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COBB Tuning SF Intake Black and Airbox

MODEL # COB 715300BK


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Great and easy install! Sounds perf! 11 months ago
I can finally hear my stock bov at only 3k rpms. I love it!
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You will fall in LOVEE 12 months ago
Chris Tc
Farily easy to intall, awesome sound, highly recommend this as your first upgrade along with the accessport.
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Love this intake! 1 year ago
First off, let me say that the sound is intoxicating! It should be said that you HAVE to tune your car after this install. I bought this at the same time as my AccessPORT. I already have a Borla Catback exhaust, so after I put the intake in I installed the Stage 1 + SF intake map. My WRX runs so much better. PLUS sounds incredible! Install was fairly easy. The filter is a little tough to get over the composite tube so you may have to use a little silicon spray to work it on, but nothing that hard. As far as intakes go, you get a lot of bang for your buck. And like I mentioned earlier, the sound!! Cobb knows what they're doing. Thank you RSD! I'd also like to say I checked out with Affirm and that was super easy.
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whoosh 2 years ago
Whoosh is literally all you hear as you hit the clutch shifting from gear to gear now that your intake isn't restricted and you can hear the stock BPV. The driving experience is so much more fun with this added. Throw in a stage 1 tune on your accessport v3 and you've got a party. Easy 30 minute to 1 hour install with the help of provided instructions.
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Very enjoyable experience 2 years ago
Everything about this purchase was perfect. I ordered it on a Monday and received it that Friday in Nova Scotia, Canada. Only downside to that was I had to wait 2 more weeks to get my accesport, from a different vendor. Wish I would have ordered it with the intake. Installation is pretty straight forward, the PDF instructions are a little jumpy and had to follow at first. I perviously had installed my catback, received my acessport, and flash to stage 1. Then the next day installed the intake and flashed to stage 1+. What a huge notclicable differences! I found it quite loud on the first drive, but after that it seems to be not to bad. I do love hearing the turbo spool! All and all, love the product and the services through rallysportdirect!
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Cobb SF intake + Air box 3 years ago
After spending a lot of time "thinking about getting it" You know that internal war between "Cmon, be an adult, you don't need the intake, the car is already quick and fun to drive." And the other argument which can basically be summarized in….”Because Racecar." Voice number two finally won out. I came up with some semi justifiable reason to treat myself to some car parts, and pulled the trigger. A few days later, brown santa (UPS) showed up with a box. The car: This car does primarily DD duty, with some longer day trips to go skiing, I occasionally do some spirited driving, and I am considering doing some autocross at some point. So Its not a track car by any means, so like any car guy who has a taken a DD over the line in the past, I wanted to keep that in mind with my modifications to preserve its daily comfort and drivability. I currently have an Invidia Downpipe with the catalytic converter, and behind that the Invidia Q300. The tune is just an OTS map from my Acessport V3. Or as some might say “Yeah Bruh, Its stage 2 Bruh.” what ever you want to call it, its that. Install: I planned on doing the install in conjunction with an oil change, which was conveniently scheduled by me…immediately. I found a video on youtube of the install which was pretty good. Due tot he fact that I am not doing any groundbreaking WRX modification here, it is heavily documented, I figured that anyone reading this review can find an in depth installation guide if that is what they are after. As far as my experiences goes, the general highlights are its a pretty easy install, and you reuse some hardware. There weren't really any hang ups, especially with the right tools. Once finished, I gave everything a once over, and declared the install complete. All said and done, working at a relaxed pace took approximately 45 minutes to complete the install of the filter and airbox assembly. The SF intake requires a tune, which in this case was going to be once again an OTS map from the AP. I uploaded the SF+ Stage 2 ACN91 map. ( Minus one point living in CA, where the produce is fresh, but the gas is rotten.) I also set the flat foot shifting point at 4200 RPM. The process is as always very easy, almost too easy. Start up/Warm up: I turned the key and had a flash of paranoia where I was envisioning the engine blowing up like the White house in Independence day due to the wrong map being installed. I had obviously double checked to make sure the right map was being uploaded. And if I hadn’t, I doubt the tuning difference would harm anything at idle. But still, I consider this standard paranoia. The engine fired right up into its cold start idle burble. At this point, there was no identifiable difference in sound from the front of the car. And I am also happy to report, there were no explosions. ;) Initial driving: My Fiance came out and asked me what I was doing. Me: "Oh just going