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ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit



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Working as it should 9 months ago
I don't understand what one reviewer was talking about with it making noise and chattering. I am still in the break-in stage with a little over 300 miles on it and everything is working fine. It definitely takes some getting used to compared to the stock clutch. You have to make sure your pedal is all the way engaged or it won't let you go into gear. It definitely bites the way it is supposed to. I am happy with it so far. A nice upgrade from stock for sure with-out going crazy. I'm excited to get some long life out of this.
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Really took a beating  10 months ago
Pedal feel was pretty good, grabbed a little higher than I personally like but great none the less. Clutch lasted about 12k miles, but that was with well over 100 launches. Most of them above 5000rpm. Car was making about 325wtq. Towards the end it started slipping bad on the launches but held up on my dyno day for ethanol at 360wtq (mustang dyno). Unfortunately my motor met it's demise which was the reason for me pulling the clutch. It was about 80-90% worn. My car will probably see the 6 puck in the future as I plan on being in the high 400's at the wheels.
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Clutch 12 months ago
Works fine !
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ACT Heavy Duty Clutch 12 months ago
adams clutch
Shipping was fast. Product exactly as described. It has been installed, and after a small break-in period is doing well.
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07 STI 350HP 1 year ago
I replaced my stock clutch with a brand new stock flywheel, ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit & it only lasted 15k. Trashed the flywheel, disc and pressure plate. LOL. I do have to say I launched my STI over 500 times like a mad man! Haha, time for clutch. I think i'll try something else now.
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05 sti 1 year ago
Well i have been running this for 2 years now, did well at 280hp and now at 415hp. After the break in, it feels like the stock clutch, but there is quite a bit of chatter when crawling in 1st gear. Id say worth the money!
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ACT street disk 3 years ago
First off shipping of the clutch shipped really fast. Ordered it and that same day it shipped, best experience with ordering from a performance shop. Installing the clutch wasn't too bad to do, fairly easy. The pedal was a bit stiffer than I originally anticipated but grew found of it as I drove it more. Good engagement, little bit of chatter sometimes, and is a bit noisy off the throttle. But that was expected with the performance clutch. Overall very happy with the clutch and with rally sport.
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GREAT clutch! 4 years ago
I bought this one after my excedy stage 1 HD clutch failed and it feels amazing! super smooth shifting, the pedal feel is great! no complaints honestly, besides the light chatter but nothing compared to the one the excedy clutch was giving out.
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06/07 WRX STI clutch 5 years ago
This product is amazing.. It outweighs the OEM clutch! Buy it and you won't regret it.. The pedal feel is a little stiff for the first couple of weeks of driving but when it starts to wear in abit it will get easier... I would buy it again for sure!
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Little loud but does its job.  5 years ago
Right now I only have 220 miles on the clutch have so if thing change I will change my review. The clutch seems to be awesome. Has good Street manners and seems to engage smoothly. Only downside is the noise. I only hear it at idle and it doesn't bother me all that much. Of course with it being new and 30 degrees outside that might have something to do with it.
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ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit 2 years ago
This went into a 2005 Subaru WRX STi, replacing the stock clutch. The car has Stage 2 power (350 hp/385tq). I am through the break in period, and the friction point has settled to about where the stock pedal engagement was located. The HD clutch kit performs as expected. It is slightly more "sudden" than the stock unit, making it a little easier to stall the engine until you get accustomed to the engagement strength and location. There is also a little more noise and vibration at certain RPMs transmitted from the driveline/engine. A slight amount of chatter is evident when "crawling" in first gear. This chatter is most likely from imperfections in the 100K mile stock flywheel, but no chatter was evident with the stock unit before replacement-I do not think that this is a fault of the clutch. Hard launches are easier and quicker due to the stronger hold over stock clutch. Overall I am pleased with this clutch, and pedal operation is tame enough for street use. Recommended for Stage 2 applications.
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ACT Heavy Duty Clutch 2 years ago
Replaced an Exity heavy duty clutch that only wet 52,000 miles. Stock clutch went 107,000. The new ACT has a much lighter pedal pressure for daily driving, but excellent pressure on engagement. Huge improvement, less chatter, except for reverse. Does anyone's STI like reverse?? Very happy with the choice thus far!
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OEM Stock like feel, but loud operation 3 years ago
I replaced my clutch with this one after my exedy stage 1 HD clutch with about 5000 miles failed on me . The throw out bearing that was on the exedy was destroyed completely. With that being that said, I did not use the TOB and pilot bearing that was included in package with the ACT and paired them with Subaru OEM ones, as well as aGoodridge SS clutch line and Motul 300 75w90 fluid. Overall, the clutch is much lighter than the Exedy Stage 1 HD in terms of pedal effort. It has a stock like feel to it and grabs pretty low. After post break in with about 500 miles, the clutch started to get louder. I can hear the pressure plate/disc whine inside the cabin. I give it 3 stars because although the exedy stage 1 HD was heavy, it gripped very good during fast shifts but was horrible in traffic. If it wasn't for the bad TOB, that clutch would have been perfect.
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Quiet Operation is a lie.  5 years ago
the clutch features quiet operation but has horrible chatter at cruising speeds. the TOB that comes with this kit is straight trash. the clutch grabs good. don't get me wrong I just wished I had used an OEM TOB.
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Chatter Chatter Chatter 1 year ago
I ran this clutch for two years in my 2011 STI. It always felt good when the car is totally cold but after driving for 15 minutes or more, it would chatter so bad the whole car would shake. It was a nightmare anytime I was in stop and go traffic. I absolutely hated this clutch. I've heard the same complaint from a bunch of other guys too. And yes it was professionally installed by IAG with a resurfaced flywheel. It wasn't an install issue. I called ACT about it shortly after installing it and they said they couldn't do anything about it. Just replaced it with a South Bend Stage 3 Endurance and it is a million times better. No chatter at all. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this one.
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