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Kartboy Short Throw Shifter



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Kartboy Short Throw Shifter ( Part Number: KB-002)
Kartboy Short Throw Shifter ( Part Number: KB-002)
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crispy smooth 1 year ago
Had a cobb on my previous wrx that i had a few issues with including not wanting to engage the reverse. So i figured id go with the Kartboy this time. Perfect height , still enough leverage to easy throw gears. throw feels good too. The gates feel harder to engage in the initial test drive but once you get used to it the shifting feels tight and crispy. paired with the cobb shift knob I'm quite happy 07 wrx
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 2 years ago
Tyler Morgan

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Kartboy Short Throw Shifter 2 years ago
Tyler Morgan
2006 WRX Sedan This shifter is everything that I wanted in a short throw. The difference in throw is night and day and it just makes the car that much more fun to drive. I planned on spending the extra money for the Cobb short throw, but decided to grab one of these instead. Although being able to adjust the Cobb would be nice, I wouldn't change anything about this shifter anyway! Install was fairly straight forward. Just a pain to get the ball joint back in place. I put my stock shift knob back on and just pounded the lever in with my hand. It hurt but it was worth it lol. Even without new bushings, it is still a vast improvement over stock. We'll see how much better the bushings are when I get those as well.
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Awesome product! 2 years ago
Bought this on my 02 Subaru 2.5 RS.. so cool! if you owned an 02 impreza Rs like me you WON'T need a c-clip pliers for these models. but it's freaking hard to pop the new short throw shifter in to it's place, you might wanna take a tiny bits of plastic off and lots of pushing force. took me a while but it's worth it. so fun to drive now. Definitely buy this first including the bushings, it makes a lot of your driving exp. different.
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Amazing shifter from amazing company 4 years ago
I purchased this to replace the long and awful stock shifter in my 05 wrx while installation didn't go as easy as everyone said it would it is a quality piece from a quality company I had a question or two and Tom from kartboy answer with in minutes of my email he's amazing and so are his parts
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Good 4 years ago
First off you'll need to watch several videos on how to install a short shifter, as Kartboy doesn't ship directions. It installed easily and the change was immediately noticeable. The stick is shorter as is the throw length, but it does take slightly more push to get in gear. It gives a tighter feel overall. Combine with the bushings to make a full difference.
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Fun 4 years ago
Makes it feel like you're driving a different car after install. Good fun
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The best shift lever! 4 years ago
I was in a toss up between this and the cobb adjustable short shifter. I decided to go with the solid design of the kartboy. The shifter is a little lower but I'll be adding a shifter extender to help with height. Overall, the shifts are smooth and crisp! 5 stars
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Fantastic short throw shifter 4 years ago
I bought this short shifter for my '07 WRX after reading everywhere online that Kartboy makes the best one. While I cannot say anything about other brand short shifters - I love the feel of this one. It shortens the throws quite nicely and lowers the shifter by about an inch as well. Love it!
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Awesome Shifter 4 years ago
I switched out my stock shifter in my 04 WRX with this one and I have loved it. Shorter throws, feels solid. I installed this with both replacement bushings. The front ones went in easy, but the rear one was a bit of a pain. But once it was all together it works great!
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improvment= happy 4 years ago
My 2004 wrx had so much slop, I used to flick the shifter into gear.after install my throw is so short im still getting used to it . I did this with the kartboy bushing. This is a must. No more slop side to side front to back. Its snug(not tight) low cost with bushing great improvement over worn stock crap. Ty rsd quick ship as always.
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one of the best upgrades... 5 years ago
mmcnutt can do for your Subaru. this shifter, along with the rear stay bushing, give you precise and firm shifts. the shifter height is perfect and I couldn't be happier. this setup along with some extra-a gear oil made my transmission feel brand new again. the best $100 dollars you can put into your car.
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Great gift for a car lover! 5 years ago
Bought this shifter for my boyfriend for Christmas, for his WRX and he loved it! He said it was easy to install. In fact he went out to his car and put it on right after opening it. It's been working great for him ever since.
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Great shifter 5 years ago
Joe Polcari
I have had 2 5-spd Imprezas and this has been the first purchase made for both of them. Nice, low shifter position with good short throws. I always seem to struggle popping the bottom of the shifter back into the plastic clip but other than that it is an easy install. Match these with the Kartboy poly bushings and go from slush to bolt action precision. It really enhances the mechanical feel of your Subie.
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great! 5 years ago
Much more comfy. Fast shipping as always from rsd. Thanks.
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RSD IS GREAT 5 years ago
