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COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter

MODEL # COB 212315


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COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter ( Part Number: 212315)
Great Product  3 years ago
Quick and easy install. Makes it seem like a new car! Another great product from cobb. Vary pleased with this purchase1
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***PERFECT*** 4 years ago
Best short throw you can get.
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excellent product and great feel 4 years ago
The shifter made a huge difference over the stock wrx shifter. Shifts feel more accurate and precise. I recommend pairing the shifter with the shifter bushing and Cobb shift knob. Changes the quality of driving a lot.
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Buy this Shifter, and use your stock Shifter as a fishing weight. 5 years ago
I love this shifter. It makes driving my 02 Scooby so much more fun to drive. Change your car's life. DOOOO! It!!!!!!
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Simply the best Short Throw Shifter on the market! 5 years ago
I've used Kartboy and other STS's but Cobb is the best. If you want to get rid of the Slop from your 5 this shifter! It's so easy to install, adjust the throw length and the height of the shifter that a Caveman can do it! You will NOT be disappointed! Money very well spent! AND, as always, RSD does NOT disappoint!
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wow.... what a difference 5 years ago
I wasn't sure if after reading the reviews people were just exaggerating or not but this really is a great product. HUGE improvement....
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Cobb Delivers  5 years ago
Amazing short shifter. Easy to install, easy to adjust. Night and day difference from my stock shifter on my 06 rex. I would recommend this to anyone.
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Pay the extra and get COBB! 5 years ago
The Kartboy is nice but to get a truly comfortable feel you’re going to want to pay the extra and get this one. After a few test runs you will have it just how you like it. Will recommend to anyone looking for a short throw without sacrificing comfort for everyday driving.
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Badass! 6 years ago
I have a 07 wrx with low miles. My stock shifter had little play but when I put the Cobb short shift in I had no play. Super tight and clicks through gears. I do reccomend doing the from and back bushings to really make it like the old muscle car short shifts. I'm super pleased with it and have got two of my buddies to get one also. Just order it
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One of my favorite mods 6 years ago
I had all of the TIC shifter and linkeage bushings installed on my 04 and it made a big difference. Although once I installed the cobb SS it made all the difference. Shifts are super solid and the adjust ability is awesome and easy to install with great instructions. You going to need to give it a good whack with a rubber mallet to get it to pop in but only difficult part. If deciding which SS to buy don't hesitate buy this one its worth the extra $$.
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Christmas present  6 years ago
Easy install (even with the mod of the metal bracket), awesome short throw!! Just wish I would have bought it sooner rather than waiting for my wife to buy it for me for Christmas to shut me up :)
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Great product 6 years ago
I love the feel of this shifter over the kartboy. The adjustability is awesome. Easy to install.
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Did what I thought it would 7 years ago
It's worth paying a little more money and getting the adjustable short shifter. I installed this along with the Cobb front bushings and it feels firm and notchy. I installed it as short as it could go, both with shift distance and heighth which makes it a little tougher to get in each gear. I love it but my wife is still getting used to it :) I might end up raising the height a little more just for easier shifts while daily driving. Nice thing about adjustable is that it is one size fits all.
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Gotta love COBB 7 years ago
I have been buying alot of cobb products for my car from RSD, and so far neither one of them has let me down! Great customer service, super fast shipping, and the shifter reduces throws a considerable amount and lets me adjust just how high or low I want the knob to be. So it is perfect fit to my feel. Overall awesome product and awesome service thanks RSD.
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Awesome shifter 7 years ago
Easy install, adjustable throws and knob height - so happy I sprung for the extra money for this shifter. I would be disappointed if I bought another shifter and wasn't happy with shifts or height and couldn't do anything about it!
