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Kartboy Short Throw Shifter



  • Q: Question!  JL2 years ago

    Have a weird one. But I currently have a 08 FXT. BUT I have a jdm swapped tranny "ty755vb7aa-jt" I was wondering if this would fit in it or not. Because I have an 06-08 short shifter but the bottom circle is too big to fit in the plastic bushing where the shifter goes. So I am having a hard time trying to find which is the correct short shifter for the tranny.
  • Q: 03 Forester kartboy shifter lateral bushing   Liberty 2 years ago

    03 Forester with carpal shifter will which turn in bushing or Torque Solutions will fit XS model?
  • Q: Kartboy forester shifter plus stainless bushing   Liberty 2 years ago

    Does your stainless lateral bushings fit your car boy Forester shifter?
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      A:  This will work with Kartboy shifter bushings, but they don't make a stainless one for your Forester. Make sure you aren't looking their STI components.

      Lane H. @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago  
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  • Q: 03 forster 2.5x  Mochajoe1991232789 years ago

    what bushings do i need for the inside of this shifter?( the center of the rod ) because i think the ones in the stock are no good anymore. thanks for the help
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      A:  The bushings that go in the barrel of the shifter are pivot bushings and we do not offer replacements at this time. You should be able to get replacement pivot bushings from your local dealership.

      Zach G. @ RallySport Direct 9 years ago  
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