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Kartboy Short Throw Shifter w/ Rear Shifter Bushing

Part #: KAR KB-20-BRZ



Brand: Kartboy
Adjustable: No
Bushings Included: Rear Only
Color: Black
Material: Chromoly Steel

Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:

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For those of you looking for a better feel and a shorter shift throw, Katboy’s short throw shifter may suit your needs. After installation of the Kartboy Short Shift kit, the overall shift throw is decreased by 28.5% making a noticeable difference in both throw and feel. <br></br>

And like other Kartboy short throw shifters; this will also decrease the shift knob height by .375” as well. These are made of CNC’d and TIG welded 4130 Cr-Mo steel. If you have access to simple hand tools, this installation should take around 30 minutes.



great mod
BradleyJones888765 4 years ago
Unlike just replacing the shift rod like my wrx this is a whole unit due to the reverse lock out. Still installed it in under 40 minutes so it's pretty easy. Watch out for the rubber linkage boot, I ripped mine and had to run to the dealer for a new one (20 bucks) if you have access to a lift then getting the boot on and off is way easier than trying from inside the car.
Verified Purchase

Shifting into 2nd problem
dav_130794552 4 years ago
Had a shop install it with MTEC springs and Motul oil. It's way harder to find 2nd, esp downshifting. I've heard about this problem with a few other people. I'll post back once I figure out the solution. It's an annoying problem.
Verified Purchase

Great short shifter
Emmanuel 4 years ago
Only reason why I also gave it a four is because it didn't come with instructions, so I google searched instructions from another short shifter manufacturer for me to install the kartboy short shifter.. Apart from that built quality is excellent and the direct shift feel is nice. The rear shifter bushing that came with it was also an easy direct fit, I had to lower the exhaust and unbolt the rear prop shaft support for the new bushing to be fitted. Overall I highly recommend that product to any driving enthusiast.
Verified Purchase

Quality product
philwa32033 5 years ago
Well-made and easy to install, nice improvement to shifting. Couldn't go back to the stock shift now!
Verified Purchase

Kartboy Short Shifter for FR-
SilentMike 5 years ago
I purchased the Kartboy short shifter with rear shifter bushing during the initial offering group buy. I installed the short shifter the day I received it. Installation took me approximately 30 minutes and went without a hitch. I have experience with another manufacturer's short shifter and was well acquainted with the process to remove the necessary interior pieces to access the shifter. I was and am very pleased with both the quality and workmanship of the shifter as well as the shift action and feel. I did not have the means to get far enough under the car to install the rear shifter bushing at the time I installed the shifter. I did the rear bushing install three weeks later using a set of Rhino ramps. I got the job done using the ramps, but if I had to do it again I would try to find a lift I could use. The overall feel of the shifter and bushing is very nice, and the shift action seems to get smoother every week. The other shifter I mentioned had an annoying vibration that sounded like radio static that set in at 3K RPM and persisted through until the red line. I occasionally hear a vibration with the Kartboy shifter under certain uncommon circumstances (like accelerating hard from a stop while going up hill), but the vibration is short lived and tolerable. I'm starting to believe any shifter mechanism with a spring loaded reverse lockout is more subject to vibration than one without a reverse lockout. All in all, the Kartboy short shifter is a really well engineered piece of kit for the twins. Now that I've had it for the better part of a month, would I buy it again? Absolutely! It really makes the car shift the way I like a manual transmission in a sports car to shift.

  • Q: Swappable Reverse Lockout Lever?  Sack 5 years ago


    Does this shifter allow for an OEM-style replacement to the reverse lockout lever? Something similar to the Beatrush Reverse Lockout Lever (I'm looking for a touch of extra color in addition to a shorter shift)?

    • A: The Lock out is specific to the Kartboy Shifter. So you would not be able to use other brand units.

      Kirill C. 5 years ago