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COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter

MODEL # COB 224315


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COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter ( Part Number: 224315)
COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter ( Part Number: 224315)
COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter ( Part Number: 224315)
COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter ( Part Number: 224315)
COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter ( Part Number: 224315)
Great Shifts! 2 months ago
I've had this short throw shifter for three years now and I still love it as much as I did the first day I installed it. It's awesome to be able to adjust it to the perfect length you want to replace the long OEM throws that feel like a 1990's school bus. Easy to install too.
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Very Pleased with the Cobb Short Shifter 3 months ago
10/10 for this short shifter! I was impressed with how easy it was to install. The throws are much shorter than stock, and it just looks better overall. The shifting did get a little stiffer, if that makes sense. But I believe that's because you've lost the leverage you would have with the stock one. I'm a little upset I did not buy this sooner, honestly. Cobb makes awesome stuff!
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Short throw shifter 5 months ago
I would like to know if this shifter fits the 2012 impreza 2.0i sedan (base) 5mt, the kartyboy i heard fits but i would also like the lower appearance this has. Do you think it would fit ?
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Satisfying install 11 months ago
All in all a great purchase, albeit the price is pretty steep for what you get. Installation wasn't bad, most of the trouble was removal process of the trim. If you force things, you'll probably break the plastic. Just watch installation videos from COBB. I gorilla taped around the transmission linkage to prevent unnecessary friction from the dampening material/metal plate and cleaned/relubed the bushings and cylinders. I find it unecessary to saw out that top left metal plate corner, the throws are short enough without all that noise in my opinion. There is a slight rattle in second gear, so I'll probably drop it half an inch with the lower hex adjuster. Makes your shifts nice and tight, unlike the clumsy one Subaru designed for your car.
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COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter 1 year ago
This item is great perfect match and fit for my 2013 Wrx!!
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2011 wrx COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter 2 years ago
I just recently received my COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter, finally decided to install and what a difference it made. The wrx's come with a pretty ugly shifter with long throws which tends to result in crappy shifting. But with the short throw, the throws are like half as long and way more precise. Would definitely recommend this shifter to anyone.
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Easy way to improve the driving experience 2 years ago
Easy install, though that clip is a pain. Definitely recommend using the YouTube video from SmurfinWRX. This was a nice way to upgrade the driving experience. I prefer my shifting to be tight and short, so this gave me exactly what I needed. Not sure it really needs to be $135. This is only the shifter, you re-use all the other parts from your vehicle and this is not the one with the bushings. A fun install that leads to even more fun driving.
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Awesome short shifter 2 years ago
Cobb made a wonderful product works wonders on the track. Its shipped and got to me super fast absolutely love it.
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Great product 3 years ago
The COBB Short Shifter didn't come with any installation instructions in the box, but I just used the YouTube video with SmurfinWRX that goes into step by step detail of the install. Everything is very manageable for someone that can follow directions. The only difficult part was getting the C clamp seated back in to the shifter housing of the new shifter. It takes a little patience, but it's all worth it. The customization is great for the throw and the knob height and COBB even provided etched lines which appeared to show where stock shifter settings were. I used the OEM 5 speed knob from my WRX and it fits great with the shorter shaft height. Make sure you don't put it too low/short or the OEM boot can bunch up and make it difficult to shift into 2nd and 4th if you don't make sure the boot is out of the way. All in all it's a great piece and shifts feel crisp and quick.
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Great Product!  4 years ago
Everything is really good quality, and is super easy to install, don't see why got even need instructions, it's all self explanatory especially for a person that works on cars regularly. But the best instructions are on YouTube if you need them after all.
