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PERRIN Shifter Stop



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PERRIN Shifter Stop ( Part Number: PSP-INR-018)
PERRIN Shifter Stop ( Part Number: PSP-INR-018)
Best first mod, hands down!! 3 months ago
Allen A
Really don't know why there's only a stock shifter stop on Gears 5 and 6 and not 1 & 2 as well. Easily the best first mod to do, noticeable every time you drive! Keep the Allen key around for a couple hours in case you need to pull over and make an adjustment. 1st gear was a little tricky to get into a few hours after my install but a quick adjustment in the parking lot and it's buttery smooth now! KEEP A MAGNETIC PICKUP TOOL HANDY DURING INSTALL, the 7mm washers are a bit of a pain to install if you have large hands.
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Great mod to help tighten up the shift gate 9 months ago
Highly recommended for the WRX! I have the short shifter and this tightened up the shift gate even more! I would recommend installing it, driving for some time, then adjusting it again to tighten the gate a little more. Don't lose the screws when attempting the install!
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Easy to install  11 months ago
This product should have came stock on the car. After a few minutes of installation shifting is like night and day.
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Feel the difference  12 months ago
The best mod I got so far
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1st and 2nd never felt so good.  1 year ago
Worth every penny. Easy install JUST READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Otherwise you won’t be able to find 5th or 1st if you just slap it in lol or it won’t do anything for you.
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No more horizontal slop  1 year ago
Definitely one of the best value for the dollar mods. This combined with a short shifter plate,transmission mount, and a heavier knob makes shifting a dream
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Crisper Shifts.  1 year ago
Bought this to smooth out the shifter on my new 2017 WRX. Super fast shipping and great packaging from RallySport. Item is pretty easy to install, except for the little 7mm nuts, if you have large hands it would do you good to have a magnet handy. Other than the terribly small nuts it's easy, and the difference is pretty apparent. I'm sure you can play with the gap between the shifter stops and the shifter to "tune" the desired feel, but I just set mine as suggested by the YouTube and it works great for me. I would say well worth the money, makes shifting feel crisper and a bit less notchy.
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Shift Stop 3 years ago
One of the few problems I have with WRX usually has to do with shifting. This being the 2nd one I've owned, it's something I've noticed. This piece is definitely an inexpensive and easy upgrade that will have a big difference in how the car feels shift (No more getting stuck trying to get it in first gear on a green light). The install is a bit tricky trying to get the shift plate on 5th/6th gear in place while putting this on the 1st/2nd gear but once you get it set, you're golden. I also have a factory short shifter installed and there were no complications.
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Should be standard 4 years ago
The biggest difference for me was from 6th to 5th, which was tightening the stock stop on the right side. I was missing shifts on the freeway because it would get stuck in horizontal play no mans land - which has turned into a crisp shift. The 1st to 2nd is also equally as sound. You have to pick this up.
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A nice touch 2 years ago
This product works great once installed , install on the other hand a bit tricky to get the gap just right so you can shift into gear with minimal free play, great product again
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PERRIN Shifter Stop (Part Number: )
PERRIN Shifter Stop (Part Number: )