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PERRIN Short Shifter Adapter



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Best Bang For Your Buck. Period. 5 years ago
5out of 5stars
I've spent somewhere between 8-10k on my WRX build so far. That being said, this modification has been THE best bang for my buck I've gotten so far. It makes the shifter feel as it should've felt from the factory. It feels tight. It feels precise. It feels surgical. If you have a 2015+ WRX, then this is an absolute must buy! Don't waste your time trying to install it yourself. It is possible, but it's a pain in the neck. Have a respectable shop do the labor, and enjoy what comes after the install. It is well worth the money.
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Perrin short throw linkage  7 years ago
5out of 5stars
As you likely know, the shifter in the 2015/16 wrx is tall and sloppy with long throws. Coming from a direct linkage shifter in an 08 impreza with cobb STS, front and rear shifter bushings, this was a MAJOR letdown. With the perrin sts, the perrin bushing and the shift stop, the shifter is much more tolerable. This was somewhat challenging but not terrible to install. It requires lowering the transmission brace to allow you to swing a mallet to push the pin holding this item in place out. Other than positioning myself under the car, and dropping the tyranny brace, this wasn't a bad. With all the parts installed the shifter is greatly improved and even enjoyable. I will still be installing the Boomba short throw shifter in the future for some height reduction and a further lessened throw.
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Perrin Short Shifter Adapter Review 8 years ago
5out of 5stars
The Perrin Short Shifter Adapter designed specifically for the new, cable-style linkage shifter on the 2015 WRX is a must-have product to make your driving experience truly engaging. From fit to finish, this exceptionally-engineered short shifter adapter makes a very noticeable difference coming from either the OEM Shifter or the STi Factory Short Throw Shifter. Getting accustomed to the new, cable-style linkage shifter on the 2015 WRX may take a little getting used to; for some, it may not provide that direct feel that the previous parallel-rod linkage provided. However, with the addition of the Perrin Short Shifter Adapter, shifting feel is now much closer to how the parallel-rod linkage shifters operate. The Perrin Short Shifter Adapter is made from CNC Machined Steel and is Zinc-Yellow coated for high-corrosion resistance. The stock photos from RallySportDirect and Perrin are good, however, once you see this piece in real life, you may feel slightly reluctant to install the part on the car, due to just how aesthetically-pleasing it is I already had the STi Factory Short Throw Shifter installed prior to installing this piece. They both complement each other perfectly, in my personal opinion. The STi Factory Short Throw Shifter is said to reduce shift throws by around 10%, and the Perrin Short Shifter Adapter reduces shift throws by 30%. Thus, with both parts installed, shift throws are reduced by around 40%. I unfortunately cannot comment on installation as I did not personally install this part. However, Perrin provides a very helpful PDF Installation Document to aid in installation of this piece. The PDF link is as follows:
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great improvement 6 years ago
4out of 5stars
The throw is much shorter, i have this installed with the perrin bushing and shift stop. I highly recommend all the perrin shifter mods. That said this was a pain to get on, most of the difficulty came from getting the pin alligned and driven in. It is possible to do with the car on raps but looking back i recommend jack stands for added height, hammering in tight spaces sucks. I ended up taking off the cross member for more room to work.
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