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Quality Product 4 years ago
Before I purchased this short shifter I was a bit nervous from reading other reviews about the aluminum screws that are used for adjusting the height and throw, many people said they had trouble with tightening them without striping but I found that as long as you are careful with them they hold just fine, don't be afraid to really tighten them as much as you can because you don't want the shifter coming loose once put back together (which was my problem at first), but as long as you go slow you'll be fine and they won't strip. As far as the install, the C-clip or snap ring was by far the hardest part to get out and back in, but a nice pair of snap ring pliers will get the job done, other than that the install was pretty basic. The shifter itself is great and I've had mine in for a few weeks now with out any problems, I never got the bushing which many people said was a must but I find it to be just fine with the stock bushings, although I will get the Cobb front and rear bushing eventually. Can't go wrong with COBB products!
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Awesome! ...... Some tips. 4 years ago
Subie For Me
I just installed this STS in replace of the STI STS that was a factory option on my WRX. The install is straight forward enough if you do a little research. I highly recommend watching some Youtube videos of the install, I watched the SmurphinWRX install and one or two others and was able to go through the process without any references. Install took about 30 minutes, mainly because the snap ring is a giant pain in the butt. The throws and the feel of the shifter are drastically improved even compared to the STI short shifter. The only issue I ran into was the car popping out of 2nd gear at first, when I pulled apart the interior I found that I had replaced the snap ring so that the circular section you use to remove it was directly in front of second gear which prevented the transmission linkage from seating properly into gear. I'm super happy with this product, as I have been with every Cobb product I have purchased in the past. Thank you RSD for outstanding service once again! Tips: YouTube your instructions, it makes life a whole lot easier. Snap Ring pliers, the snap ring is nearly impossible to negotiate with otherwise. Be patient, getting angry at the snap ring will only cause damage to your vehicle, be patient and keep at it, you'll get that sucker eventually! Good luck!
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Great Shifter 4 years ago
I went with this since it is able to sit shorter than the Kartboy. Throws are shorter and more notchy. Make sure you have a C-clip to make installation less frustrating. I hear some complaining about the bolt stripping. Just make sure the hex key is in before tightening the bolts, and you shouldn't have an issue. I also removed the inner rubber boot to allow the shifter to sit shorter. I also went with the cobb shiftknob.
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Excellent 4 years ago
Pretty easy installation and a lot shorter throws. Love the adjustable feature to dial in for my own comfort.
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Amazing w/ Bushing Combo 4 years ago
I installed this SS just by itself in about 30-40 minutes. I watched many great youtube videos on the install which made it easy. I drove around with it set at the shortest possible throw distance and it took much more effort, and time to go into gear. It might have been better if I didnt have it set so low but im not sure. I got a front and rear bushing combo and it made the shifter feel 10 times better. It is much more notchy and feels amazing when running through the gears! The bushing combo is a definite must people!! P.S. I have the slim Perrin knob and the threads are different pitch so it barely goes on, i might get another knob because of this unfortunatly. Just a heads up.
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This should be your first upgrade 4 years ago
This has made a night and day difference in the overall feel of my wrx. I used to drive a civic si, and when I traded it in for my wrx, I felt like the wrx's shifter was from the Stone Age. Great product, feels robust, fully adjustable, overall very easy to install. There are many installation videos out there, I recommend smurfinwrx's video. Watch it a couple times, and installation should be easy.
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Awesome Product 5 years ago
I watched a couple videos online of how to install this and the shifter bushings and it was fairly simple. The shifter is 10o% better than the stock WRX shifter I had. I would recommend this product to anyone!
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Cobb short throw shifter 5 years ago
I received my Cobb STS promptly and installed It immediately. I found that with the right adjustments it made a significant difference in shift response. I recommend this to anyone who wants a noticeably better shift response.
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Easy install! 5 years ago
This product only took me like 30-45 minutes to install and get working properly. It works great and I would recommend getting one if you are looking! Just a slight heads up the right tools are a big help!
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Buy it... Do it.... Love it 5 years ago
This is a vast improvement over the Subaru stock shifter. I can't believe they would put together a car as great as the WRX and use a shifter that feels like it's from a '72 Vega. Best first mod I could have done! You don't need to do bushings at the same time, but if you don't you won't realize how good it is to have this shifter. And let's not forget the great service and pricing from RallySportDirect.
