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ACT Xtreme Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit



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ACT Xtreme Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit ( Part Number: SB10-XTSS)
ACT Xtreme Duty Performance on Stock horsepower/torque 2005 STI 11 days ago
so i roasted the stock clutch from bad launches and decided to get this xtreme clutch disc for my "abusive driving" heres a detailed review. pedal feel is about 1.5-2x greater than the stock clutch engagement depending on how strong yo calves are. this thing definitely hooks hard to the point where you can feel the differential clunk in the rear and the entire drive train rattles pretty hard when you press in the clutch too fast at a first gear engagement (its normal dont worry about the noise). I've done alot of launches, not back to back cause i let it cool off now, but this thing has not slipped or failed at all. CONS: definitely dont use this if you got stock horse power or daily drive in stop and go traffic, it fk'ing sucks, alot. I would opt for the "act heavy duty" version, trust me. ALSO: use the OEM STI throw out bearing, this ACT one is garbage and has already failed at less than 10k-16k miles on it, it hasn't really blown up yet, but it sounds like rod knock at idle and it has only gotten worse and more louder.
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Excellent quality and fantastic performance!! 10 months ago
The packaging to preserve quality was better than any I have ever seen before. Installs as any other clutch would. Pedal push is heavier than the stock clutch but not nearly as extreme as others have made it sound. I was actually concerned about the weight of the pedal and then pleasantly surprised.. I had some shuddering on engagement for the first 100 break in miles or so, but then it went away and engagements are smooth. I run a 485hp 460tq STI and it holds the power just fine.
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Act clutch 1 year ago
Combined with act streetlite flywheel. Grabs better than stock. Engages slightly earlier but I'm over it. Easy to drive on street which is what I do 99% of the time. Overall great upgrade. Can't wait to burn some of it off at the track!
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Great clutch! 2 years ago
Harry Williams
I was torn between a few clutches for my new STI, but after driving my buddy's southbend stage 2 I knew i wanted the strong snap of the ACT extreme pp. I had 2 act's and 1 CM on my old WRX and missed the feeling. So far it feels great. I only have 150 miles in it, but it holds power fine. Easy if instillation, well it's a clutch job. But everything installed well and quality is great. I highly recommend this if you prefer a heavier feeling clutch. I daily drive this in NJ traffic and it's fine.
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Awesome Clutch 3 years ago
Currently my car is Cobb Stage two, and I was having issues with the clutch slipping at 100% throttle. I purchased this clutch with the streetlite flywheel and Goodrich stainless steel clutch line. The improvement is incredible and the clutch grabs really well. The first about 500 to 1000 miles the clutch rattled when taking off, but since has become almost non existent. ***Note*** please be advised it is HIGHLY recommended to also get a new OEM Master Clutch Cylinder from Subaru. Some mechanics may be able to get by without replacing it, but save yourself the hassle I went through. It's about $180
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Great clutch! 3 years ago
Installed this clutch in my garage, and everything bolted up the way it was supposed to. I used a brand new OEM STi flyhweel with it. I also used a OEM throwout bearing, just because the ACT ones have bad reviews.. So far so good. The clutch had a pretty good amount of chatter the first 150 miles, now its starting to get less and less. There is increased transmission noise, almost a grinding type of sound you get when you let off the throttle and just coast while in gear. Normal for an upgraded clutch though. Definitely a street worthy clutch. Pedal feel is a nice upgrade from stock, especially paired up with a Goodridge SS clutch line. The clutch alignment tool was complete junk though. Usually they hold the clutch to the flywheel tightly, but it was flopping all over the place. Other than that, all good!
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Sweet Clutch kit  3 years ago
First off the pedal feels perfect not to stiff witch i was worried about. STI put down 503 on the dyno and the clutch held great. Thanks
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Amazing 4 years ago
Sean H
This clutch feels amazing. Solid pedal feel and this clutch grabs.
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Great Clutch 4 years ago
Had this clutch professionally installed on my 2013 (400whp/400tq) STI hatch After a 500 mile break in the clutch preforms great. At idle it is a little louder but it's not a big deal. I paired this with the ACT StreetLite flywheel. Acceleration is crisp and the clutch holds the power. Pedal pressure is more than stock but it doesn't take long to get used to it. I'm very happy with this clutch.
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Nice.:) 5 years ago
Flashing lights
The clutch is stiff but that is expected if your going with a plate that holds a lot of torque. This so far after it's been broken one of the best clutches I have ever had. It holds more than the hdss and will last longer than the 6 puck I had before. So far it's been nice and when I run more power it will hold it. Best for if you want to eventually more power this clutch will hold it.
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One of the Best Full-Face Clutch Kits for 400+ WHP 7 months ago
I have used ACT for a while and have had mixed results with the 5-speed kits on my WRX. When I wen to do a STI transmission swap I was still a little skeptical but chose this clutch anyways. Well the clutch has been awesome so far! I have put about 500 miles on it since the install and it hasn't given me any issues yet. I did the install myself and made sure to take my time and torque it all down correctly and it really paid off. I had almost 0 chatter during break in and now at 500 miles it is completely chatter-free. It drives as easy as any stock clutch with only a stiffer pedal IMHO. I am using this with the stock STI flywheel and it is great!
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Clamps down well! 2 years ago
Dropped in a new motor into my 2015 STI and used this clutch to match to the 450wtq. It does the job well done. It grabs the next gear with no fuss during straight line acceleration. It drives similarly to the OEM clutch during daily driving. Initially, this clutch felt significantly heavier over the OEM. It chatters during break-in. Now, with over 5K with this clutch, chatter is virtually non-existent; although, only during slow "going over the speed bump" type of speed. I demanded this to clamp down during a 4500rpm launch, and it obliged to the task with flying colors. Video of the launch below (skip to :40). Happy with this ACT clutch!
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ACT Xtreme Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit 3 years ago
Sorry I've to give this clutch a bad review. It's only 1 year and half that I've give my STI to install this clutch & only after 20'000 miles, the clutch is already dead. When I disengage the first gear & I put a bit of gas, the car is moving. & I must wait 2 minutes to engage a gear when I start the car. I'm very disappoint about it.....
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