number: SB11-HDSS)
ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Clutch Kit ( Part Number: SB11-HDSS)
a little chattery 1 month ago
other than being kinda chattery and shaking the whole car its a great buy
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ACT HD on my 08 Legacy GT 5 months ago
I replaced my previous clutch since my clutch fork ended up getting some major damage. After driving 400 miles with this ACY HD, I must say it engages really smooth and paired with the streetlight flywheel, it is almost similar to my 98 integra GSR. Definitely light on the feet/calf muscles haha. Revs alot quicker compared to the stock dmfw and the smfw I had paired with the SB stage 3 daily clutch. It's like driving the car when I first got it all stock. Hope it holds up with my setup making 340whp-330wtq. 4 stars for performance since I have yet to fully test the clutch and it's full capabilities with my power on E85 map (370whp 350wtq). With stx71, ID1000s , DW300, ELH, catless DP, CAI, etc etc
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Awesome  8 months ago
After installation of a stage 1+ kit on my 2013 WRX I noticed the clutch couldn’t handle the extra power. I did a bunch of research, reading all the different reviews and watching all the videos made choosing the ACT performance street clutch easy. Installation was easy thanks to my buddy Joe at Redline Autosports in Floral Park, NY (shameless plug). Most of my driving is stop and go in NYC, so far the pedal and clutch feel great. Definitely more grabby than stock, so it takes some getting use to. Like everyone else says, it does smell a bit especially after my city driving, but I’m hoping that clears with break in. Solid product, great pricing, excellent delivery time.
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excellent clutch kit for 2015+ wrx 8 months ago
After 12k miles the stock clutch started to slip. it held pretty well @ 380whp / 350wtq for more than a year. now my current power @ 406whp / 360wtq the stock clutch started to slip and needed a clutch upgrade. the ACT SB11-HDSS was highly recommended from the wrx forums and few performance shops. i'm glad i went with this clutch and hoping it will last for a while. thank you Rallysportdirect!
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Great Clutch Kit 9 months ago
I upgraded my factory clutch to this ACT SB11-HDSS with a lighter flywheel and heavy duty pressure plate. The clutch pedal is about the same as the factory was. However, when it grabs a gear, it grabs it! You can feel it grabbing the gear firmer. I would recommend this to someone needing a clutch that will take more torque if you have modded your WRX to put out more power. I'm at 362/352 and this clutch is working great.
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Great clutch for Tuned WRX 1 year ago
I have a 2006 WRX that I purchased with a Stage 3 clutch earlier in the year. The clutch was very stiff and chattered considerable in daily driving. It eventually wore out, and I talked with the customer service reps at Rallysportdirect about options for replacement considering I am putting down around 370 ft-lbs of torque. They recommended a few options, and I chose the ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Clutch. Great choice so far. This thing is MUCH better for "spirited" daily driving. It grabs quickly and smoothly, and the peddle effort it greatly reduced. I just hope it lasts! My transmission shop was also very impressed with it, and they think it will do very well in this set up.
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Dope 2 years ago
So I've had this clutch in for about 2,000 miles. The first 700 miles when it was breaking in it burnt so bad, not like glaze over, just stinks. Now it never really stinks, if you're trying to launch sometimes it takes a second for it to catch all the way. Daily driving it is great! Previously i had the Competition stage 3 segmented ceramic clutch, this clutch would chatter quite a bit when daily driving but it did grab really strong when you were trying to launch or race or what not. Both are good clutches. ACT Heavy duty for sporty daily driving, Competition stage 3 for Performance and little daily driving
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ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Clutch Kit (Part Number: )
ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Clutch Kit (Part Number: )