for a drive, I changed the oil." I hadn't told her about the intake, because, well, its my car, she doesn’t really care about new car parts. If I go into detail on anything technical, I get the chick equivalent of “cool story bro.” The important thing is she likes to drive it, meaning, she appreciates the fun aspect of the car. At the end of the day, thats what matters anyway. I often gets texts when I am on a business trip from her which just read “Subiiiie!” as her sort of bat signal letting me know that she out out there blasting around in it. (keeper) She gets in and we pull out of the driveway. Being light on the throttle and shifting at low revs, we cruised through the neighborhood. There is no noticeable change from the OEM intake in terms of sound with this style of driving. I like that. Its like driving a mullet. It can do business; but when you want, it can party. Once the car was fully warmed up, I pulled onto the expressway which was nice and clear, and buried the throttle from a roll. 1500RPM: The tone deepened and the engine immediately began to build revs. As we all know the car is pretty soft down low. 2000RPM: The engine continues its march through the soft part of the power band. But pretty quickly we start to hear the compressor drawing air in which is a dramatic new change in the sound. The sound is a little hard to describe. My best attempt would be to say that it sounds like a turbine engine inlet, or maybe a really pissed off house cat with a giant set of lungs. Others call it a woosh or sucking noise. If you don’t have a clear idea, there are some alright videos on youtube. They don’t really do it justice, but it gives you the idea. Its clearly heard over the rest of the engine, so its fairly loud, but not deafening by any means. 2500RPM: We start to get into the bottom of the boost and the revs start building with a little more authority. and the car starts to pull accordingly. The Wooshing noise is fully developed. 3000RPM: Boxer engine and exhaust starting to hit the stride, the inlet noise remains about the same. The pull grows stronger. 3500RPM: we continue the onslaught up through the rev range. Things are of course faster and louder. Women hide their children, and rightfully so. There is a lot of noise, Do I say noise? I mean visceral experience. 4000RPM: This is the meat of the pull, the compressor inlet noise starts fading into a whine. Its like the wings sweeping back on an F-14 when its time to haul the mail. Kind of a cool transition. 4500RPM: We are pretty much mid Chuck Norris round house kick in terms of the power band here. Words used to describe things include Fury, and Righteous anger. 5000RPM: We blow through without looking twice, its fully in the steam. Balls out, mechanical rage against plowing through friction, drag and gravity. 5500RPM: Really the crescendo of the power, from here things start to fade into the over rev, at least with the stock turbo. To be clear, Its not like you are suddenly left feeling abandoned, like the way you feel around 9AM when you have cereal for breakfast. Its a gradual fade. 6000RPM: We are here all too soon, but there is good news, its time to shift. I stab the clutch and row in second gear, clutch out. This is done with the same zeal as one would shift when trying to outrun a T REX in a jeep after it broken through the high voltage security fence, at night, in the rain. The Revs fall, and the engine picks up the car pretty much perfectly matched, The boost builds in harmony with a whooshing noise and we ride the ride again. I let off at the top of second gear, as this is just an expressway. She looks over at me with a look of concern. “IS that Normal?” I explained that I may have also accidentally installed an intake. She replies, “Of course you did.” Full throttle, rev out pulls make the intake noise less apparent. For example, you don’t hear the BOV blow down, and as I said, the whooshing noise fades as the engine builds revs when WOT. However, if you do heavy throttle charges in each gear and short shift you get a lot more of the sound experience, and the BOV can clearly be heard doing its job. There is a video of a guy doing this on youtube where he also compares it to the stock sound. I was more concerned about the power supporting characteristics of this mod. So with the all the racket, I was a little skeptical at first, but it has grown on me. Performance/Design: Honestly, If I were kidnapped and thrown in the back of a car with the stock intake and driven around, and then thrown into another car with the SF intake system, I probably couldn’t tell the difference in the feel. Its pretty negligible. It MAY start building boost a tiny bit earlier, but thats really hard to say. The fact that the intake doesn’t provide a dramatic gain isn’t really a secret. It is a supporting mod for future upgrades. The box does allow ambient air to flow through, so when the car is moving the intake temp is just a few degrees warmer than outside. However, when sitting, it provides no insulation from the engine bay and the intake temperature rises accordingly. I have read that some will use heat insulating tape to help combat this with pretty good results. I may play around with that idea down the road. I give it 5 stars in the performance department, not because its a game changer, but becuase it does the job it can well, and I assume it will flow well as I continue to ask more out the engine down the road. Design wise its pretty well thought out. You get the benefit of the high flow