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Research reviews and have a blast! 5 years ago
With all aftermarket products read reviews and get the input of the community and those who have already done the dirty with their purchases. This has helped me so much and created the best, most streamlined experience with my Rex. This shifter is amazing. The directions do indeed mislead you, so watch YouTube videos and other reviewers to get a good grasp on how to install correctly. I found that you must tighten at least two (if not all) bolts to keep the rods from sliding in and out. With the bottom rod, that regulates the length of the throw, test it out before setting it with your rubber boot in place. I actually had to cut a little chunk of the rubber and foam out so I could get the throw where I wanted. Not a hard task and the material won't be missed. With the snap ring, get the appropriate snap ring pliers that will make the job much easier. The plastic ring and rubber band on the bottom of the OEM shifter just carefully pull off, you don't have to take one of at a time. Wear gloves until you've install the shifter in place, this makes the grease application much easier and cleaner! I love the throws, I love the length, I love the tight feel of my shifter now. So worth the work, the research of other's experiences and the time it took to install. I am grateful for those people who took the time to pass on their knowledge, mistakes, shortcuts and tips. It makes every modification I've made to my WRX a stellar and memorable experience.
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I live in Brazil and everything in the must do list it´s hard to get and very expensive, this SS is one thing that you MUST HAVE. My gear change it´s awsome! And I bought the bushings with it.
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Easy install ... tips: YouTube, gloves, snap ring pliers 5 years ago
I'm pretty much a novice car person, and I managed to get this done in about 30 minutes. There were no instructions in the box other than go online and look up the instructions so be prepared for that. Here's what helped me: SNAP RING PLIERS - after reading YumekuiWRX's review I bought some of these, and the how-to I found on YouTube recommended using them too. Do it. Buy them, borrow them, whatever. You need them in order to save yourself time, hassle, and potential damage. They're about $5. Get some. YOU TUBE - far more useful than the COBB instructions! Skip the COBB directions and just watch a YouTube vid instead. GLOVES - if you're a bit of a whimp about the stench of grease soaking into your hands (like I am .. hey, I'm a girl, it's allowed!), go with the tip from Tyrannosaurus-WRX and wear some disposable gloves - again, this is something the YouTube vid also recommended, so some smart people on this forum. DOWNER: I had to have the stick come up higher than I was hoping for, for two reasons: 1) At lowest, you can't change into the bottom gears (2-4-R) as mentioned by Tyrannosaurus-WRX in his review too, so clearly not just something I faced 2) Once I got it all back together and tried to put on the COBB shift know, it wouldn't go on so I had to pull open the console again and make the stick longer out the top in order for the knob to go on. Haven't driven it much yet, but seems good so far, and based on install and appearance I'm a happy camper.
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Excellent Short Shifter 5 years ago
The install is pretty easy (I didn't have any trouble following their directions), and I love how adjustable the shifter is. You can really dial it in to the perfect height/shift length. The feel of this shifter is great at well. Shifting is short, but effortless. It feels crisp, just as it should. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a short shifter.
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Great Shifter 5 years ago
I followed a video on youtube along with their instructions (more so the youtube video). Shifts great along with the bushings.
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COBB does it again 5 years ago
This adjustable shift knob if just what you need! It is one of if not the best mods that I have done to my car. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.
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Great product! 5 years ago
wrx piloti
Love the way the throw and height can both be adjusted, and it's an easy install...a real quality piece at a great price from Rally Sport Direct.
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great upgrade 6 years ago
combine these with the shifter bushings, group N trans mount and whiteline postivie shift kit. Takes out all the slop and shifts much better. Worth every penny!
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short shifter 6 years ago
Jarrod Beltramo
great product it was an easy instal and works perfectly.
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Awesome Product 6 years ago
Just installed this with the Cobb front and rear shifter bushings as well, I am loving the hell out of it! I highly recommend this to anyone and spending the extra 20-25 bucks over kart boy is worth it for the adjustable throw and height!
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COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter (Part Number: )