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COBB Never Lets me Down 7 years ago
If Matt at RSD hadn't talked me into this one, I would have made the mistake of getting the Kartboy SS. I don't know why nobody has written a review on this shift knob and there are a bunch for Karboy's, this is worth the extra $35 bones. Very durable and the adjustability is what sold me. Instal - I had never installed one before and it took at most 30 min. The only part that was difficult was pounding it in with a rubber malet. Other than that, my 12 year old nephew could have done it. Very easy and legible instructions. Happy with my decision!
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Great buy 4 years ago
Install is ridiculously simple. Pop off your cover, take your bolt loose, remove the old shifter and pop the new one in. Took a good amount of effort with a rubber mallet but the Cobb shifter finally wedged in. Throws are noticeably shorter, though if you set it too short you'll get increased effort going into 1 and 3. Double-adjustable is a must!
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Mustn't.... Strip... Screws 5 years ago
This shifter is pretty sweet. Double adjustable has it's pros and cons. Pro: You can adjust your knob height (lol knob) without effecting your throw. Con: Since you can't returned stripped items, your scared to over tighten, but leave them too loose and your shifter will be sliding up and down and spinning all over the place. 8/10 would buy again.
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Only one issue I have...  5 years ago
The shifter was relatively easy to install and it's quite a difference from the stock shifter. Cobb makes a quality product. I can't give it a full 5 stars because of one issue I have. I was afraid of overtightening them but I tightened the hex bolts as tight as I could. After the first drive the bottom part of the shifter which adjusts the throw came loose. I removed the trim and fiddled with it again and so far it hasn't come loose again. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase but at this point I still worry about shifting too hard and having it come loose again. Also, I installed it first without swapping the front and rear bushings and it was good. After I installed the bushings it was a noticeable difference but I think I would have been fine either way. My car is an 04 so I imagine the bushings were worn out. Maybe I'm just not too picky about a bit a play.
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Installed in 2002 WRX 7 years ago
Product quality and fit and finish are top notch. The metal plate that holds down the rubber sound/dust boot required notching to allow for shorter throws. This is addressed in Cobb's install instructions. Additionally the housing for the one of the shifter shaft tightening screws (I think its the top screw but don't remember for sure) contacts the plastic console piece in 2nd gear if the lower shaft is extended to a certain range. You either have to shorten the shift (lengthen the lower shaft) or lengthen the shift (shorten the lower shaft) to eliminate the contact. I shortened the shift and it works fine. :)
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Quality Product With a Side of Defect 3 years ago
Excellent product made out of excellent materials. Only issue with mine is that regardless of tightening the everloving sh*t out of the lower, joint-style extension, the whole extension would still suddenly slip and disappear inside the sleeve portion of the short shifter. So any time you row into second it slides almost all the way out of the sleeve, and then when you push into second it slide all the way back into the sleeve. I managed a DIY fix by just cutting a piece of a pencil to fit down inside and keep it at length, but now it's not so adjustable. Overall it really is a good product, and it makes the shifting feel great when it works, I just feel like I got a crappy one. Hopefully Cobb can do something for me.
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UPDATE: Had This for ~1 Month 5 years ago
This shifter seems like a great idea, and it was a great product for a while. After about a month I've started carrying tools around to adjust the shitfter every time it moves. Adjusting has become an EVERY DAY thing and it's a real burden when your driving and your shifter slides all the way down.
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Here's to being objective 6 years ago
The make and finish of the shifter is great. I definitely feel very solid shifts than the sloppy stock shifter. But the main attraction is the adjustability of the cobb. The only thing you can really adjust is the height your knob will sit. The throws aren't exactly fine tuned to your liking. You'll find that for the shortest throws the shift link will bang against the rubber gasket and chassis (not talking about the metal bracket either). The longest throws will result in a tiled orientation that leaves neutral looking as if were in 4th gear and this also makes contact with the shift boot panel when you shift into 2, 4, 6. So it is not so much fine tuning as it is finding the only spot where you aren't in conflict. In conclusion if height adjustment is your concern, cobbs height adjuster is great. If it's the throw adjustability specifically, you're better off elsewhere.
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