filter and maintain then cold air snorkel that car had with. So its’ sort of a nice straightforward way of doing things. Another big reason I went with this system over some of the other options, was that this system mounts the filter up higher, which for driving in heavy wet weather is a huge bonus in terms of accidental water ingestion. Value: The quality of the kit is generally decent. The filter, MAF housing and inlet tube are far more impressive than the box. The airbox is just kind of a crude sheet aluminum shroud, which could be thrown together together. At the end of the day, you get a filter, some tubing, some hardware, and some sheet metal. So the $315 dollar price tag is honestly pretty silly. I mean…Cmon. So I gave it 3 stars in that department. Would I recommend it? As something that adds to experience of driving the car and acts as part of the foundation for mods down the road, sure. It really adds an element of fun to driving the car. As previously mentioned it doesn’t add any appreciable performance and…again… its overpriced. Conclusion: Its a fun mod, more than anything else. I am not a big sound for the sake of sound kind of guy(talking to you Harley guys), but the fact that when you drive in a non aggressive fashion its not noticeable is a really nice trait. The other side of that is when you want to go out for a “drive” you add to the visceral experience of driving the car when doing spirited driving, without compromising its civility when you don’t. TL:DR Easy to install, adds some fun to driving the car, T REX, Over priced, doesn’t add any noticeable performance. Buy it for the added experience and as a future supporting mod.
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Very good overall 3 years ago
Power: I just added this to my 2013 WRX which was running Cobb stage 2 before. The car seems to have a bit more muscle, and the peak boost has gone up by around .5 psi. Heat: I didn't bother with installing the seal strip on the air box, due to all the other air leaks. My intake temps are now 20-30 degrees F higher than outside temp, compared to around 10 before. I will probably make efforts to seal and insulate the box at some point. Cobb really could have done a much better job on the air box. Sound: Lots of people have written about the sound. To me, my car sounds just like before when idling, cruising, or accelerating slowly. When I get to around -1psi or above, or just when I step on it, there is a noticable noise difference, mainly a sucking-air sound, and a bit of a growl. When shifting, the bypass valve sounds pretty crazy. Just going for a test drive, some silly person wanted to race me. Overall, this intake kit was exactly what I expected, which means I'm really happy!
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'08 WRX 3 years ago
Just put it on and it sounds amazing ????
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Glad I made the buy 3 years ago
I was very skeptical before purchasing the accessport since my car is still under warranty. After buying it I realized how easy uninstalling maps were before bringing it back for service. Performance is very noticeable over stock especially when paired with the COBB SF intake. Power band through RPM's seemed to be a lot more smooth. I would recommend this product for anyone on the verge of buying.
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cobb is the way to go!! 4 years ago
L Huck
Easy to install. Looks great, sounds great, and have to worry about puddles anymore!! and I like playing in the rain!!!
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great sound  4 years ago
this has a great sound and I think a little power gain. Can't beat the looks you get when you change gears beside someone.
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Great kit 4 years ago
Cobb does this very well. Everything you need is in the kit and a breeze to install. Great looking and functioning finished product and of course you can hear that turbo spool! This and the Accessport V3 should be your first 2 mods and done together
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2013 STi Limited Sedan 4 years ago
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WOW...nuff said. 5 years ago
Got this along with the Cobb Accessport (which is a must after every modification you do to have your car operate properly) and this is amazing!!! The sound is RIDICULOUSLY loud (which I love, it's even louder without the airbox lol) it gets very addicting! Highly recommended!!!
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Excellent intake 5 years ago
This intake is awesome and easy to install.. I can hear the turbo spool louder and I can actually hear the stock bov, it sounds way good at higher rpms!! The box gives it a nice clean finish as well and works with the stock intake duct which takes air from outside directly to the intake filter.. It's basically a short ram cold air intake.. I highly recommend this intake! Make sure to get the accessport with it as well;)
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A Must Have 6 years ago
This was easy to install (it would have been easier if I had a longer socket extension) and it looks amazing, but the real pièce de résistance is the performance and sound. I am now able to hear the turbo spool up and the blow off valve, even with it being the factory full recirculating one. Adding the AccessPort really makes the car exciting to drive. It takes all of my self control to not floor it every chance I get now!