This review isn't just about the product but the efficiency of RSD. Everytime I make an order (which is a lot) RSD is so quick and informative on what I'm buying, where it is in transport, and just updating me with any changes that have been made. I buy stuff from all different companies and rally is the only one that continues to do a great job!! So thank you RSD. you guys are great!! And this shifter is well worth the money. I didn't think I wanted or needed it before I got it. But I'm so happy I did buy it. It's a great improvement!!
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Not so bad.. 5 years ago
It is shorter for sure.. But i don't really feel the diference of shifting with this and my stock 07 impreza shifter, Its maybe I havent installed the bushings yet.. Im thinking of getting the Cobb shifter and sell this one off..
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How to install on a 2002-2003 WRX and also very good high quality product 6 years ago
I really like the short shifter but i couldn't find any documentation on how to install on a 2002 WRX. We dont have the visible snap rings so it was either pull the linkage (something i didn't want to do since it would be a huge pain) or do it the ghetto probably non safe way. i did it the ghetto way. undid the linkage bolt attaching it to the shifter, wiggled it and pulled it out. replaced the grease and tried to pound the kartboy one in with a hammer like you are supposed to. i had no luck at all. i then had a moment of this probably wont work but ill give it a shot found a 5lbs weight, put an old beat up shift knob on then hit it with the weight. went in 1st try. but on an other note the throw is a lot shorter than OEM, takes time to get used to it but i like it overall. (If you don't have a weight a deadblow hammer is also good)
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Great product  6 years ago
This shifter did what I expected it to do. Make sure to have a large hammer during install to seat the shifter ball into the socket.
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Install tip 6 years ago
First off great product, makes the throws notchy and more precise feeling. Installed it without the bushings on my 06 2.5i feels way better than the stock shifter. Second a minor install tip so you don't end up like me, frustrated. Because Kartboy went to the metal balls, throw the shifter in the freezer for 2 hours(even if its not hot out) even at room temp I could not for the life of me get the ball to connect to the socket, after freezing it, went in with a light wack with a rubber mallet.
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Kartboy shifter, 06 WRX 6 years ago
Just installed this in my 06 wrx along with the front and back bushings. I have to say the shift is a lot more stiff and smooth when engaging threw your gears. At higher speeds it makes it quite easier to get my shifts down quicker vs the stock shifter.
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ya man 7 years ago
easy install, first time installing a short shifter + bushings. found instructions on scooby mods since they didnt come with any. Overrall improved my shifting and the feel of it makes it worth your money. Id definately recommend changing all your bushing when installing though
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Great 7 years ago
Nothing short of fantastic, drastically improves shift time and feel. Makes it feel like a real sports car when paired with Kartboy front and rear bushings and a good knob. You will need a LARGE hammer to install it, I used the factory shift knob to protect the threads on it and hit it with a 2Lb sledge.
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Top Notch Combo!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago
just switched from perrin's short throw collar to the kartboy short throw with compliment bushings. what an incredible difference! my 2002 wagon feels totally new! top notch quality product as well as RSD's cust service. can't be beat.
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Shifter 7 years ago
The shifter makes a noticeable difference and I am happy about the purchase. I also purchased the polyurethane bushings and installed them while doing my cat back exhaust. The install was a bit tricky(bushings) as there was very little wiggle room under the car. Nevertheless, I was very satisfied with the product along with the professionalism and fantastic customer service I received when making my purchases.
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Short shifter 8 years ago
Installed the shifter first and immediately felt the difference. After adding the front and rear bushing, all of them work in harmony to enhance the shifting pleasure.
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Kartboy 8 years ago
Lucas D
I bought this for my '02 outback, and going into it, I knew the barrel would be slightly too wide, so I machined the barrel down and bolted it in along with front and back bushings. Install itself only took a few minutes, and the short throw combined with stiffer bushings feels wonderful. Definitely a strong recommend.
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Kartboy shifter 8 years ago
Installed this on my 06 wrx and its great, the throw is so much shorter then stock and every shift is smooth. Great product, I recommend the bushings to go along with this as well.
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 10 years ago

I installed this shifter into a 2006 WRX. The install was quick only about 20 minutes. The throw is reduced a decent amount and the shifter feels very smooth. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
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 10 years ago
RSD Customer
Great quality product and good fitment. Be sure not to put the sticker on before you install or it may come out crooked.
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Kartboy Short Throw Shifter (Part Number: )
Kartboy Short Throw Shifter (Part Number: )