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Great Intake for Stage 1 6 years ago
This is a great intake, sounds AMAZING, you definitely would not be disappointed. It was kinda tough on the install but its all worth it towards the end.
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Great Intake for Stage 1 6 years ago
This is a great intake, sounds AMAZING, you definitely would not be disappointed. It was kinda tough on the install but its all worth it towards the end.
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Should have been the first thing done to the car 6 years ago
Quick install and the sound is amazing!! With the accessport, I have never seen a safer/easier power mod done before. As always, great service and ship time from RSD...
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Great Product/Easy Install 7 years ago
Very easy to install, great instructions. noise is very loud, which i like. The air box really does finish the look off. very impressed.
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solid 7 years ago
I can't believe the size of the silencer on the stock intake, makes me glad I didn't get the cold air as the entire fender becomes an air dam for the short ram intake install easy leave brackets loose until final adjustment and tighten together but the air box keeps engine bay looking clean. Solid
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Whooooooosh :) 7 years ago
Its all positive with me....I love the sound (it is loud so do not be surprised) and it was a very easy install. The only thing, is that it does not come with filter oil, so do not forget to order that as well.
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Sounds Amazing 7 years ago
I installed it on my 2011 WRX. Best purchase so far. I hear the turbo spool and it sounds like I have a blow off valve too. I love it. I also get better gas mileage if I keep my foot off the throttle.
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1st item I installed, along with an AP tune. 7 years ago
Install was easy. The black intake pipe blends in, very well, if that's your thing. The box, along with the stock ram pipe is very efficient. You must have a tune set for this intake before doing any fancy driving. The big purchase kicker for me: CARB certified!!!!!
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Great product overall 3 years ago
I purchased this product with some hesitation due to the ample mention of heatsoak on numerous forums. Once matched accordingly with Cobb's AP, the differences were noticeable, e.g. vehicle pulls harder, audible swooshes etc. The only reason I am giving it four stars is due to the heat soak issues. Even with the box the air intake temperature can climb rather high (especially in stop and go situations), and takes longer to cool off. I am currently looking for ways to mitigate heat soak through heat reflective insulation. Nonetheless, a fantastic product from a reputable company.
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Not what I expected from COBB  2 years ago
Now let me start off with that I am no way trying to bash COBB as a company, but i was very disappointed in this product. Lets make one thing crystal clear. This is a short ram intake with a "box" around it that is meant to seal the intake from the engine heat and essentially make it a SR intake into a CAI. My main complaint is that the box does a terrible job at sealing off the filter from the engine bay. I can literally fit half my hand in the space above the filter and the top of the box. My air intake temperatures would sky rocket to 40 degrees above ambient temperatures at idle then back down once the car is moving. This is a well documented issue with these filters so I'm just confirming that I had the same experience. The box itself is flimsy and I could bend it easily with one hand. Also, the "weather stripping" around the box that is meant to seal it to the sides of your car is a joke and does not seal very well at all. The filter seemed adequate - not overly big but it seemed to get the job done. The tube running to the Throttle body tube is made from rubber, witch seemed to be of good quality. The intake noise is a a bit loud for my personal preference for a daily driver, but it does sound sweet. So the main reason someone would buy a COBB SF intake is because it is supported by the COBB Access Port, and i understand the reasoning. I just expected a company that puts so much money into marketing and R&D that they would have come up with a better solution for their intake system. I sold this on ebay and bought a competitors CAI that I am much more happy with. I hate to give this a 1 star because I feel like people would discredit my review as being an outlier, so i'll give it 2 stars so people don't think I'm just bashing COBB - which i guess i kinda am haha.
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Nice quality. Bad for my STI 5 years ago
the sti hatch guy
I have a 2012 sti. One thing I didn't think about were my IAT's. My intake temps went as high as 162. That's not cool with me at all. The APv3 allowed me to monitor the temps and compared to stock it was night and day. Ambient temps were 74 outside. Moving at 70mph for 20 min the coolest I could get this intake was 110. It's not even summer yet. I'm in Houston tx and gets a lot hotter here then 74. Do note* the bottom of the intake is completely exposed because the intake silencer is deleted. I also got a code from the AP Saying my IAT input was too high. In other words too much hot air. Nice parts but I warn you now, watch those temps.
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COBB Tuning SF Intake Black and Airbox (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning SF Intake Black and Airbox (Part Number: )
COBB Tuning SF Intake Black and Airbox (Part Number: )